Loneliness – you are never home alone.

Loneliness, are you feeling it? Is it a constant companion? That empty hollow feeling compounded by fear. I understand. 

I, too, have felt it. That dark empty feeling that is trying to overtake every part of your thoughts and being. 

Whatever you do, you cannot let it win. Don’t stay and dwell in that empty dark place of hopelessness. 

It is dangerous there. Staying there in that utter place of despair makes it easier to succumb to the thoughts of suicide.

There is something that you need to understand. You are never alone, you have God, and you will ALWAYS have God!

He will never leave or abandon you (Heb 13:5) https://biblehub.com/hebrews/13-5.htm

Call out to Him.

I know many say that God isn’t real because you can’t see Him. You may not be able to see Him, but you can always feel His presence. 

His presence is real. How does it feel in the presence of God?

It is peaceful there. In God’s presence, there is His love. A love that we don’t know as a human. It is a love that penetrates every fiber of your being. His love is consuming, powerful, engulfing, and strong. His love is never-ending. In His presence, His love has no boundaries. 

It is a love that you will never feel from another human. It is a love that is indescribable. The love of God is something you can only experience while in His presence. 

How do you reach His presence? We can come into God’s presence via prayer and primarily through our worship.

Our worship has power! Our worship, spoken decrees and declarations of God’s words and His promises, and prayer are the most potent weapons we have as Christians. 

These things are the weapons we use to defeat all the fear, doubt, loneliness, emptiness, addictions, etc., we are facing or will ever face in our lives. 

Right now, more than ever before, we are facing so much doubt and fear. Now, right now, is the time to seek God. If you don’t know Him, now is the time to make Him the center of your life. 

Those in power are seeking to control every aspect of our lives. 

How do we combat that power? With the promises of God. 

What are the promises of God? His promises are written in His word, which is the Holy Bible. 

Make no mistakes about it. There is only one true living God. There is only one Savior, His son Jesus, and there is only one true living spirit of God. That is the Holy Spirit. These three are the Holy Trinity. 

Today is the perfect day to seek God, to accept Jesus as your personal Savior. 

I am not talking about a cookie-cutter relationship with God. I am not talking about saying repeat prayers to seek God’s forgiveness and love. 

That is man’s idea of how God works. With our God, there is no middle man. 

No person, saint, or the Virgin Mary, can forgive your sins. Please, no mistake, I am in no way bashing the mother of Jesus. I thank God for her and her bravery to become the mother of our living Savior, Jesus.

Only God, through our Savior Jesus, can forgive all our sins. 

How do you have a personal relationship with God? That is easy. Seek Him, and you will find Him (Matt7:7)https://www.biblehub.com/matthew/7-7.htm. Call out to Him, and He will answer you (Psl91:15) https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Psalms-91-15/.

God isn’t complicated. It is us as humans that complicate Him with our silly rules and our ideas.

How do you accept Jesus as your personal Savior? That is simple too. If you genuinely believe that Jesus is the one true son of God, that He rose from the dead after taking your place on the cross, then repeat this prayer:

Would you please pray with me? “Dear Father, please forgive me for my sins. God, please cleanse me with the precious blood of Jesus. I know Christ died on the cross for me. I know He was crucified, buried, and then arose on the third day. I know He ascended and now sits on the right hand of God. I receive Jesus as my Savior. Amen. 

Do you need more scriptures for sickness, addiction, depression, etc.? Please read this previous post:

If you prayed that prayer of Salvation above to receive Jesus as your Savior, you might be asking what is next. Well, if you can, find a good church that believes in the Holy Trinity, Jesus is our Savior, and God is the one true living God. Also, they must believe in the resurrection. And, they must believe that God’s word is the Holy Bible. 

If you are unable to find a church like that, keep trying and praying for it. You also need to delve into God’s word. Read it daily and as often as possible. 

Also, pray, seek God, and worship God. He is worthy to receive all our worship.

God bless each one of you.

More fear of Covid-19 gives them more control.

