God will continue to Trump the elites.

You may love him or despise him, but there is one undeniable thing, this man was chosen by God Himself to lead America back into Her road to recovery.

Even if you don’t believe in God, destinies, divine purpose, you have to admit that somehow President Trump managed to come out of every battle he went up against unscathed. I guess you will say that he is the luckiest man alive. 

I apologize, but no human is that lucky. What are the statistical odds that he would come out of every battle he faced untouched?

Despite what you think or feel about President Trump, he was chosen by God Himself for this very time. 

God needed every quality that He placed into President Trump’s DNA before the foundations of time to withstand every attack he would face. 

God used him to expose the lies, deception, and hypocrisy that thrives in our political class. 

President Trump was uncontrollable by the elite class. This fact might be the one thing that they hated most about him. 

He is honest, brutally at times, but that was a refreshing change for the American people.

America’s citizens are very wary of misleading politicians misdirecting and lying directly to their faces. 

President Trump cares deeply for America and Its citizens more than money, power, and notoriety.

Now you might wonder how God could use a man who may act ungodly at times. God always uses imperfect people to accomplish His will. 

Do I think that President was a man of God when we become President? I believe that he knew in God to a certain extent and knew how powerful prayer is. Also, I believe that while President Trump was in office, his faith and his relationship with God grew exponentially. I think he was a different man when he left office, as it applies to his faith. 

You might wonder why God would use such a man to accomplish His will. Again, God uses imperfect people who boldly stand up and say, “God, send me. I will go and fulfill Your will.” God’s word says that He searches to and fro looking for those who are devoted to Him (2 Chron 16:9

See, you have to understand something about God. He loves America. It is His country, after all, as She was founded on His principles by our founding fathers. America was dedicated to God by those who escaped religious persecution. 

And Yes, I know our founding fathers made mistakes. They were human and imperfect, but there is one sure thing, they loved God and honored Him by dedicating America to Him. They also took that honor and dedication to God and formed the words to our Constitution.

They saw all men, and God sees them, all equal. Yes, they had shortcomings and made mistakes, but God still used them in a historic way to accomplish His will for America.

Now how does all that relate to President Trump? Well, I believe with all my heart and soul that God will continue using President Trump. 

I see this quiet time for President Trump and a resting or replenishing time. Perhaps even a time for him to move even closer to God. 

God’s people have been suffering for some time now. Their rights have been chipped away slowly by those who do not believe in God, how great America is, and in our God-given rights. 

America’s citizens have been suffering under diminishing jobs, lower-paying jobs, higher and higher taxes, and the onslaught of attacks against the family, our churches, and our children. 

For some time now, God’s people have been crying out for God’s intervention. Somewhere, we allowed America to slip off of God’s path and onto man’s path. 

Somewhere we took a wrong turn. Now, so many are working to correct America’s course, but I am afraid that man has come to the end of their options. 

We waited too long to correct the course of America. We made too many wrong choices and left the great gift of America deteriorate to the point of no return. 

Now, it is up to God and God alone. Only He can fix this. 

Many are asking why He is taking so long. Many are asking where God is and what He is waiting for. 

God is waiting for all men to come to the end of their fight. Once that happens, each of us must turn it all over to Him. 

I believe we will see God’s hand move mightily across America to the right all the wrongs that have fallen onto the American people. 

Yes, we have all sinned and allowed evil to sweep across America, but we have a forgiving Father who will move on our behalf once all of us seek Him and repent. 

I see one man at the forefront of the move of God’s hand. Who is that man? God will use President Trump to restore glory to America and back to Him. 

God is not done using President Trump. Please know that this has nothing to do with elevating President Trump onto a pedestal or thinking he is our savior. 

There is only one true Savior, and His name is Jesus, the one true Son of God.

President Trump is the man God has chosen to use to restore His will at this very time in history. God must use a man to accomplish His will on earth. 

God has chosen to use President Trump to trump all the evil plans of the elites, socialists, Marxists, and atheists who took part in America’s destruction. God will expose each of these individuals who plotted, planned, and advanced the agenda of gaining all power for themselves. They strived to have a one-world order and to place themselves above God Himself. They sought to bring about the end times. 

God will then expose every demonic spirit that has taken hold of individuals, companies, countries, and governments. 

What can you do while you are waiting for God’s hand to move? Keep praying and seeking God. 

Do not give up hope. Do not let disbelief, sorrow, and unfaithfulness take hold of your heart and spirit. Most of all stay in God’s presence and worship Him for His victory.

Stay focused on God and keep praying for the restoration and turnaround of America. 

You can’t fool God!


Don’t think you can hide your true heart from God. He sees and knows all.
Some of us put up a façade to trick others into seeing what we what them to see.
We hide our addictions, our pain, our secrets, our past, our scars, our depression, our whole life behind those facades.
We pretend we are something that we are not.
We fight so hard to hide our real selves. We lie, we cheat, we deflect, we steal, and hurt others to conceal the truth of who we are from getting out.
We trick our own minds into believing the lies we tell to others. Then the ultimate betrayal to ourselves is when buying the façade we put up as the real truth. We brainwash ourselves to see our lies as the truth.
We have hidden secrets. We think that if we don’t talk about them or acknowledge them that they won’t be exposed.
We fight tooth and nail to keep our secrets hidden.
Sometimes we sweep them under the rug or don’t ever mention them. We think maybe if we never speak about those secrets that they aren’t what really happened.
If you have done this, you don’t have to be ashamed of your past. God loves you no matter what you have done and where you came from.
God knows the real you. You can’t hide the truth from God. But here is the good news for you. No matter what you have done, God loves you, anyway.
But here is the great news. God loves you, regardless of your past. He allows you to start over. God brings a reset in your life. He is the fresh start you have been looking for.
God is all-forgiving. His love is unconditional, never-failing, never-ending, all-consuming, and He will never judge or shame you. He will never stop loving you, regardless of what you have done.

Now, that is the ultimate unconditional true love!

God knows and sees all.

Always remember that God knows and sees all. Find solace that God knows and understands.
God understands how you feel when you are lied about, betrayed, made fun of, and bullied.
God knows because of His son, our Savior, Jesus.
God became flesh through our Savior, Jesus, to experience every human emotion.
God knows because his Son, Jesus, experienced it all on our behalf.
Jesus suffered and experienced loneliness, sadness, abandonment, betrayal, frustrations, and deep sorrow.
So give all your cares to God. You can do that fully understanding that God truly knows each one of them.
God knows how many tears you have shed. He has collected each one of them.
He sees and feels the deep anguish you are holding in your heart.
He is the one who will avenge you. Do not seek revenge on those who have caused you so much pain.
Give that pain to God! Do not hold onto it. Give it to Him and watch what He does with it. God wastes nothing not even your pain.
So give every pain & burden to God. Lay each one of your troubles at the foot of the cross.
They are too heavy for you to bear. We were never meant to carry those burdens. Give them all to God.
Leave each burden with God and pick up your joy, love, and happiness.

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