Easter – will God pour out His spirit on all flesh?

America, do you hear Him calling you? Do you hear His voice calling out to you? Listen to Him whispering your name?
God is calling America back to Him. He desires our hearts to seek Him again. He wants our voices to call out to Him also.
He wants us to hunger and thirst for Him again.
He desires us to know who He is again.
He wants us to adore Him again.
He wants to refresh our love for Him.
He wants to take away all your pain and suffering.
He is calling us. Can you hear Him?
You are His child. He created you and loved you before the beginning of time.
He wants revival, and God’s will can and will be fulfilled on this earth. No one and nothing can stop Him.
Those that have come against Him shall pay a very deep price.
Those that have deceived His people in efforts to gain power will pay a steep price.
Those that have oppressed His people will pay dearly.
Those with plans to destroy America and His people shall see the hand of God move swiftly and with great power against them.
Those who have planned and plotted evil laughed at Him as they believe they have pulled the wool over God’s eyes.
They believe in their mind that they have gotten away with the evil plans, but God is allowing them to get comfortable in their evil.
When God moves, they won’t even see it coming.
Yet with all His power, our God is merciful. He has given them time to repent of these sins.
He gives them time to seek His true forgiveness and turn from their wickedness before His judgment comes for them.
Will they repent? I pray that they do. I pray that they turn from their wickedness and seek the merciful face of God.
America, it is time to pick a side. You are either for God or against Him.
Time is running out to be on the fence.
We are about to see God’s power move across America and then around the world.
God, thank you for who You are. I thank You that You have heard our cries and will come to save us.
God, for too long, many have mocked You. They laugh as at You and at Your children for believing in You.
God, You will be the one with the last laugh. Amen.

I believe this Passover season will be one of the most powerful spiritual seasons every experienced by humanity. What we witness with our own eyes will be historic. I believe in my heart that God is getting ready to pour out His spirit on all flesh (Acts 2:17).

This does not only pertain to America. The rest of the world will see and experience God like never before too. There will be miracle events that take place. Things and people that have plagued nations and oppressed people for years and years will finally be dealt with by God.

I believe we will witness God almighty eradicate Covid-19 from the face of the earth. We will stand back in awe and there will only be one explanation. Only God could have done this!

If you are a believer in God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, get ready. Pray, fast if you can, and seek God’s face. Get alone with God. Get right with Him and repent. Now is the time!

God defiantly will have the last laugh! Amen. Luke 12:2

PS – God has perfect timing. He knows what we are facing. He knows the hour. He will move on His perfect timing.

Riot – violence is never the answer.

America, what happened this past Wednesday in Washington D.C., was utterly shameful.
I have thoughts about who was involved and the real reason all that rioting took place.
I will keep that opinion to myself. In this format, I am here to discuss God and what He is laying on my heart.
On Wednesday, what took place was confusing, awful, unbelievable, and destructive, but God is still in control in all that chaos.
Our nation is frayed and on the verge of breaking in two. Our country cannot stand when there is so much division. We are on the brink of self-destruction.
Many in Congress planned on objecting to the fraud in our last election, but these rioters’ actions changed the mind, mood, atmosphere, and opinions of many of them.
These few individuals’ cowardice actions managed to show the few senators’ grit and resolve who did end up objecting.
Do I think that our current President should quit? No, not at all. I think he should pursue all legal remedies until he has exhausted all of them. He is not a quitter, and that is why so many in America continue to give him their unwavering support.
Now before you jump to any conclusions, I want to make something very clear. I am not advocating for any one person over another. I am and will always advocate for God.
I seek God’s will to be fulfilled, not man’s.
Our current President had the destiny to be President at this very time. God chose him to be the leader of America. The President, the same as all of us, has a Godly destiny to fulfill.
Each of us has a purpose of fulfilling for God. To be President was and continues to be his if it is God’s will for him to continue to hold that office (Matt12:18). If this is God’s will, no person, no demon, no spell, and no devil can stop that from happening.
Why would God choose such a man that offends so many with his straight to the point words? God knew what would be needed at this point in our history.
Does our current President say brash things? Yes, he does. Are his words imperfect and harsh? Yes, at times they are. Sometimes, I am taken back by the way he expresses himself, but I trust God.

