Good Friday’s message has more meaning than ever before!


Do you personally know Jesus? Do you have a relationship with Him?
Right now, we are in the most uncertain times of our lives. None of us have ever experienced anything like this.
We are all in unfamiliar territory.
If there was ever a time to seek God, this is it.
What is keeping you from Him? Is it the idea that God is unrelatable to how you are feeling, what you are thinking, or what you are going through?
This thought is very untrue. God is genuinely relatable to each of us.
God had a plan to send His Son, Jesus, to re-create a bridge from humankind to Himself.
Like us, God plans.
God loves like us, except His love is indescribable, limitless, unfathomable, unstoppable, unyielding, and all-encompassing.
God loved each of us so much that He gave His only son, Jesus, to come and take your place on the cross.
He gave Jesus to defeat death and the grave for each of us.
God sent Jesus to live His life as a human. God wanted first-hand knowledge of our struggles, our pain, our lives, and our experiences as humans.
The knowledge Jesus gained an as human was also shared with God.
God knows and understands all that we face.
What other God gave His only Son so that He could have a better understanding of you and your life?
Jesus has experienced everything you are facing now as He lived as a human man.
Jesus Himself faced fear. While He had the knowledge He was going to be crucified and tortured, He feared.
Jesus asked God to let this path pass some other way. He sought another way out, but there was no other way.
No other human, saint, or false god could have taken the place of Jesus on that cross.
If someone other than Jesus would have tried to take His place, it would not have carried the same effect.
No one but Jesus could have died for us! He was the lamb who was sacrificed for each one of us. He was the sacrifice to save the whole world and to cleanse all our sins.
Today, as you may be facing fear, panic, uncertainty, and doubts about how tomorrow will play out, know that you can trust in God.
He is always faithful!
Today, as we are celebrating Good Friday, take this time to seek God out.
On Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of our one true living God, Jesus.
You may be watching at home in secret as Easter Sunday services play out.
You may be ashamed to admit that you need God, but don’t let shame hold you back from the one most important step you can make in your lifetime.
You may be embarrassed because your friends will mock you for admitting you need God.
Don’t let anyone or anything steal your free gift of salvation and everlasting life.
Today, you may be a closeted Christian, accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior in the secret of your own home. This closeted pursuit of God is fine for now, but know that there will be a point in time when God expects you to proclaim Jesus as your Lord and Savior boldly.

HE IS RISEN! Happy Easter.


He IS RISEN! Jesus defeated death, the grave, all burdens, all sickness known to man, and Satan.
Today, we celebrate our glorious Savior! He gave His all for us and paid the ultimate price for every one of us. He is the unblemished lamb of God.
With His sacrifice, He forever created a bridged back to our heavenly Father.
Jesus suffered immense pain, anguish, beatings, mockery, torture, hatred, and the agonizingly slow death of suffocation. He did this for you! Never doubt how much our Savior and God love you.

Today, if you want to seek salvation and Jesus as your personal Savior, pray this prayer with me:

God, I am a sinner.  Forgive me for my sins.  I believe Jesus died on the cross for me.  I believe Jesus is your only begotten Son. I believe He died on the cross and on the third day He ascended to heaven and is forever seated at Your right hand.   I accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  God, come into my life and use me for Your glory.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

If you prayed the prayer, you are born again.  A new child in Christ.  If you are able, find a good bible-based church that believes Jesus is our resurrected King and Savior.

If you cannot find a good church, don’t give up.  Keep praying and seeking God for Him to lead you to one.  There are many great churches online.  Joel Osteen, Pastor Paula White, Bishop TD Jakes, and Hank Kunneman are just to name a few of my favorites.

Also, seek God as often as possible through prayer and by constantly reading the bible, which is God’s word.

Via the bible (God’s word), God will start to reveal things to you.  His word is also your spoken weapon to utilize against sickness, lack, fear, etc.  It is your weapon to use against the enemy, Satan.

God’s word is power!  It will never lose its power and it cannot be altered, changed, or revoked.  His word is so powerful that even God Himself cannot change His own word(the bible).  Never forget these things about the bible! God’s word spoken out loud will give you victory in every battle you face.

God bless you!