Cast ever burden of fear, worry, and uncertainty onto Him!


We cannot let fear dictate our future. We cannot be intimidated, bullied, or held captive by our fears. Fear of what the future holds places your fear above God and faith.
Fear, if allowed, will stop you right in your tracks. It can hold you prisoner or even alter your destiny.
Fear can grip your heart and spirit. It can play tricks on your mind. Fear can make you believe that something terrible is just around the corner.
Fear should never be allowed to determine the path of your future.
Do not allow fear of the future to determine if you will buy a house, get married, or have children.
Uncertainty about what the future holds should never be used to determine the number of children you will have. God tells us via His word not to fear that He will keep us in His righteous hand (Isa41:10).
His word also instructs us to be fruitful and multiply because He has already given us dominion over the earth (Gen1:28).
When you let fear dictate your future, you have allowed faith to die. Without our faith, it is impossible to please God(Heb11:6).
Sometimes the fears that consume us are allowed overtake our lives. There are also times when we pass those gripping fears onto our children.
No child should worry, fear, or think the world will end in 10 years.
No man knows when this world will cease to exist. This knowledge belongs to God alone(Mark 13:31-32).
A burden this big is too significant for us to handle. We were never meant to carry any burdens.
How much more substantial is this burden for a child to carry? How can we lay such a life-ending event at the feet of a child?
Childhood should not be ruined by parents who teach their children doom and gloom. Childhood is a carefree time. It is purposely made so as no child should suffer from the burdens and concerns of this world.
The current concerns of the world are sometimes too overwhelming to handle as adults. How much more devastating do you think it can be for a child?
God’s word tells us to cast our burdens onto Him as He loves and provides for each of us(Matt6:25-27).

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