If we pray for Ukraine, is God listening?

Does God hear our prayers? Is He listening? Does He want to help with this war raging in Ukraine?

Those are all valid questions. I think each of us has asked or wondered at some point if God is real.

Well, I say ask Him.

God created us. He knows we are curious and wish to understand things that seem more significant than us.

God is more significant than anything or anyone person.

God is so complex that we may never fully understand the scope of who God is, but don’t let that deter you.

God is also personable. He isn’t some significant scary holy entity that is unapproachable.

God is not a cookie-cutter God. He is not a one-size-fits-all deity.

God knows we are curious. He created us to ask questions and to find answers.

If you want to know if God is real, ask Him. Now how He reveals his answers may not satisfy your curiosity.

If you ask questions, He may not reveal the answers. Some answers come many days, months, or even years later.

You might be thinking that you want God to perform some colossal miracle for you to believe that He exists.

We can ask but be cautious not to have grand ideas of exactly how you expect God to show you, His answers.

His answer may be so subtle that you miss it.

You should know this about God; He never answers prayer the way you expect Him to.

That is one thing that I admire about God. He always does something unexpectedly that makes me appreciate Him even more.

So, ask Him. He may answer, and He may not respond.

God wants us to seek Him continuously.

And please don’t think that if He doesn’t answer your question, this is the proof that He does not exist.

God wants and desires to be pursued.

I know you might be thinking that this pursuit is too much to ask, but once you have a glimpse of God, you will know it was all worth it, and you will hunger for more peeks and reveals into who God is.

A personal relationship with God is beyond any small effort we put into it.
We are living in scary times. There is no better time to pursue God.

Right now, we need to be constantly praying for peace. Ask God to intervene in this awful war and for His mighty hand to move to end it quickly. Also, pray for peace! We need peace! Don’t give up on prayer.

Please don’t think that it does not work. Prayer is power. If prayer groups are praying for peace, join one. Even if it is an internet prayer group, God will still hear. Time, place, in person or internet prayer, God is not restricted by any of these things.

When we come in agreement with other believers seeking God’s will, He will move. His word says so. In Matt 18:19, His word speaks of the power of agreement:https://biblehub.com/matthew/18-19.htm

If at all possible, fast, pray and give. Fasting and giving amplify our prayer. Fast one meal, one day’s meals, or even as many days as you can tolerate. Here is an article explaining a little more about fasting https://www.ibelieve.com/faith/4-prayers-for-a-powerful-fasting-breakthrough.html

Where should you give? There are many great charities raising funds for humanitarian relief for the people of Ukraine. Do some research and see if God’s peace comes over you about giving a donation at the place you choose.

Giving is also called planting a seed. Although this seed is a money seed, it can be pointed and asked for God to use it for a breakthrough in this war, for peace to prevail, and for God’s hand to move in this situation.

Our family has planted seeds with Samaritan’s’ Purse, Paula White Ministries, and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Again, this is where I gave. Where you plant your seed is between you and God.

Here are some bible verses that will assist you in your pursuit of our one true living God:

Matthew 7:7 Matthew 7:7 ESV – Ask, and It Will Be Given – “Ask, and – Bible Gateway

1John 5:14 1 John 5:14-15 ESV – And this is the confidence that we have – Bible Gateway

1 Peter 3:12 1 Peter 3:12 ESV – For the eyes of the Lord are on the – Bible Gateway

Mark 11:24 Mark 11:24 ESV – Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask – Bible Gateway

Proverbs 15:29 Proverbs 15:29 ESV – The LORD is far from the wicked, but he – Bible Gateway

Every day in 2021 should be Father’s Day.

We wonder why our schools, grocery stores, and malls have become shooting ranges.

Americans are angry and frustrated. Does this excuse this type of horrendous activity? No, not at all. 

At this very minute, our economy is failing, and our streets are unsafe.

And now it is okay, according to some, to take that anger and doll it out on the innocent.

When did we lose control of our civility? Where was it that we took a wrong turn?

Was it the removal of God and prayer from our schools? Perhaps, it was the introduction of social media to our society and our youth. 

Maybe, it was the increase in the murder of innocent babies at our local abortion clinics. 

Could it be when other people decided that more skin, sex, violence, and cursing were okay for younger and younger audiences to view on television or in movies? Was this the catalyst that started the demise of our civility?

