God, we sent out the invitation for hate, chaos, and destruction to take over.


Due to a unseen virus, most of the world has been on lock down for several months.
People are frustrated, angry, and confused.
We are bombarded with an onslaught of fear nonstop by a majority of the media.
Some people are desperate to go back to work, open their business, and make much-needed funds to pay their bills and feed their families.
Yet, we are being told to continue to stay home.
For the last week, we have seen the frustrations of being sheltered in place for months on end pour out onto our American streets and cities.
Along with all these frustrations, we have seen hate, bigotry, and destruction accompany it.
We have seen a man brutally killed by a police officer with a history of wrongdoing.
This officer was allowed to continue to work as a police officer by the very people we appointed and placed into office.
They did not protect us from this officer. They did not protect a man from dying in the streets in front of our eyes.
Everyone is pointing the finger of blame at everyone else. No one wants to take responsibility for this man’s death or the riots that followed, but the truth is we are all too blame.
We have allowed this. We have our children, our families, our schools, our laws to close the door on God.
We told Him we no longer needed Him. We told Him to get out with our lives with our laws.
We told Him He was no longer relevant to us and that we could handle our lives all by ourselves.
Boy, what a mistake we made! What a mess we have made!
We cannot live our lives separate from God!
What you are seeing is the frustrations of years and years of injustice spilling into our streets.
Our political leaders have overlooked many people. We allowed them to stay in control while they got more prosperous and more influential, and the American people fell deeper and deeper into poverty.
We allowed them to stay in the office while they dismantle our middle class.
We let them stay in office while one by one, they gave away our jobs.
We allowed them to stay in office while they continued to look them another way as injustices happened to their constituents.
We allowed them to stay in office while they made silly laws to help only themselves.
We allowed them to stay in control year after year.
We allowed them to stay in office year after year while allowing foreign governments to affect our laws and policies, which only benefited them.
We allowed them to make laws to murder innocent babies. We let them take our tax money and fund those murders.
They took our money, which says, “In God, we trust” to fund the murder of the most innocent of us.
Now, we have blood on our hands! We are just as guilty as they are if we said nothing and did nothing!
We have a voice, and we must use that voice. Whether it be with our votes, our calls, our emails, we must use our voice and speak up!
We allowed these individuals to stay in office, and now in some states, people cannot even go back to work.
Now, we are allowing them to trample on our God-given rights as Americans.
They told us we could not go to our houses of worship. We are instructed to stay home and not go to church.
We are told not to worship, not to pray, and not to seek God.
If anything, we need to pray more, We need to worship God more than ever.
Only God can stop all this chaos, confusion, and anger.
We must repent now! We must seek God’s face now.
We must seek Him harder than ever.
We cannot be turned away from Him. We must press in now.
Little do they know that God is omnipresent. He is everywhere at all times.
We cannot be kept from Him. He doesn’t live only in our places of worship, for He lives where we are! All He needs to show up is our worship.
Call out to Him today.
If you seek Him with a truly repentant heart, He will forgive you. Seek Him for all those who are hurting and for those who have murdered the innocent. Seek God for all of them. Stand in the gap for each of them.
Pray for the healing and restoration of our land.
Do this daily and fervently. Pursue God with a renewed passion. If you need a renewed passion, ask God for it.
I know you have been praying already. The evidence of anger, hate, and destruction is evidence of our increased prayer.
Don’t give up now even though it seems worse and hopeless. Do not give up your hope.
Hopelessness comes when our faith is lost.
Ask God for a renewed faith.
I believe we are on the verge of significant restoration and move of God.
We have to push through with our fervent prayer, faith, and our love of God.

God, hear our prayers for Midland and Odessa.