Please understand, this is not about the man Donald J. Trump. This is about God! God’s will is for America to remain free. This battle is for America’s continued democracy, and to delay the demonic plan of one world order.

At this very time in history, God knew that He needed a strong, independent thinker to be in that powerful office. God also knew He needed someone who isn’t ashamed to call on Him for help.
God knew of the President’s tenacity, strength, determination, and the fact that he didn’t care who he offended as long as he helped the American people.
Do I believe our President is a Christian? Yes, I do. I think he has sought God for direction.
I cannot judge our President’s relationship with God. No man has the right to judge any person’s relationship with God and question their Christianity.
If we believe that a person who says they are a Christian appears to do something ungodly, then we have the right to take it to God in prayer.
We should pray for that person to find God’s directions, His perspective, His answers if it seems they have lost their way. We shouldn’t judge and talk behind that person’s back.
Regardless of what you think about our last election, there was voter fraud. People who have passed away voted. That is unacceptable. People who had moved out of the states were still allowed to vote in that state. That is unlawful.
There were many other infractions in our last election, but I won’t go into them here.
American’s have the right to know their elections are fair. Many American’s believe that the last election was wrought with fraud.
We need to find out the truth. We owe it to the country. It is one thing that will help heal our land.
Please don’t give up on prayer. Don’t stop praying for God’s will to be fulfilled.
We have to remember that violence is never the answer. Violence never solves anything. It only opens the door for more as violence begets violence.
We have to get back to a place of civility, and only God can bring the healing we so desperately need.
America, keep pursuing God right now and remember when so many are praying and seeking God.
Our prayers call God to action. Our prayer causes battles between good and evil.
Where there is so much prayer, things will intensify, but make no mistake, God will show up, and we will all know His answer on His time.
Stay positive, and do not fall into anger and despair. Our worship will keep us in the right atmosphere. Your worship will keep negative thoughts, frustration, and bitterness to take root.

God, where did America take a wrong turn?