America, we are being told that we are about to face a dark, dark winter due to the Covid-19 virus.
Is what we are being told true? Is it based on science, or is it perhaps just another way to keep us in more fear?
I think it is based on the hopes of keeping us in additional fear. More fear to continue to with the attempts to control us and our lives even further.
Truthfully, I believe that the only dark winter to come will be IF we allow our election to be stolen and allow the radical agenda of the socialist side of the Democrat party to take the White House, House of Representatives, and the Congress.
These radical socialists are bent on destroying our republic. Their destruction will start quickly as they already have 100 executive orders ready to be signed on the first day they presumably take office.
What do these executive orders include? No one knows. I would think they contain orders that would fully reinstate DACA, start the teardown of our wall on our Southern border. They could include a path to abolish the filibuster, and they would pack the Supreme Court, which would load this court with radical judges who do not honor our Constitution. They would create their laws based on their radical beliefs in racism, a women’s right to choose, and so on.
I believe one of those orders may contain the start of the confiscation of certain weapons from law-abiding citizens. I think they include orders to turn Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico into states, thus adding more Democratic seats to our House of Representatives.
I believe it will allow thousands of undocumented non-citizens to enter America without the hindrance of ICE, the border patrol, or the police because those agencies will be abolished with further executive orders.
One of those executive orders will allow the free health care of every one of those undocumented non-citizens while allowing American citizens to foot the bill for this service.
On and on, it will go with no one and nothing that will have the power to stop or defeat these executive orders.
Our children will be taught that America is a racist place that should pay back reparations to anyone and everyone they see fit.
The lifeblood of our economy will be decimated as they ban the use of gasoline-based vehicles. There will be no consolation for those families or individuals who can not afford their own electric car.
Homeowners will be forced to adapt and change over to green energies to power their homes. Our taxes will go up exponentially. The middle class will bear a tax bill hike that most will not be able to afford.
Now, keep in mind that I am all for immigration, but it should be legal immigration from those willing to continue making America the great place that She is. No one who wants to break our laws should be allowed to come here. No one who has broken our rules should be given a free pass.
We must be careful, as many sick individuals with the Covid virus would come here with their no borders policy.
New undocumented non-citizens roaming free in America would expose the number of Americans to the virus and throw our recovering economy into another tailspin.
For months now, I have been writing about how America is on the brink of destruction. I said we were teetering on the edge of a dark, eerie place of no return.
This dark, eerie place of radical socialism is what I spoke of.
America, I don’t know if you believe in good and evil, but it is staring us right in the face.
These radicals do not want America to prosper, to succeed, and to regain steam. They want quite the opposite. America is a foul place that does not deserve to exist any longer in Its current form in their minds.
They are ashamed of America and Her greatness. They hate America and the American’s who love Her. They would love nothing better than to replace each one of us with a person who will do exactly what they say and is easy to control.
If they take over, America will no longer be the shining beacon of hope and prosperity. There will be only the very, very rich and privileged who rule with an iron fist and the very, very poor who will be ruled over by those in power.
The very poor will be just like those in Venezuela who barely have any food, no medical care, no money, and NO FREEDOMS!
I have been speaking about the very spiritual battle for many months now, which is almost within their grasps. Those who voted for this radicalism will be taken by surprise at what is in store for them.
They are very blinded by their hate for our current President. That is why they cannot see and hear the lies being fed to them by a radical party that is itching to turn American into a socialist country.
Most importantly, they will fully fund abortions up to the very minute that a baby is born. They will also murder those babies who survive the abortion process and manage to be born alive.
They will murder these innocent babies anyway. Think about that! They will allow doctors to murder a living, breathing, innocent baby who managed to be born alive after a failed attempted murder via abortion on their life.
Talk about a sick and twisted mindset to murder an innocent baby they hold in their arms.
GOD HELP US if this happens! God, please have mercy on us if we allow this to happen!
If that weren’t enough, they would go about dismantling the murdered baby into parts to be sold to the highest bidder.
Oh, my goodness! God, help us all!
Can you imagine what kind of demons in hell are appeased by the shedding of innocent blood?
Can you imagine what kind of demons are released into the earth from this kind of human sacrifice of innocent babies?
Can you see where we are headed?
I implore you to ask God to open your eyes to see the truth and your ears to hear the truth!
Do you think this isn’t possible? Perhaps you don’t believe in God and the devil or heaven or hell. Well, just because you believe they don’t exist does not mean that they don’t!
Seek God out for the truth. His word says to ask, and you will receive. Ask Him to show you the truth. He will!
If you are one of the people who are blinded by hate, anger, frustration, and shame of America, I implore you to seek out the truth.
Please pray with me now:
God, forgive us! I have sinned and come short of Your glory.
God, I need to see and know the truth for myself. I don’t want to believe the words of a mere person. I need to see the truth for myself.
God, forgive me for the pure hate and anger I harbor in my heart for the President, his supporters, and for America Herself.
God, take this hate from my heart. Fill it with love and respect. God, let me be able to listen to those who have different views than I do.
Father, heal my heart and my life.
God, show me the truth. God, is abortion murder? God, reveal to me how You see abortion.
God, reveal the true intentions of the Democratic party, reveal their lies, and show me their real intent. Father, show me what their plans are for America. Let all their deceptions be shown to me.
God, let me see and know the truth. God, use any means necessary to reveal the truth to me.
God, I need to know the truth. I am asking for it to be shown to me.
Father, I acknowledge that once I know the truth, I am responsible for it.
God, take the hate from my heart for my country. Remove the shame I feel of being an American. God, let me respect my fellow countrymen/women again.
God, fill me with hope and love again.
In the name of Your Son, Jesus, I ask these things. Amen.

