Today, I am filled with new levels of gratefulness.

trust in God3.24.18wp

Who is like our GOD? Who can compare to Him? No one! He is the one true living God! I have to worship Him for He is truly worthy. Nothing and no one can compare to Him.
Today, I am filled with a new level of gratitude towards Him. He as taken care of me in an unexplainable way.
Just as He changed my own life, He will forever change your life for the better. What He has in store for you is something greater.
That something greater is something beyond your wildest dreams and thoughts.
I have to say “Thank You” to Him. He loved me even when I was unlovable, He is everything to me, and there are no mere human words to describe how much I love Him.
When the enemy set out to destroy me, our God took care of me, watched over me, and sent His angels to protect me.
When I was suffering for the consequences of my actions when I chose my choices over God’s when I opened doors that He told me not to open, and when I disobeyed Him, He loved me anyway. He shielded me from the sins that came with along my disobedience.
Just as He did these things for me, He will do the same for you. His word says that He is no respecter of persons.
Today, I say to you seek Him now for His word say that one day He will be searched for and not found. Voices will call out to Him, but He will not answer(Prov1:28).
Do not let that day come upon you without seeking Him first.



Can God use you?

Yes, LordWP4.2719

Never think God can’t use you! He uses imperfect people to complete His perfect plans.
Moses argued with God about His plans, instructions, and directions BUT GOD powerfully used Moses.
David had an illicit affair with, BUT GOD rose David to a kinghood from the place of being a shepherd boy.
Noah loved his wine and nudity, BUT GOD used him to save and preserve humanity, animals, and birds.
Jonah ran away from God, but God used him anyway.
Sarah was impatient and pursued her plans in place of Gods to bring His promise sooner, BUT GOD did not hold that against her.
Gideon was a doubter, BUT GOD transformed him anyway into a great warrior.
Do not think that your past can dictate where God will place you.
Do not think that God cannot use someone like you.
You are the apple of God’s eye, and He has set aside great plans and a victorious destiny for you.
Even if you doubt, run away, worry, or have an imperfection that you think disqualifies you, God will use you!
All you have to do as ask for God’s merciful forgiveness for these transgressions. Then speak these four powerful words to God.
“Yes, God, use me!”

Fear will hold you hostage.


Nhave-faith-not-fear-crossWP4.6.19ever let your fear dictate your future.
During a choice of fear or faith, most of us will let fear win. Your fear will ALWAYS talk you out of taking that first step of faith.
Fear can trick you into thinking it means safety and security therefore never allowing good change.
When fear dictates you, it tells you “No, you can’t.” but when faith directs you, it tells you “ALL things are possible with God.”
Fear will hold you anchored never allowing you to move forward into your divine destiny.
Faith will propel you into the destiny God set aside for you before the beginning of time.
Fear will hold you captive it a mundane, no frills, and ordinary life.
Faith will propel you into the extraordinary, exciting, beyond fulfilling, and HUMUNGOUS life God has waiting for you.
You only have one life on this earth. Choose the one that will propel you into utter happiness, joy, peace, and knowledge that you lived your very best life in the time you had on this earth.
Stepping out into faith means you lived the life that God intended for you to live.
With just one life to live, I want to make sure I lived up to my full purpose/potential.

Hold on! Your destiny is closer than you think.


No matter how long it takes for you to step into your destiny, do not give up.
God is not a man that can lie. He will never mislead or misdirect you. Do not let go of your blessings.
He has considerable & tremendous plans to bless you. You must trust that He knows what He is doing.
Do not think that delay means that it will never come to pass. God’s timing is always perfect.
Whether you decide to give up on your dreams or choose to pursue them, time will pass either way.
Use that time wisely to prepare, seek God, pray, and complete any directions from God that will place you at the right time and place when He decides to open the door for your destiny.
If you give up and do not work towards preparedness, you will not be ready when the time comes for God to open your door to the fulfillment of your destiny.
If you hold on and do not give up, fulfillment of God’s purpose for your life
will come to pass!

Happy MLK Day.


Fear can hold us captive never letting us move forward into God’s promises
Fear can come from the self-doubt you might have that God has so many blessings to shower into your life.
Maybe fear sets in when you think about how different your life will look when you give full control to God.
Maybe it is fear coming from believing that God will take everything you love and make you remove it from your life.
Perhaps fear sets in when your friends start telling you that the next step you are going to take in faith for God is too crazy and too scary.
Perhaps it is it something entirely different. Maybe it is fear of the unknown.
Can you imagine if someone like Dr. King Jr. had let fear control his destiny?
You know he had to be fearful at times. So many people hated him for the words he was speaking and the actions he was taking.
Some of those people wanted to stop him at ANY costs. That had to be so very fearful at times. I am talking about paralyzing fear! I can’t even imagine that kind of fear gripping me. I don’t know how I would handle it.
I am so glad he did not stop pursuing his divine destiny. I am pleased he pushed through the fear that came to try to stop him.
Today, we celebrate his courage, his determination, his accomplishments, and his love for others.
Here is a prayer to pray today. God, make me as FEARLESS as you did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

You were born with a divine destiny and purpose!


Who are you called to be? Who did God create you to become? Each one of us has a divine destiny to fulfill for our Father in heaven.
If you are alive and breathing, you have a purpose to fulfill.
We all seek to live a life that is filled with the most happiness, excitement, and fulfillment we can have.
We are all called to live our best life now.
Each one of us only has one life to live. No man knows when his life will end. With that in mind, we need to live our best life now.
That is what God promises us. He promises to bless us beyond anything we can contain. His word says that He blesses us to be a blessing to others.
If we are blessed to be a blessing to others, then we have to be blessed to overflowing proportions.
Seek God today to find out what your purpose is. Do not think for one moment that you do not have a purpose to fulfill.
A lot of times we do not seek our destiny due to the fear of the unknown.
Fear can hold us captive like a prison. A captive in the same place afraid to move forward and step into God’s divine purpose.
Do not fear. God will provide every appointment and every provision that is needed for you to fulfill His purpose.
Believe who God says you are and step boldly into your divine destiny.
Believe who God created you to be and step boldly into your divine purpose.

Unleash a limitless God!



Think BIG! Dream BIG. Don’t dream small! Don’t settle for a humdrum life.
God didn’t create you to settle. Our Savior gave His life for you to have a victorious, enormous, fulfilling, and happy life.
God created you to do immense things for His glory.
God does not do mundane, ordinary, boring, or small things. He does BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS, and COLOSSAL things!
Our God parts the seas. Our God feeds his people with manna that appears from the morning dew. Our God makes water come from broken rocks. Our God stops time to give His people time to win the battle. Our God protects His children in the fire pit.
Live your best life NOW! Each of us only has one life to live. Live it to the fullest by pursuing your divine destiny.
Isn’t that what we all are searching for? To live the best life we can live?
Unleash our limitless God in your life. Watch Him turn your life from ordinary to phenomenal!

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