Seek God’s perfect 2020 vision.


Soon, we will be facing a new year. How did 2019 stack up for you? Did you accomplish all the things you set out to do?
If you didn’t, don’t get discouraged. God is the God of many chances. He knows us, He sees our efforts, and He knew what we would finish before we even started.
He knows and sees all because He is omnipresent.
If 2019 was the year you meant to finish that book, create that paining, start that business, or design that new dress, etc., and you didn’t quite complete those tasks, don’t be so hard on yourself.
God knows. He knows you gave your best effort. Even if your efforts fell short of what you expected of yourself, it’s alright.
If you did fall short, get up, dust yourself off, and get ready for a new beginning. Seek forgiveness from God, as His mercy flows in abundance, and start over in 2020. Each new year allows us to start over again, but one thing we have to do is to work hard this year to finish what God told you to start.
I am sure you have noticed, but this year flew by. It practically disappeared right before our eyes.
I heard so many people tell me how this year went faster than the years before. I think this will be the theme for every year to come. Time will continue to disappear right before our eyes. I genuinely believe that time is going faster and faster as we are in the final days. Now when I said last days, I have no idea if that is next week, next month, next year, or in the next five years. No man knows the end of days. Only God knows that, but I do believe we are rushing towards that day faster and faster.
Perhaps the time is rushing by as God has become so impatient with man’s wrongdoing. Maybe it is the cries of His people who or tormented, shamed, mocked, etc., that has caused God to increase how quickly passes by. Perhaps God is unhappy and very upset with the ways of man.
Do you remember what God did when He found humanity to be so full of sin? Once, when He was upset with the ways of humankind, He flooded the whole earth. All humanity, except for one single family, was taken out by God. Then, He destroyed an entire city as He found humankind in that city were full of sin and wickedness.
Can God do that again? No one truly knows, but the one thing He will not and cannot do is flood the earth again. God promised that to humanity. He gave us a symbol of His promise, which is the rainbow.
So with 2020 is right around the corner, try to use this time between now and then to regroup, rethink, reorganize, reconfigure, re-strategize, pray, and refocus.
This coming new year will be unique, for it is the year 2020. Numbers always mean important things to God, and I am not talking about numerology. Numerology is man’s and the enemy’s perversion of God’s divine meaning with numbers.
Whatever you do, find out what 2020 means to God. Since this year is marked for something incredible, it calls for an extraordinary vision.
Make this coming new the year you have God’s perfect 2020 vision. Not mans’ vision, and not your vision, but seek out His Godly 2020 perfect vision.
In this coming year, make sure you have God’s 2020 vision for your life and goals. Not mans’ vision, and not your vision, but seek out His Godly 2020 perfect vision.

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