We are individually created by God.


Father, how can people criticize us for having our thoughts and ideas?
Father, You created each of us as individuals w/the ability to think for ourselves.
You created each of us to be unique. That is how You designed us.
As a uniquely designed individual, we have our ideas and thoughts.
We are uniquely, individually, and specially designed by the God that created all the universe.
We are all blessed with the ability to think for ourselves freely.
With the freedom of individualism, we each have our free thoughts and ideas.
Without these free thoughts, we would have no innovations. It is free thinkers who think out of the traditional box.
Those individuals are innovators, creators, pioneers, and leaders.
You did not create us to follow, adhere, and be the property of another person.
God, You created each one of us to be leaders.
You created each of us to make a path for ourselves doing ALL things through Christ Jesus.
Father, you created each of us to image and create. We are each designed to speak life and blessings.
Due to our individualism, we can think, know, and believe that You are the one true living God.

National Day of Prayer

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