Happy MLK Day.


Fear can hold us captive never letting us move forward into God’s promises
Fear can come from the self-doubt you might have that God has so many blessings to shower into your life.
Maybe fear sets in when you think about how different your life will look when you give full control to God.
Maybe it is fear coming from believing that God will take everything you love and make you remove it from your life.
Perhaps fear sets in when your friends start telling you that the next step you are going to take in faith for God is too crazy and too scary.
Perhaps it is it something entirely different. Maybe it is fear of the unknown.
Can you imagine if someone like Dr. King Jr. had let fear control his destiny?
You know he had to be fearful at times. So many people hated him for the words he was speaking and the actions he was taking.
Some of those people wanted to stop him at ANY costs. That had to be so very fearful at times. I am talking about paralyzing fear! I can’t even imagine that kind of fear gripping me. I don’t know how I would handle it.
I am so glad he did not stop pursuing his divine destiny. I am pleased he pushed through the fear that came to try to stop him.
Today, we celebrate his courage, his determination, his accomplishments, and his love for others.
Here is a prayer to pray today. God, make me as FEARLESS as you did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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