God, use me!


Have bold confidence to face any fear, giant, naysayer, friend, or family member that is telling you that God won’t gigantically use you.
If you have a confirmed promise from God, do let anyone or anything steal it from you.
Don’t make excuses why God can’t use you. Stand boldly in who you are and in whose you are.
God used Moses who had a speech impediment. Moses argued with God about His plans to use Moses to accomplish this goal.
Moses had very little faith in God at the very beginning of their relationship. BUT God transformed Moses into a BOLD warrior that freed God’s people from the bondage of slavery.
David had an illicit affair with Bathsheba, BUT GOD used him to become a King. David became a man after God’s own heart with his worship and praise of God. I long to be a worshipper the likes of King David!
See God uses imperfect people to accomplish His goals on the earth.
We only have to say “Yes, Lord. Use me!” God will do the rest!

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