Father, there is another shooting in Texas. God, hear our pleas and cries for Your help and mercy.
God, we lift each family who is affected by this horrific tragedy. Holy Spirit comforts each of them. Do not their hearts fill with anger and hate to seek retaliation in any way.
God, give each of them Your peace. A calming peace that only comes from You. Ease their pain. Disperse their confusion, anger, depression, and suffering! God, shower them with Your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
God, why does this keep happening? Show us how to stop this. God, reveal to us what is driving this violence that causes death and destruction in the lives of innocent people.
Father, show us the root cause of this.
Father, make our leaders work together to agree on sensible laws that will work, etc. Stop them from blaming each other.
Stop them from hating each other and pointing the fingers of blame on each other.
God, we know that our actions produce reactions.
Father, let us seek You for the forgiveness of our sins and the sins of this nation.
God, we as a people and a nation continue to sin, and we think that sin does not have consequences, but they do.
Our sins open doors to consequences that are too much for us to pay.
People mock and laugh at us as we continue to pray for answers. They tell us our prayers are useless. They say that if prayers worked that these tragedies would not happen in the first place.
The truth is that all of our sins have a painful consequence that are too much for us to handle.
Our unforgiven sins will continue to bring suffering, despair, and destruction, but most people don’t want to hear that.
They can’t handle the truth and do not wish to know the truth. The truth is all sins, including the sins of the world, have attributed to the current state of our nation and our world.
God help us never to stop praying. You tell us to pray without ceasing. We cannot give up on or abandon our prayers! Do not let anyone silence our prayers.
Father, forgive us! Father, forgive our sins that we have committed against You. Father, forgive our nations for the sins they have committed against You. God, heal our lands. God, bring peace and love back to all of our hearts. God, send wisdom and knowledge to us. God, help us stop these acts of violence, expose the plots and plans of evil people.
Father, let us seek You and Your word diligently!
Father, do not let our hearts and souls grow cold towards You and towards each other.
Holy Spirit, convict those who mock us as we seek God relentlessly.
Father, we ask all these things in the name above all names, Jesus.

Our society is broken!



Our society has deteriorated over the last 60-70 years.
Mental instability is on the rise. The amount of people on prescription drugs for anxiety and similar disorders is on the rise.
Homelessness, poverty, violence, drug use, over prescribed medications, hate, and despair are all on the rise.
What has contributed to the rise in all these areas? It is easy to place your finger on the answer. The increase in all of these areas can be attributed to one factor!
It is the loss of God in our lives!
We have chosen to look the other way as the amount of children born out of wedlock has risen. The amount of children raised without a father in the home has skyrocketed. And the amount of people that believe in God and attend houses of worship has steadily decreased.
Statics have shown us that children raised without a father are more likely to turn to crime and drug use.
We have chosen to look the other way as gateway drugs like marijuana become legal. We look on without action as suicide rates have risen. We see people losing their lives to lethal illegal drugs, but we still chose to do nothing. We stand idly by as our jobs have been shipped overseas. We have watched American cities fall into pits of despair, poverty, and hopelessness.
We sit silently by as God is taken out of our schools, as He is removed out of many courthouses, city halls, etc.
Some of us sat, doing nothing as the greetings of Christmas were almost silenced by those who called it offensive.
We have told God to leave our schools. Now, our children are the victims of gun violence, suicide, perversion, and death.
We have told God to leave our city halls, our courthouses by taking His commandments down. Now, our courts are dens of lies, dishonesty, corruption, hate, discrimination, etc.
We have allowed the murder of innocent babies via abortion. We choose to sit by and say nothing as our taxpayer monies are used to fund these murders.
God does not mince words. Murder is murder. The abortion of a baby is murder.
What ungodly repercussions have we allowed to invade our lives, our towns, our cities, and our nation with the atrocities of the murder of innocent babies?
In some places of worship, there is no worship of God. There is only the talk and teachings of how terrible America is, how She is a nation of lies and murder.
Now, these places of “worship” produce mass murderers via suicide bombings.
There have been discussions of removing “In God, we trust” on our currency. If that ever happens, we will suffer profound consequences.
I am no way saying that people should love money! I am no way saying that God loves money because He does not.
I am saying that our money IS GOD’s money.
He requires us to tithe with our money. In turn, He takes that tithe and blesses us and others via our obedience.
We have to invite God back into our places of worship.
By reopening our hearts to God, we will allow Him back into the lives of our families, schools, towns, cities, and back into our nations.
We have to seek the face of God daily! We must seek His forgiveness for the acts of our families, our cities, our towns, and our beautiful nation!
He tells us to seek His face, pray, ask for His forgiveness so He can heal our nation(2Chron7:14).
I am not sure about you, but I am tired of the innocent being murdered. I want and choose God, above all else in my life! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua24:15)!
Will you choose God again? Will you decided to put Him first again? Will you turn back to Him again? Let us do it together.
You keep asking God “what can I do” as you watch these horrific incidents keep happening in our nation.
Here is a clear plan that WILL bring a turnaround for America. Seek God’s face, repent, repent for our nation, and pray. Pray relentlessly, diligently, and without ceasing!!!
The future of our families lives, our lives, the lives of our fellow citizens, our society, and the world depend on it!

