Samson’s Great Adventures

FinalFrontCoverКА.20CROPPEDforAdvertising11.23.19God keeps His promises! Some time back, God promised me that I would be a published author. Well, here is His promise come to full fruition.
It has been a long, long, long road, but I pushed through. At times, I came so close to giving up as each stumbling block rose up to oppose, challenge, deter, discourage, and stop me.
Thank you, God, for your kept promises! I am moving forward with my next children’s book about a little girl and her encounter with an all-loving God.
I am a self-publisher. I had no idea when I started how much time and money this endeavor would take.
Would you please consider helping me complete my next few projects? Would you consider giving to my Go Fund Me account? If so, here is the link. Holy Ground Today Go Fund Me account 

Would you also order a book about my sweet, sweet Samson and his fun, exciting, and fulfilling adventures?

Thank you, and God bless!

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