Fear will hold you hostage.


Nhave-faith-not-fear-crossWP4.6.19ever let your fear dictate your future.
During a choice of fear or faith, most of us will let fear win. Your fear will ALWAYS talk you out of taking that first step of faith.
Fear can trick you into thinking it means safety and security therefore never allowing good change.
When fear dictates you, it tells you “No, you can’t.” but when faith directs you, it tells you “ALL things are possible with God.”
Fear will hold you anchored never allowing you to move forward into your divine destiny.
Faith will propel you into the destiny God set aside for you before the beginning of time.
Fear will hold you captive it a mundane, no frills, and ordinary life.
Faith will propel you into the extraordinary, exciting, beyond fulfilling, and HUMUNGOUS life God has waiting for you.
You only have one life on this earth. Choose the one that will propel you into utter happiness, joy, peace, and knowledge that you lived your very best life in the time you had on this earth.
Stepping out into faith means you lived the life that God intended for you to live.
With just one life to live, I want to make sure I lived up to my full purpose/potential.

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