Today, we pray!


On this day that our nation and world is coming together to pray, use it to pray for things that you don’t normally pray for.
Pray for the healing of our nation and world. Pray that hate will come to an end. Pray that God will expose every plot to kill innocent people.
Pray for all lies to be exposed in our government, our nation, our congress, our cities, and our towns.
Pray that truth will prevail.
Pray that God will be brought back to the forefront of our lives where He belongs.
Pray that prayer is brought back to our schools. Pray for the safety and security of our children.
Pray that our eyes turn back to God. Pray to ask the Holy Spirit to convict us when we don’t seek God first.
Pray for the protection of our brave men and women of our military.
Pray for all these endless wars to come to an abrupt, swift, and peaceful end.
Pray for the women facing the decision of abortion. Pray that God will move on their heart to seek alternative actions. Life is a precious gift given my almighty God.
Pray for the President, his protection, his administration, and for the respect for the office of the President be prevalent once again.
Even if you don’t like him, God’s word tells us to pray for our leaders. His word also tells us to pray for our enemies. If you feel the President is an enemy, pray anyway. God tells us to. For through our prayer of our enemies, our animosities dissipate.
Through our prayer, God gives clarity, forgiveness, peace, mercy for those who have offended us, His grace, and blessings.
Pray that God will draw you closer to Him. There is no more significant place to dwell.

Can God use you?

Yes, LordWP4.2719

Never think God can’t use you! He uses imperfect people to complete His perfect plans.
Moses argued with God about His plans, instructions, and directions BUT GOD powerfully used Moses.
David had an illicit affair with, BUT GOD rose David to a kinghood from the place of being a shepherd boy.
Noah loved his wine and nudity, BUT GOD used him to save and preserve humanity, animals, and birds.
Jonah ran away from God, but God used him anyway.
Sarah was impatient and pursued her plans in place of Gods to bring His promise sooner, BUT GOD did not hold that against her.
Gideon was a doubter, BUT GOD transformed him anyway into a great warrior.
Do not think that your past can dictate where God will place you.
Do not think that God cannot use someone like you.
You are the apple of God’s eye, and He has set aside great plans and a victorious destiny for you.
Even if you doubt, run away, worry, or have an imperfection that you think disqualifies you, God will use you!
All you have to do as ask for God’s merciful forgiveness for these transgressions. Then speak these four powerful words to God.
“Yes, God, use me!”

Your words can build up or tear down.


Your spoken words contain the power to promote or the power to devalue.
Be very mindful about the words uttered by your tongue.
Do the words you speak cause agony, hurt, pain, and tears?
Even the words you speak to your family can raise them up OR pull them down.
God’s word warns us about tearing down others with our words.
Sometimes we speak harsh words to the ones we love that we would not utter to any other person.
Our words can build or tear down. Mere words can cause damage that lasts a lifetime.
Mere spoken words can send another person into a downward spiral that they never recover from.
Mere words can inflict pain, wounds, and suffering that lasts a lifetime.
Mere words can dramatically alter the projected achievements of another person.
Mere words can make someone feel unlovable for a lifetime causing them unrecoverable damage.
If you are speaking evil or using words to tear down others, how will you explain that to God?
There will be a day when we all will have to account for every word spoken.
No one will be exempt from this judgment(Matt12:36).
No man is promised tomorrow. Today, seek the forgiveness of a loving and almighty God.
Today, I am so thankful for His forgiveness. I am not exempt from this judgment, BUT I have sought His forgiveness and stand in His grace of being forgiven.

