Seek God’s direction and then go out and vote.



God, I thank You that I am free to vote in the upcoming election. I am grateful that my voice is being heard with my vote.
I have the choice of voting in the direction that You counts towards the decisions on how this country is run.
God, I am so thankful that I have a chance to let my voice be heard via my vote in the upcoming election.
I am thankful that I live in a country where I have the blessing of placing a vote.
I am so grateful for those who so bravely marched & protested in peace to give women the ability to vote.
When we choose to sit at home and not vote, we tarnish their legacy.
Too many essential things hang in the balance with this vote. Voting will give you a voice to address changes. Changes that God wants.
Regardless of what your thoughts are about America, this is nation destined to be blessed.
Founded on the principals of God, this nation is a bright beacon of hope that offers people the chance for a better life.

If it isn’t a beacon of hope, why do so many people fight so hard to get here? They break the law, and they risk their lives and the lives of their family, they go into debt to pay another person to get them here.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that this vote is unimportant. This vote is life altering!
This vote holds the direction of this wonderful nation.
Our vote will decide if this nation continues to move towards God or moves towards the things NOT of God.
If you don’t like the direction this nation is moving in, then pray about it. God’s word tells us to pray for our country and our leaders.
But remember God’s will always prevails.
This nation, it’s people of faith, our president, his cabinet, our courts, and our laws are all under spiritual attack.
But do not fear because God is in full control. Our job is to pray for His will to be fulfilled.
As with all things, pray for divine direction about your vote.
God, I thank You for YR divine direction in the choices I made with my vote.
Father, make way for all to seek Your direction and then get out and vote.pray-floral-collage-9.17.17WP


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