God knows and sees all.

Always remember that God knows and sees all. Find solace that God knows and understands.
God understands how you feel when you are lied about, betrayed, made fun of, and bullied.
God knows because of His son, our Savior, Jesus.
God became flesh through our Savior, Jesus, to experience every human emotion.
God knows because his Son, Jesus, experienced it all on our behalf.
Jesus suffered and experienced loneliness, sadness, abandonment, betrayal, frustrations, and deep sorrow.
So give all your cares to God. You can do that fully understanding that God truly knows each one of them.
God knows how many tears you have shed. He has collected each one of them.
He sees and feels the deep anguish you are holding in your heart.
He is the one who will avenge you. Do not seek revenge on those who have caused you so much pain.
Give that pain to God! Do not hold onto it. Give it to Him and watch what He does with it. God wastes nothing not even your pain.
So give every pain & burden to God. Lay each one of your troubles at the foot of the cross.
They are too heavy for you to bear. We were never meant to carry those burdens. Give them all to God.
Leave each burden with God and pick up your joy, love, and happiness.

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