God hears our prayers. God hears our cries. Right now, God knows our hearts are breaking. I believe His heart is breaking too as He watches us tear everything apart.
We are heartbroken for all the people who have died, lost their businesses, and now, are losing their faith. We have watched as our historic buildings and statues have been vandalized.
We are heartbroken at all the hate swirling around America right now.
Night after night, we watch as people devolve into the most terrible versions of themselves.
We watch as innocent Americas are beaten in the streets sometimes within an inch of their lives. What is their “crime”? They were only trying to protect themselves, their property, or their businesses.
We keep hearing that black lives matter. Yes, of course, black lives are important, but what about other lives?
When did our legal process approve for crowds of people to become judge, jury, and executioners?
When was it deemed okay to murder innocent people in the streets because we perceived they have hatred for us?
Don’t all lives matter? Aren’t all lives extraordinary?
Does God sit in heaven and say that this person’s life is more important than this other person’s?
Does He say that He will only hear a black person’s prayers because they are more important than any other white person?
No, He does not. He never will.
We are all God’s children made in His image.
His word tells us to love each other as Jesus loves us.
Will all these killings, destruction, stealing, and looting resolve the hate in our hearts? No, it will not.
Nothing we do will bring back the lives that have been lost.
Killing is wrong! God’s word tells us that.
I keep hearing that that police forling unarmed minorities is the genocide of the black race, but how can that be?
Is this true? According to statistics, there were approximately ten shootings last year that involved unarmed black individuals and the police.
Also, let me make this VERY clear. I am in no way justifying what happened to Mr. Floyd. Those officers deserve the punishment that our legal system deems appropriate. Their judgment will come from 12 of their peers and a judge.
No life should be lost to hate. Every life is remarkable and planned for by God Himself.
Now, do we truly know all the facts behind all the killings of innocent unarmed black individuals? Could it be that we are just going off of what we heard on the news?
Have we been used as pawns to do the bidding of certain people in America that want to see Her destroyed?
Some other things are bothering me too.
If black lives matter above all other lives, and we are watching genocide of the black race, why isn’t there more protesting at all the abortion clinics strategically placed in our black and brown communities?
How many innocent black and brown babies are murdered in America at these abortion clinics? Every murdered baby is a life that will never exist. Some might see this as a way to control the minority population.
To me, this is the genocide of black and brown people.
These clinics were open for business during the recent lock downs and were deemed essential businesses by some politicians.
Why aren’t we outraged by EVERY brown and black lives lost? Why are only some black lives being focused on?
Why isn’t hate in general being focused on? There are many types of hate in this world. There isn’t just hate against black people.
What about the hate that blacks have towards whites?
What about the hate that Hispanic people have towards blacks or whites?
Why aren’t we focusing on hate altogether?
Why aren’t we focusing on the hate taught to our children?
That is where hate starts. Hate is taught because no one is born with hate in their heart.
Why do we feel the need to teach hate?
What motivates that?
These are all fair questions.
We have failed at discussing the hate bubbling up from underneath us.
We have had years to discuss it, and yet we didn’t.
We let it fester. We swept it under the rug, and now we are paying the price.
I see these as all fair questions. When will we ever sit down to discuss them? Can we ever go back to have a civil discussion?
Can we even discuss things anymore without yelling and screaming at each other?
When did we lose our civility and our respect for other people?
If we focus on only one type of hate, can we ever get a handle on hate altogether?
Things will not change unless we change the hearts of humankind. Civil unrest will continue until we figure out that there is only one answer to all the hate in the world.
That answer is God! Only God can truly change a person’s heart and touch someone to restore their lives fully.
God and our Savior, Jesus are the answers.
How do we get God involved? It is simple: we pray, fast, and plant seeds for healing and restoration of America.
We must turn it over to God.
We cannot lose faith in God! No matter what we are facing and no matter how impossible it seems, God will turn it around.
Our God is a miracle-working God. Our God works in the realm of the impossible!
Time to let Him heal our wounds. Pray fervently and without ceasing. Fast a meal or a day’s meals towards this hate and civil unrest. Fast so that all anger, hatred, frustrations, fear, and anxieties will be broken off of America and off the American people.

Let’s pray:
God, forgive us. We have sinned against You, and we have taken justice into our own hands. We have broken man’s laws that You told us to obey.
God, we have murdered because we perceived someone hated us.
God, we have destroyed because we saw others doing it. We allowed anger, frustration, and a mob mentality to cloud our judgment.
God, we laughed at the suffering of others.
God, forgive us. We repent.
God, forgive us for the injustices of humanity.
God, forgive us for letting hate, anger, and frustration control and overtake us.
God, forgive us for blaming others for the shortcomings in our own lives.
God, help us.
God, hear our cries, and don’t turn away from us.
God, we are desperate for You.
God, we restore peace and civility to our nation. God let us respect each other once again.
God, place kindness, forgiveness, and love in our hearts for one another once again.
God, turn our hearts that have become cold and stone into hearts of flesh.
God, unroot all hate, frustrations, bitterness, anger, and blame from our hearts.
Father, let love grow there instead.
Father God, heal every broken heart and dissolve all fears and anxieties.
God, help our nation recover for the destruction we have caused. God, help every person and family recover what was lost. Let their new livelihoods and businesses flourish like never before. God, let this recovery be quick.
God, expose all those individuals behind this unrest. Expose all the lies told to us to make us pawns in their evil plans.
God, let them be held accountable for all the death and destruction they caused with their lies and evil plans.
God, if they did it for money or more power, expose that.
Once You expose these things, God, we will not seek revenge on them. We will let You avenge your people instead.
God, restore America quickly. God, bring back our jobs and livelihoods restore America back to Her glory.
In the name of Jesus, we pray in agreement. Amen.

