Happy Valentine’s Day.

Dogs need mini breaks too.


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Samson’s Great Adventures.

Dogs and our fuzzy babies add love, laughter, and joy to our lives.

Here is Samson to show you how these fuzzy and hairy ones help bring joy to our lives.



Happy Mother’s Day.


Who are moms? Mother’s are the most loving, caring, unselfish people on this planet.
They fight relentlessly for their children to have the best of everything.
They want the children to have the best education, the best jobs, the best spouses, the best families, and the best futures.
A mother’s job is never finished.
A mother’s love is fearless. Mother’s give unselfishly. Mother’s work long hard hours to make sure their families have all their needs met.
Mother’s will go without food to ensure all their children are full and protected.
Mother’s will take on giants who oppose their children.
Mother’s are kind and gentle. They can also be tough and hard when needed. They dole out discipline in the name of love.
As God’s word tells us to love children, one must incorporate discipline (Proverbs 13:24).
Most of all, mothers love with a relentless passion.
Their love is the one that comforts us the most. It is felt in their hugs and kisses.
Their love is heard in their words as they tell us that everything will be fine.
In their loving embrace is the place we long to be during difficult and hard times.
Happy Mother’s Day. Moms, you have the toughest and sometimes the least appreciated job in the universe.
Today, we say thank you.
God, help us to love, cherish, appreciate, thank, and honor our moms every day of their lives.

Samson’s mini break.



Learn to savor each moment of your life.


Life passes so quickly. We watch as day by day goes by faster and faster.
We must learn to enjoy life. Each of us is only bestowed one gift of life and tomorrow is promised to no one.
We were meant to enjoy life. We were not intended to be bogged down with sadness, depression, illness, loneliness, emptiness, etc.
These types of burdens are too heavy for us to carry. God never created us to bear these burdens. That is why His word tells us to cast every burden onto Him(Psa55:22).
How do you go about getting every ounce of enjoyment out of every single day?
Approach and enjoy life like a child again. Soak in every moment of life, don’t rush through life’s experiences, and learn how to savor each moment of each experience.
Learn how to take in every sight and smell.
Take plenty of photos. Photos will allow you to go back through your pictures and relive every special moment in each experience.
As a child, do you remember lying in the grass and staring into the sky as you watched each cloud drifting in the sky?
Do you remember laying there trying to see what kinds of shapes the clouds were?
You didn’t rush through all those clouds. You didn’t lay there for 5 or 10 minutes. As a child, you would lay in the grass for hours.
Do you remember as a child watching ants march up and down their anthill?
You didn’t watch and examine them for 5 or 10 minutes. You laid there and watched them for an hour or two.
Loving and living in every moment is how we can find enjoyment in our lives again. Take the time to experience new things, soak them in, don’t rush through those experiences.
Life is too precious to be rushed through it. Savoring each moment helps extend your hours, days, weeks, and months.
That extension of time is beyond priceless.


Who are you, and who’s, are you?


Who are you, and who’s, are you?
Sometimes we are our hardest critic. Your voice tells you things that aren’t true about yourself.
Your voice tells you that nobody loves you. God’s voice says that you are loved beyond your human comprehension.
Your voice tells you that you will never escape poverty. God’s voice says that He comes to give you an abundant life.
Your voice tells you that you are not brave and outspoken. Gods’ voice says that you are bold as a lion.
Your voice says you will always fail. God’s voice says that you are already victorious.
Stop listening to your voice. Verbally utter God’s spoken about who you are, what you are, and who’s you are.
His word has final authority! So speak His final authoritative words over yourself.
Our lives HAVE to line up with God’s words. So speak His words. Never stop uttering His words over yourself and your loved ones.
His words say you are His child. As His child, He only wants the very best for you.
Know who you are! You are the apple of His eye, His favorite, and His greatest creation. You are loved with an unconditional love that you will not fully understand until you are standing in His holy presence.

Happy GREAT Friday!

God, preserve our rights!