If you would like to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, here is your prayer:
God, I am a sinner. Forgive me. I believe that your Son, Jesus, died for my sins. I believe He is the Savior of the world. I believe Jesus was born, died, and rose from the dead and now is seated at Your right hand.
God, I receive Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior. God, use me for Your glory.
In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

If you just prayed that prayer for Jesus to become your Savior, find a bible-based church that believes that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light.
Read your bible because it is God’s word revealed to man through the Holy Spirit. Pray often to gain access to God’s presence.
And if you prayed that prayer for God to reveal the truth, please be reasonable. More than likely, you will have to pray that prayer many times before God reveals the truth to you.
Don’t just pray once and then give up. God wants and desires to be pursued for His knowledge and His truth.
Your pursuit of God will be well worth all your efforts!

We cannot continue to allow fear to drive our response to this pandemic.



America, it is time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work.
A lot of us have been at home for weeks now.
For those of you who have worked from home to keep our economy churning, we salute you.
Those of you who worked every day through this lock down as your workplace was deemed “essential,” we say thank you.
Those of you who delivered our food, prepared our food, stocked our shelves, kept the streets safe, we say thanks, and God bless each of you.
Now, some had no means to work at home. For those of you, you are in our prayers! Daily, I am asking God to find ways to bless each of you.
Many of you are afraid to get back to work, but we cannot stay hidden away in our homes for the next several months.
Our economy will not survive that. As it is, our economy has taken an enormous hit. These days, our economy affects those of other countries. As we are not global citizens, we are a part of an economy that affects all other nations.
Though we may not affect the ability of someone halfway across the world to gain employment, we may affect their ability to gain access to food assistance and housing assistance via the donations we make.
We can make donations to charities and ministries via the money we make via our jobs etc.
And we may never know it, but perhaps our booming economy can help a person across the globe start a new business or hire more employees. We don’t fully understand the effects of our thriving economy.
One thing is for sure; our government cannot continue to keep print money to support every citizen and small business.
It is time to face our fears and step out boldly into our tomorrows.
Now some individuals desired to stay at home as full-time parents.
Now with the unemployment benefits in their pockets, they can do that.
That is fine too. Once several years ago, I was allowed to be a full-time parent.
I am so thankful to God for that! He made that happen. It was the best thing that happened for my family.
I fully understand wanting to be a full-time parent. It is a blessing that I will never forget.
Now for the rest of us, we have to get this nation back on track.
America cannot and will not fail! God will see to that, but we must do our part.
We cannot sit back and expect God to do everything! We have to step out in faith to meet God in every situation we are facing.
We cannot allow fear to dictate our future. If we do, there will be disastrous consequences.
We have to trust God and His words that speak of protection and more abundant life.
We have to keep our prayers up and put the hedge of protection back up around our nation, our families, and our world.
Now I am not saying to go out without taking any precautions. That is silly.
We have to be careful and start slowly. We cannot go out full force. If necessary, we may have to wear masks, gloves, etc. for s short while. We have to start with a small workforce and gradually work, adding more and more workers.
We will have to start with smaller amounts of people at a baseball game, smaller crowds at a store, perhaps alternating who attends church services from one week to another, etc.
It is going to be an adjustment, but we can do it.
I don’t know the specifics of the plan that America will use to get things going. I am just throwing out some suggestions.
We have to remember to keep up social distancing, washing of hands often, and all the recommendations coming from the CDC to help stop the spread.
And we must insist that the search for the vaccine continues.
Most of all, we have to keep our prayers up. We cannot allow them to falter.
Regardless of who mocks us, laughs at us, etc. we have to keep praying. God is the one who can eliminate this virus in an instant. God changed the projected course America was heading in.
For all we know, God has already intervened.
We prayed for fewer deaths from this virus, that happened. We prayed for less spreading of this virus, that happened. We also prayed for a vaccine, and there are many companies close to developing that vaccine.
I see those events as answered prayers.
We have also been praying and continue to pray for a speedy economic recovery. If we continue to pray and seek God, I believe that will happen too. Doesn’t His word tell us that if we seek Him, pray, turn from our wickedness, He will heal our land?
I see God’s hand at work here, and I give Him all the praise for it.
Whether it is done in secret or out in the open, let’s keep seeking God.
No other man has or will provide the answer on how to eradicate this deadly virus.
Only God will do that. Only God will give a human the idea of how to create a cure.
All knowledge comes from Him, so let’s pursue Him more than ever.

