Today, make room for thankfulness.


Some of us like to plan for our lives. We set goals which we see as attainable for 5, 10, and 15 years into our future.
What we don’t plan for is the unexpected. Life can take a dramatic change in one single second.
Not one person is guaranteed a tomorrow will be part of their future. We all make plans for our tomorrows, but no man knows when their life will come to an end.
Today, make sure you live your best life, live with no regrets, and make sure you spend the most quality time with the ones you love.

Never skip a moment that allows you to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.
Never take for granted how blessed you are. In the blink of an eye, it can all be gone. Remember to be grateful. Thankfulness and gratefulness are the keys to a happy life. We have to be thankful for each blessing no matter how small and insignificant it seems to others.
If you woke up in your own dry, safe, comfortable bed this morning, be thankful. If you have a room, an apartment, or a house to live in, be grateful. If you aren’t under the care of a physician for some long term illness, be thankful. If you had a hot meal today, be thankful. If you had running water this morning to take a bath and brush your teeth, be grateful.
Some of these things may seem unimportant to a lot of people, and those same people may not even see these things as blessings, but do not be one of those people.
Be grateful in the little things so that God can make room for gratefulness in the BIG things!
Do not put your happiness on hold until some significant event in your life takes place. Be happy now!
Although we plan that tomorrow will hold nothing but blessings, life has a way of sneaking up and stealing that expectation.

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