God, forgive their deceptive words!


What type of messages/directions do your words give?
God word speaks of his feelings towards liars (Prov6:16-19), and those that purposely mislead.
Do your words mislead, bring fear, bring panic, instill paranoia, speak of distrust, or lead to hatred of others?
Misleading people to think that crimes were committed and that indictments, impeachment, or jail time are just around the corner for those involved is despicable.
There are those who will not believe the outcome of the truth. These same individuals will continue to think that there were crimes committed. Those who have misled the American people with their lies and deceptions are responsible for the continued hate, anger, rage, and frustration that is held in the hearts of these particular individuals.
The American people deserve an apology from these individuals who mislead us, spoke of crimes committed, and evidence that NEVER existed.
The divide in America is vast, and these type of words make that divide even more prominent. Hate, lies, deception, and distrust lives in the hearts of many. This type of hate-filled deception makes healing and reconciliation almost impossible!
What about the individuals with destroyed lives due to this long-drawn-out investigation into the President, his campaign, his administration, and his family? Individuals have had their lives turned upside down. They have gone bankrupt in the attempts to defend themselves. And worst of all, some have got to prison for crimes that others are not and will not be held accountable for those very same crimes.
If none of these individuals are held accountable in the court system etc., they WILL be held accountable by God. His word says that we shall ALL have to give an account of EVERY word we spoke (Matt12:36).
Thank God in heaven that He is a forgiving God! I pray these individuals seek His forgiveness. If they don’t, what excuse will they give God for these words, their actions, and their hate?

Hoax of hate.


Recently, we all had a hoax perpetrated on us. We were all made to believe that an act of ugliness and hate conducted on a well-known public figure.
With so much emphasis being placed on hate racism these days, why would someone want to bring attention so much attention to it in such a negative way?
We were made to believe that two men with so much anger and hate in their hearts beat, verbally abused, poured bleach onto, and placed a symbol of the worst despicable acts of terror and violence around this man’s neck.
Now, we have found out by so much evidence pointing to the actual truth that this whole ordeal was planned out to trick everyone.
Why would someone purposely create a story of such a viciously attack?
An act of this type of selfishness has hurt and angered so many people as it prevented those who genuinely need the help of the Chicago police dept. from attaining that much-needed help.
So many resources were soaked up for this fake crime.
Some in the media, some politicians, and some in Hollywood exacerbated this incident.
The flames of hate were fanned by their words that spat more hate, anger, and division before they even knew that whole truth.
So many have fought to eradicate hate, bigotry, and racism.
Some who fought paid the ultimate price to end racism. They gave their lives to ensure equality is accessible to each of us.
Now, here we are watching this alleged hoax play out. What a disgrace!
Maybe this act of selfishness can make us all realize that racism, bigotry, and hate need to come to an end. Perhaps now we can all see some truth to the agendas of the some in the media and some politicians.
Maybe now we can all see that grouping certain people together and calling them racist is a ridiculous thing.
No one but God knows the what is in the hearts of each of us.
To group people just because of the way they voted is nonsense.
To say every person in this group is hateful and racist is just plain silly and hurtful.
None of us know why people vote the way that they do. Again, to say you know a person’s heart without ever meeting that person is just plain silly.
Now, I hope we have all learned a valuable lesson.
We MUST wait until we have all the facts before we start speaking our opinion and we should never pass judgment on others.
We can’t heal our past if we keep dragging it behind us. We have to let it go if we are ever going to be repaired.
Drugging up the past and picking our wounds will never allow healing.
Even though we are hurt and frustrated, we will eventually have to forgive and move past this act of selfishness.
Let’s pray for God to heal the heart of this person that caused this whole alleged hoax. We pray that he will finally admit to the truth.
We need to continue to pray for America. She needs Gods forgiveness!
We need to pray that God will open the eyes of this young man and use this mess he purposely created and turn into a message of healing!

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