Joy to the world, our Savior, Jesus, is born. Merry Christmas.

Who are we that the God of all creations knows our names?
Who are we that the God of all gods loves us so much?
Who are we to deserve this type of never-ending unconditional love?
We are not extraordinary, but our God makes and sees each of us as unique.
We do not deserve His love, but He gives it freely anyway.
We do not deserve His Son, Jesus, to save us.
We are sinners and are unworthy of His tremendous gift, but our God loves us anyway. So much so that He gave us the ultimate precious gift this season.
Though unworthy, He gave His son for each of us to no longer be slaves to our sins. Thank You, God, for your amazing grace!
Today, we celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world.
Jesus is God’s word to come to life.
Even though we have been marred with heaviness, sadness, separation, and feared this year, we cannot forget the real reason for this season.
Today, we should be full of joy and delight with the knowledge that we have been spared the fate of damnation through our Savior.
Jesus, our Savior, is born for each of us to have everlasting life.
Merry Christmas to each of you, and may the joy of this season carry you through into next year.

Merry Christmas. Our Savior is born!


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Who is this God that left His throne for you?


Who is this God that came to be born a man to experience human life for you? Who is this God that experienced poverty, betrayal, temptations, hate, political, and governmental forces coming against Him, love, loyalty, and every other human emotion?
This God is Jesus. The one true son of God. He is our Savior who shed His blood for the redemption for each one of us.
He may have born poor but did not remain in poverty. How can a God who brings abundance to His children to allow His son to stay in poverty? Though Jesus experienced poverty, He did not remain in poverty. Jesus had to experience both.
There is no human experience that Jesus does not have first-hand knowledge about. He experienced it all. So there is nothing that you can’t bring to Him in prayer that He does not know about.
God gained knowledge of our human experience through His son, Jesus. So there is nothing we go through that God does not understand because of Jesus’ own experiences.
Today, whatever you are going through, bring it to God. Today, seek out the REAL reason for Christmas. That is the birth of our Savior, Jesus.
God gave each one of us the ultimate gift. That gift is Jesus, which is a priceless gift that promises eternal life. Today, seek out Jesus.

Merry Christmas. Our Savior is born!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to every one of you. Remember the true meaning of today. In essence, it is about love. The love of a heavenly Father. The gift of perfect love via the birth of our Savior.
Today is not about gifts, parties or spending time with family. Yes, those things are essential but today is about TRUE love.
God, thank You for giving Your only Son, Jesus. What a gift to bestow upon us. With Your gift, You engulfed us in an unimaginable, indescribable & unfathomable love. Thank You, Father God.
In Jesus name. Amen.

Jesus, the reason for the season.

Be the gift this Christmas season.

Remember that our prayers are never simple gestures.  Our words have power!!!
Our prayers are powerful!!! That is why God’s word tells us that the persistent prayers of the righteous availeth much.
Standing in the gap for someone who is going through something painful is an incredible gift.
This season pick 3 – 4 people that you don’t frequently pray for & pray for them for 30 days. Try to be consistent all of the 30 days.
If you are unsure what to pray about for these individuals, pray for some essential items. Always remember our prayer is never basic, weak or generic.
Pray for them to establish a robust personal relationship with God, to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, ask God to let them find their divine purpose and to help them to fulfill it. Ask God to heal their body, to restore broken relationships in their lives, ask God to help them break an addiction like alcohol or cigarettes or even for God to end the cycle of poverty over their lives.
What we make happen for others, God will make happen for us.
In helping someone go higher in their life, God will send someone to help you go higher too.
In Jesus’ name, we receive it by faith. Amen.

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