Cast ever burden of fear, worry, and uncertainty onto Him!


We cannot let fear dictate our future. We cannot be intimidated, bullied, or held captive by our fears. Fear of what the future holds places your fear above God and faith.
Fear, if allowed, will stop you right in your tracks. It can hold you prisoner or even alter your destiny.
Fear can grip your heart and spirit. It can play tricks on your mind. Fear can make you believe that something terrible is just around the corner.
Fear should never be allowed to determine the path of your future.
Do not allow fear of the future to determine if you will buy a house, get married, or have children.
Uncertainty about what the future holds should never be used to determine the number of children you will have. God tells us via His word not to fear that He will keep us in His righteous hand (Isa41:10).
His word also instructs us to be fruitful and multiply because He has already given us dominion over the earth (Gen1:28).
When you let fear dictate your future, you have allowed faith to die. Without our faith, it is impossible to please God(Heb11:6).
Sometimes the fears that consume us are allowed overtake our lives. There are also times when we pass those gripping fears onto our children.
No child should worry, fear, or think the world will end in 10 years.
No man knows when this world will cease to exist. This knowledge belongs to God alone(Mark 13:31-32).
A burden this big is too significant for us to handle. We were never meant to carry any burdens.
How much more substantial is this burden for a child to carry? How can we lay such a life-ending event at the feet of a child?
Childhood should not be ruined by parents who teach their children doom and gloom. Childhood is a carefree time. It is purposely made so as no child should suffer from the burdens and concerns of this world.
The current concerns of the world are sometimes too overwhelming to handle as adults. How much more devastating do you think it can be for a child?
God’s word tells us to cast our burdens onto Him as He loves and provides for each of us(Matt6:25-27).

Happy MLK Day.


Fear can hold us captive never letting us move forward into God’s promises
Fear can come from the self-doubt you might have that God has so many blessings to shower into your life.
Maybe fear sets in when you think about how different your life will look when you give full control to God.
Maybe it is fear coming from believing that God will take everything you love and make you remove it from your life.
Perhaps fear sets in when your friends start telling you that the next step you are going to take in faith for God is too crazy and too scary.
Perhaps it is it something entirely different. Maybe it is fear of the unknown.
Can you imagine if someone like Dr. King Jr. had let fear control his destiny?
You know he had to be fearful at times. So many people hated him for the words he was speaking and the actions he was taking.
Some of those people wanted to stop him at ANY costs. That had to be so very fearful at times. I am talking about paralyzing fear! I can’t even imagine that kind of fear gripping me. I don’t know how I would handle it.
I am so glad he did not stop pursuing his divine destiny. I am pleased he pushed through the fear that came to try to stop him.
Today, we celebrate his courage, his determination, his accomplishments, and his love for others.
Here is a prayer to pray today. God, make me as FEARLESS as you did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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