God, we lift up El Paso, TX in our prayers!


Father, we lift all the people and the city of El Paso. God, help them, provide them comfort, peace, and Your serenity. God, erase all their fears.
Father, why do these evil people continue to cause immense pain and suffering on the innocent lives of people & families?
The hearts of evil men/women have no remorse for the pain, suffering, and destruction they are bringing into the innocent lives of their victims. The innocent have to deal with the hate, frustration, and anger of their evil plans. The innocent will deal with the inflected pain for years and decades to come.
These incidents often open wounds of hate and anger in the lives of their victims and their families.
Father, we thank You for the law enforcement officers of El Paso. We thank You for their braveness and their diligence to protect the lives of innocent people of El Paso.
God, hear our pleas and cries for help.
God, expose all the plans/plots of evil people who seek to cause immense suffering.
God, America needs You and Your protection.
Father, help us stop this, give us Your directions/instructions on how to prevent/stop these acts of violence.
Father, Your word tells us that humanity’s hearts will grow cold towards others due to multiplied wickedness(Matt24:12).
We have to keep praying even when it seems as though our prayers are not making headway.
We cannot stop our prayers, and we can NEVER give up on God.
We have a responsibility to pray every day for the protection of our family and ourselves.
We must reject and turn away from wicked acts. We have to seek help for ourselves when we are filled with anger and frustrations.
We cannot let hate and anger grip our hearts and souls.
When we hear someone speak of evil plans, plans to kill innocent people, talk of plans to seek revenge for the pain inflicted on them, we have to speak up. We have to tell someone. We cannot keep this info to ourselves.
Our Father’s word tells us that if we turn away from our wicked ways, seek His face, and pray, that He will heal our land.
God, let us turn from wickedness and evil. We cannot resist wickedness without Your help.
America needs You now! Thank You that You hear our pleas for help. You will never turn away or leave us.

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