If you want to accept Jesus as your Savior, here is your prayer:
God, forgive me for my sins. God, cleanse me of all unrighteousness.
God, I believe Jesus is Your Son. I believe He took my place on the cross. I accept Him as my Lord and Savior. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

God, hear our prayers for all those who are suffering.

Father, hear our prayers rise to You. God, listen to our words as we cry out to help.
God, this nation is in turmoil & disarray. God, there is too much tension, disagreement, arguing, name-calling, hate & anger gripping this country.
Father, Your word tells us to pray for all with supplication & via intercession(1Tim2:1).
God, this nation has been gripped by destruction & suffering. These events are our cue to draw CLOSER to You via our prayers!
It’s time to seek You first above ALL other things. God, let us pull You closer than ever before.
We lift up all those who are suffering & in danger from the fires in California.God, protect & guide all those in danger.
God, protect the 1st responders & firefighters. Angels, in the name of Jesus, we command you to lead those in danger to safety. Protect them now.
We ask You, God, to calm the winds! Angels, in the name of Jesus, we command you to help the firefighters extinguish every flame.
We lift up all those who are suffering from recent hurricanes, storms, floods, earthquakes & fires.
We ask for the full restoration of Puerto Rico & its peoples. Father, expose all corruption in their government that is delaying this complete restoration.
Father, hear the cries of the people of Puerto Rico. We agree via our prayers for the quick restoration of their necessities of food, electricity & clean water.
God, bring back the livelihood of that island and restore it to a blessed & fully-functional island once again.
Father, Your word tells us to pray for those in authority. Your decree, Father, instructs us to do so.
We lift up our leaders. God, we ask for Your divine guidance over them.
Father, give them Your divine wisdom, knowledge, patience, love, understanding & direction.
God, guide them to make wise decisions. God, let them seek You as they make every choice for the American people.
Father, we ask for the divine protection of our leaders. Angels, in the name of Jesus, we command you to stand at the North, South, East & West of the President, Vice President, and their families.
We place a hedge of protection around them. We also set a hedge of protection around our nation. Angels, in the name of Jesus, protect our borders.
God, expose every plot & plan of evil meant to bring death & destruction of innocent people.
God, bless this nation! Father, restore her to her former glory & make her wonderfully blessed once again.
Restore our jobs & our livelihoods. Let businesses flourish to create new jobs. Father, open new companies that would allow for the creation of employment also.
God, we seek Your face for the restoration of our glorious nation.
We decree & declare all these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Memorial Day

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Today, we honor the sacrifice, bravery, courage, love and the service of our American Armed Forces(John 15:13).
They serve without a second thought to protect the freedoms of this glorious nation!
They have a heart of service which most of us will never understand.  These brave men & women run into battle when many of us turn and run in the opposite direction.
The American soldier is the backbone of this country.  They give without knowing if they will ever see their loved ones again.  They rush into situations without thinking about the outcome.
God, I thank You for all of our soldiers.  We honor them today God.  Also, we are grateful to their families for their sacrifice. Due to the sacrifice of the American Armed Forces, we have the freedom to worship You, God. We have the right to live in freedom because of their service, dedication, courage and sacrifice.
God, we need to lift up every soldier & their families via our prayers. God, let us give You thanks every day for them. There are not enough thanks we can give them for the ultimate sacrifice many have paid with their lives.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.memorialDay5.29.17A



National Armed Forces Day


God, reveal what has been done & kept in secret!

God, we receive Your peace, restoration & serenity for our great nation. Father, break every spirit of fear, turmoil, discord, negativity & confusion holding this great nation from coming back into alignment with You, God. We need and desire Your restoration, Father. This turmoil is tearing this country apart. God, heal our land. Your Word […]


God, we receive Your peace, restoration & serenity for our great nation. Father, break every spirit of fear, turmoil, discord, negativity, selfishness, greed, vindictiveness, bitterness, control, frustration, anger, hate & confusion. God, break every spirit of blame, innuendo, false accusations and distraction. All of these items are holding this great nation from coming back into alignment with You, God.

