Father, hear our prayers for our families.


Our families are under spiritual attack. God is a God of order, and He honors the hierarchy of the family.
Husbands hold the lead position and guide the family to and through the will of God. The wife is the partner of the husband. She holds a unique key to cry out to God in prayer for all the members of her family. I believe that many women are prayer warriors. It is something about the sheer compassion that women hold in their hearts. Not wanting their family to suffer, women cry out to God with fierce compassion. Women want only the very best for their family.
The children too are helpers in prayer etc. to bring the things of God to pass in all their lives.
The family unit in prayer has power! God’s word tells us this. “When two or three come together in agreement in My name, I am with them”(Matt18:20). There is POWER in the unified prayer of a family.

If your family does not take part in the unity of prayer (yet), pray with another wife/mother you know.  Two women who are also wives/mothers praying together is very powerful!
The enemy knows this too. He has been working hard to destroy the family using drugs, additions, pornography, loneliness, sadness, emptiness, and insecurities, etc.
Drugs are pouring into our nation. Now, right around the corner, the legalization of marijuana.  These drugs continue to steal the futures of family members.

Child sex traffickers are aiming to sexually abuse children who might one day become part of a loving, supportive family via adoption. Sexual abuse is a hard hurdle to overcome for any person. For this person, the thought of a loving God may be something they never accept thanks to sexual abuse.
The economy is another factor that robs the family. Women are less likely to marry a man if he has no job or makes very little money. Since marriage isn’t a choice in these instances, more women choose to give birth out of wedlock thus breaking the family unit.

Drowning in debt, young college graduates cannot afford to get married and start a family thus delaying or even totally preventing the a family from ever beginning.

Suicide is also on the rise. It is stealing the lives of teens, mothers, and fathers.
All of these issues that are tearing the family unit apart all seem so overwhelming. You may think about all this and say it is too much to handle for just one person. But our role is not to control or tackle it. Our job is to pray about it!
I have included some links for websites that help guide you in the specific prayers for your family. You can also search for sites yourself.
Don’t forget to pray for the protection of the minds and spirits of our children. Constantly bombarded with ideas, our children are under spiritual attack all day and night. They are faced with suggestions and ideas from their friends, the internet, social media, etc.
When you use these prayers, use the bible verses listed. When God hears us verbally reminding Him of His word, He has to respond! His unbreakable word will NEVER fail! His word is His promise!
Also, try making God’s word personal to your family. Replace any names listed in verses (like David, Moses, etc.) or any pronoun with the names of your family members.
Here is an example. In this example, we will say that the family member names are John, the husband, Sally, the wife, and Michelle, child.
Here is the verse I will use as my example as Sally is in prayer for her family: We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.” 2 Corinthians 4:8-9
When Sally is praying, here is what she will say to personalize this verse to her family: Father, Your word says in 2 Cor 4:8-9 that John, Michelle and I are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; John, Michelle and I are perplexed, but never in despair; persecuted, but never forsaken; struck down, but never destroyed.”
Personalizing God’s words to accommodate your family will bring even more power to these verses. I have found that it brings me faster into God’s presence. Once, there, I feel the glory of His power more intensely.
Also, let God know, via your prayers that you even come in agreement with every family that is also praying for their own families protection, restoration, unity, etc.
Speak to God via your prayer as a very close friend. Prayer does not have to fancy. In my experience, I have found myself in God’s presence quickly just by using three simple words: “God, help me!” Followed next by, “Father, I don’t know what to do next.”
Don’t be ashamed to bring up any subject matter that is concerning to you. Remember, there is no shame is God’s eyes. He is not the God of shame but the God of love.
God loves you and only wants the very best for you.
Powerful prayers for the family
Prayers for the protection of the family
Prayers for families
PS – you can also search for prayers for specific issues your own family is facing on your own. I included these links to be helpful. The first one listed is crosswalk.com. It is my favorite.

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