God, in the face of this virus, let us use Your word as our weapon.



God’s word is not some letters, paragraphs, and punctuation printed on paper. 

God’s word is our weapon!

Just as our heavenly Father speaks and creates, we can speak things into existence (that are according to God’s will) using God’s word.

The bible is the spoken word of God given to man to write down. 

The bible is not an ordinary book. No other book can be used as a weapon that can defeat poverty, sickness, depression, addictions, etc. 

God’s word, used regularly, can defeat the enemy every single time.  

There are no if, and, or butts on whether God’s work will work. It is a sure thing!  

God’s word is never faltering, never failing, and will never return void to God. 

God’s word must be fulfilled on this earth! 

It will never lose its power! It is unchangeable! His word is so powerful that even God cannot change or alter it. Even God must abide by His word.

The bible says that heaven and earth will pass away, but the word of God will endure forever(Matt24:34).

Wow, that is incredible. Even when the heavens and the earth are gone, God’s word will still hold its’s power to transform.

We can use God’s word and faith to move our mountains. 

What are our mountains? Well, they can be anything standing in our way of reaching a new level in God. It can be a deadly virus, debt, sickness, addictions, a broken family, finances, lack of faith, hate, bitterness, revenge, bigotry, etc.

Anything we face in life that is not of God, we can apply His word to transform that situation. 

Now please understand, this does not mean that we can use the word one time and expect miraculous things to happen. 

Yes, God is the God of miracles, but we have to do our part too. We have to start seeing things as God sees them, praying without giving up, declaring God’s word over our situations, and constant worship!

We have to keep speaking God’s word over our situations until we see God’s promises come to fruition.

We cannot pray once, then be done. We must pray, worship, and speak God’s word constantly. 

We must pray without ceasing! God’s word says that  The prayer of a righteous man has great power to prevail (James5:16).

Pursuing God this way means we have to break out of our results-in-an-instant mentality! 

Don’t worry. It may start as something that seems like a lot of work, but when you see how God moves, you will happily adopt this as your new way to solve the problems in your life.

As things progress and you see significant changes in your life, your faith will move to higher levels. 

As you move to higher levels, you will notice an increase in your knowledge of God. He will start to reveal Himself, and you will get glimpses of how astonishing our God truly is. 

Once that happens, you will never want to be out of His presence. There is no other place like it! 

Know, use, and proclaim ALL the names of God!


Our God works in the realm of impossibilities.
He is the master of ALL missions impossible!
We serve a BIG, mighty, powerful, and living God!
He does the impossible, works in impossibilities, and makes impossible things possible.
God works things out so flawlessly that no one can doubt that it was only Him that did it.
When a doctor tells you, you have a terminal disease with only three months to live. God says that His name is Jehovah Rapha, our healer.
When the landlord tells gets ready to evict you and your family because you don’t have enough money to pay the rent, God says He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider.
When the psychiatrist tells you that you are the verge of a nervous breakdown, God says He is Jehovah Shalom, our peace.
When the doctor tells you that you are barren and will never conceive a child, God says He is ELOHIM and EL SHADDAI, the ALMIGHTY GOD and the God of all creation!
See whatever situation you are facing today, and every day, our God’s name covers that!
Do you need peace and serenity? His name has it covered.
Do you seek a family? His name has it covered.
Do you need happiness and joy? His name has it covered.
Do you seek strength? His name is that!
God SHALL PROVIDE all your needs (Phil4:19).
Remember that! Seek God today for who He is and will always be!
Seek, know, speak, and use all the names of God in your prayers, in your worship, and your praises. Names of God  10 powerful names of God and their meaning .




God, place worship in our hearts!

Let every breath we have praised God. He is beyond worthy to be highly praised & worshipped!
Father, help us worship You! God, we ask You to help us make worship a priority in our hearts.
Father, make our voices those of gratitude & thankfulness for You, our Savior & our comforter the Holy Spirit.
Father, You desire our worship! Our worship is our key to enter into Your holy presence!
God, we need You. There is no us without You. God, make each of us audacious & fire-filled worshippers!
God, the thought of WHO YOU are is worthy of all our worship!
You are our creator, our father, our healer, our provider, our protector, our greatest love, our help, our Savior, our comfort, our peace, our joy, our breath. We owe it all to You, God.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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