Recently, he proclaimed, I have decided to follow Jesus!


When someone makes a drastic change and decides to follow God, some of us will question their decision, their honesty, their integrity, and dedication, and their sanity.
Who are we to judge this person’s decision making? How can we say they have gone crazy or that their commitment is sketchy?
When someone decides to walk in God’s ways, you have to applaud them. They have chosen a path least traveled. They have chosen to live in a way that is unpopular with our modern culture.
Today, the world tells us that our lives are all about me, me, and me. What is better for me, what is best for me, and what can I gain even if I step on top of others to get there?
The world lives in a “what’s best for me” culture. Living for God places Him about everything and everyone else.
They know and have decided they can live with the ridicule, laughter, mocking, and cruel comments because they see the bigger picture. They know what the end game holds.
This world tells us that to be of importance in this world that we must have riches, fame, and all kinds of stuff like boats, cars, houses, money, etc.
Placing God above all else in one’s life, says that He is more important than the desires for their lives.
They have decided to put God above money, fame, notoriety, and all the stuff that this modern world tells us we need to feel and be relevant.
They have chosen God even when they know they will be talked about, mocked, make fun of, laughed at, and have cruel comments made about them.
See, one thing we have to understand is that we have no right to judge others. There is only one judge who will stand judgment on every one of us. That judge is God!
He alone is the final judge of every word we have spoken, our character, actions, morality, and decisions. There should be no doubts about this. God will judge us all.
Instead of mocking this person, be happy for them, pray for them, and, most of all, support their decision to turn their life to the path that leads to God.

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