We need and desire Your restoration, Father. This turmoil is tearing this country apart. God, heal our land. Your Word says that if we turn from our wicked ways, pray, humble ourselves and seek Your face; then you will heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14) .

Father, hear our cries. Your word says that You answer when we cry out to You (Psalms 120:1).

Father, remind us that it is Your decree that we pray for our leaders. Your word says that the heart of our leader is in Your hands (Proverbs 21:1). Your word also says in 1 Tim. 2:1-2: “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be made for all people – for kings and all those in authority.”

God, You also say that You change the seasons and our leaders per Your will (Daniel 2:20–21).  Father, we placed our recent election in Your hands and Your will was fullfilled. God, remind us that we cannot move forward anchored to the past.

God, mend our hearts, Father. Turn our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh again that we may begin our healing process. Our hearts of stone have allowed anger, hate, frustration, selfishness, greed, and disobedience to take root and flourish in our lives.

God, remind us that the enemy comes in to divide us. Heal this division between our citizens. God, Your Word says that a divided house will fall (Luke 11:17).

God, now that we have become aware of what Your word says about praying for our leaders, our nation, and our fellow citizens, we can no longer say that we are unaware of Your decree.

Convict us, Father when we do not heed to Your instructions. This issue is too important! Though You blessed us all with free will, please remind us God that these things cannot change if we do not place You in charge of them through our prayer.

God, as we start to intensify our prayers, the atmosphere around us will become more & more intense & hostile.  Father, it may even get to a point where it seems futile to keep praying because things “seem to be getting worse instead of better”. God, help us to see things the way You see them. You do not see things in the natural as we do.

Father, expose all the greed and lies that have been hidden by the current and past politicians.  God, expose their greed and selfishness! God, for years they have lined their pockets with money as innocent, hard-working & honest citizens of this nation have suffered with increased poverty, suffering & lack.

God, our current administration is under attack! The battle they are fighting is a spiritual one!  Let me say that again!  They are fighting against supernatural forces of evil! Yes, the oldest battle of all which is good vs. evil

Remember what Gods word says about our daily battles? In Ephesians 6:12, its says that “our struggle is not against flesh & blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Regardless if you believe this sort of thing exists or not, God says it exists in His word.  As He explains what we struggle against, He also provides us the answer for overcoming this battle.  That is the full armor of God(Ephesians 6:13-18).

Why are they under a spiritual attack? They are lifting the name of the almighty King. They pray and read God’s word together(Praying White House).  They are fighting to bring God back to the forefront of this great nation, they exalt the name of Jesus, they fight to protect persecuted Christians around the globe & they are protecting the civil liberties of Christians here in America.

God, I ask that You expose & destroy every principality, power, stronghold, ruler of darkness, spiritual wickedness, spirit of pride & spirit of greed coming against our current administration. God, I ask You to give each of them Your strength, endurance, wisdom, knowledge, focus, tenacity, understanding, patience, discernment, peace & joy.

God, expose every person working against them.  God, if there are lies being told, please expose them.  The American people deserve to know the truth! God, Your word says in Luke 12:2  that You will make known things hidden & reveal concealed things.

God, expose every lie told whether it is from the politicians or our current administration. God, we cannot linger in the past and hope to step into our future. It is time for the true to be known. Once it is known, we need to close that door and move on.  Father, I know in my heart that it is Your will to restore this great nation back to her former glory.

In Jesus name, I ask these things, Amen.

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National Day of Prayer


God, hear our prayers as we join & come into agreement. God, heal our land as we turn from our wickedness, seek Your face & pray 2 Chronicles 7:14.
God, we are desperate for Your healing. Reunite our divided country.  A divided house cannot stand Mark 3:25.
God, bless our leaders, our nation & its people. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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God, fill us with BOLDNESS & DETERMINATION to pray for restoration, peace, love & unity.


