Choose to worship!

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When you are facing struggles, do you complain or worship?
Strength does not come from winning. Our strength is defined by our struggles.
When we struggle, God is working something out in us. He is building up our strength.
He is developing our character, He is refining us, He is filtering us, and He is purifying us.
Does it hurt to be refined, filtered, purified, and developed? Heck yes, it hurts.
Trust that God knows exactly what He is doing. He is preparing us for our divine purpose.

When you go through struggles, it can be so easy to stay focused on the struggle itself.
We tend to focus on the “what ifs.”

Keeping your focus on the ‘what ifs”, can invite fear, anxiety, worries, insomnia, stress, and unhealthiness into your life.
Worrying about the “what ifs” can also open doors to addictions as we seek comfort in other places/things besides in the presence of God.
Stop focusing on those pesky “what ifs.” Place your focus on God.
When we focus on God, all our concerns, worries, stresses, fears, etc. will fall to the wayside.
Our focus on God diminishes everything else. We begin to remember that ALL things are possible with God.
Instead of stressing out on those pesky “what ifs,” start worshiping. As you worship, God will be brought back to the forefront.

So when you are struggling, don’t complain. Worship instead! Worship God for His refinement, His knowledge, and for the strength that He is building w/in you.


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