Hold on! Your destiny is closer than you think.


No matter how long it takes for you to step into your destiny, do not give up.
God is not a man that can lie. He will never mislead or misdirect you. Do not let go of your blessings.
He has considerable & tremendous plans to bless you. You must trust that He knows what He is doing.
Do not think that delay means that it will never come to pass. God’s timing is always perfect.
Whether you decide to give up on your dreams or choose to pursue them, time will pass either way.
Use that time wisely to prepare, seek God, pray, and complete any directions from God that will place you at the right time and place when He decides to open the door for your destiny.
If you give up and do not work towards preparedness, you will not be ready when the time comes for God to open your door to the fulfillment of your destiny.
If you hold on and do not give up, fulfillment of God’s purpose for your life
will come to pass!

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