#God #faith #TrustGod #TrustGodsPlan #family #prayer #Jesus


God, it is Your mandate that we pray for each other via intercessory prayer 1 Timothy 2:2 . Your word also instructs us to pray for our leaders 1 Timothy 2:1-7 .

God, as we join in agreement in prayer for our leaders, our country & each other, we ask that You hear our cries. God, let us bombard all of heaven with intercession, groanings & prayers via our spirit man Romans 8:26-27.

God, as You hear our prayers, I ask that You, in turn, give us a new fire & anointing.  God, give us revelation on how to pray to set this nation on a new path of healing & restoration.

God, reunite this mighty nation. Your word says that a divided house cannot stand Mark 3:25 . God, end all of this fighting, bickering, arguing, name calling, bullying & rioting. This nation is teetering on restoration or destruction.

God, let our leaders know that their discourse is only hurting the innocent men, women & families of this nation.  God, convict each one of them for their stubbornness and unwillingness to work together to help the American people.

God, break every demonic spirit of discourse that is holding this nation back from stepping into Her blessings. God, break every opposition of hate, bitterness, pride, disagreement & selfishness.

God, we have to stand with our praying brothers & sisters in the White House. God, bless them beyond what they can contain. 

Father, please keep them safe and focused on You.  God, fill us with the same boldness & determination to continue to pray for our leaders, this nation, and it’s citizens.

I ask all these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.






God, let our prayers invade all of heaven.

Do you know what prayer is?  Prayer is simply you asking Almighty God to intervene into your life & situation.  Intercessory prayer is asking God to intervene in the life of someone you care about or a situation that is concerning to you.

God, can our prayer really change things?  Your word says that the prayer of a righteous man has great power to prevail James 5:16.

God, Your Word also says that You hear & answer our prayers 1 John 5:14.

God, Your Word says that You desire men to lift holy hands to pray & not quarrel 1 Timothy 2:8 .

Most of all God, You tell us to pray without ceasing & to give thanks in ALL circumstances 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 .

Prayer is so important that the Holy Spirit prays for us when we are totally broken having no human words to utter to God Romans 8:26.

How incredible is that??  This act of the Holy Spirit should explain to us just how important prayer is to God. The Spirit prays through us when we have no words to speak to God! In our most broken places, God needs us to continue to pray and gives us the Holy Spirit to do so.

Many also refer to this type of prayer as “praying in the Spirit” or “speaking in tongues.” Speaking in tongues is a gift given freely by God. To receive this gift, we must ask and pursue God relentlessly for His gift.  He will bestow it upon you, but He wants to be pursued for it.  A gift that incredibly is worth pursuing Him!

In those places of our brokenness, our tears are even prayers to God. His words also says that He collects our tears (Psalms 56:8).  It also says that God notices our tears (Psalms 34:15).

God has shown us how to pray & who to pray for Matthew 6:9-13 , 1 Timothy 2:1-6 .

God has even given us the power to magnify & intensify our prayer through agreement Matthew 18:19.

And most importantly, God tells us that if we pray, seek Him & turn from our wickedness and He will heal our land 2 Chronicles 7:14 .

God, heal our land!  Restore this nation to Her former glory.  God, have mercy on the people struggling in poverty.  Bring this nation back into alignment with You God. God, we have fallen out of Your grace with our sin.

God, bless & guide our leaders. Let them seek Your counsel first. God, let each of us pray relentlessly & fervently.

God, bring an end to all the violence occurring around the world.  God let us remember to ask for Your divine protection daily.  Let us not forget to apply Your full armor every day to our loved ones Ephesians 6:10-18 . Let us also not forget that You have already given us authority over the enemy Luke 10:19 .

God, intervene in all of the turmoil around our globe.  God, destroy every stronghold, ruler of darkness, principality & power of the enemy! Expose every plot, ploy & plan of the enemy to bring death & destruction.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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