Perhaps, even the introduction of more and more broken homes with absent fathers leaving mothers to take up the slack.

Was it when others decided it was best for both parents to have to work? Was the need for a two-income family that pushed our society to the beginning of our demise?

Maybe, just maybe, it was the culmination of several of these things.

We may never know the one single event that caused the beginning of the fall of our society, but there is one thing we must realize and understand that is true.

Our enemy wants and desires the destruction of the family unit. 

He wants men to be weak, frail, afraid, and timid. 

Why does he want this? Well, the father is the head of the family. He is the leader of the family. He is the one who leads his family to success. 

He is the strength. He shows his sons how to become successful, strong, and productive men that will lead their future families down the same path. 

The father is the one who shows their daughters what a strong, faithful, honest, and unwavering man looks like. 

He sets the stage for his daughters to seek out future husbands with the same qualities. 

The father shows his daughters that they are worthy of respect and dignity. 

Yes, the father is the substantial leader that every family needs. 

As I write about the importance of the father, I am in no way undermining the value of the mother in the family unit.

Also, I am not saying that the father is more important than the mother either. 

Each is equally important. The mother and the father play vital roles in the family unit. They are equal partners in every family unit.  

So here we are, where we see others trying to silence men. 

The father’s removal from the family picture leads to the reduction of strength, dignity, respect of the family. 

You have to understand that the family unit is powerful. They support each other, they love each other, and most importantly, they pray together. 

God’s word says that were two or more gather in agreement, He is among them (Matt18:19-20). 

The family praying in unison and agreement is a powerful thing. The enemy knows that.  

This family praying and agreeing can cause significant shifts in their lives, in the lives of their immediate family members, changes in their extended families, shifts in their schools, their communities, their cities, and their states.  

Their persistent, fervent, and effectual prayer will shake and cause mountains to move. 

The family unit prayer together in agreement has pure power.

That is why there is such a fight going on to destroy the family and the father.

Right now, we must start coming back together as family units and pray in agreement. 

Right this very moment, we are in contention with that demonic activity. 

Please make no mistake about what we are facing. 

This “new world order” is nothing more than demonic activity. 

We are fighting to preserve our freedom, voices, opinions, and way of life we love. We are fighting against the demonic activity of those who think they can defeat almighty God. 

We must combat this demonic activity with God, praying, fasting, and planting seeds in good soil. 

Please remember that no demon or devil can stand up to God and to the most potent name of them all, which is the name of Jesus. 

The blood of Jesus will never lose its power!


We cannot lose focus or our hope. We cannot give up because that is what the enemy wants. 

God is not finished! We must keep praying and seeking God’s help to stop those determined to let the enemy take over. 

Stay focused, stay determined, stay active, and keep your eyes on God.

Our words have POWER to change the trajectory of our lives.

Not happy with the path your life is taking? Use your words to change your life’s trajectory.
Our words have power. We give life or death with our words (Prov18:21).
Stop speaking words with negative connotations assigned to them. Stop speaking words of destruction, hate, frustration, fear, death, and failure over your life and the lives of your family.
Start speaking positive words that give life, peace, abundance, victory, joy, happiness, protection, love, and unity.

God, thank You for our right to pray!



Recently, many American news anchors, actors, and many in our government stood up and brazenly mocked the prayers that went out for the safety and protection of the people that laid in the path of hurricane Dorian.
They continued to mock as those prayers also included the changing of hurricane Dorian’s path.
While some mocked, others in the media, our government, and our news agencies called for our continued prayers for these same issues.
The individuals who called for prayer were mocked, ridiculed, by those that believe that God does not exist!
I am one who will stand and boldly say that I believe God did answer our prayers and turned the direction of Dorian. I truly believe He protected America from the sheer destruction of this powerful storm.
Because I genuinely believe that He did that, I have also worshiped him for causing this storm to turn.
By saying all this, I am saying that there are people in America who want our fundamental faith in God to disappear.
They mock, make fun of, and call names all in the efforts to shame each of us that believe.
They do not believe in God or the Holy Trinity. They see prayer, worship, and seeking God for all things as a massive waste of time.
Their goal is to remove God from each of our lives. We have already allowed them to remove God from our government and our schools.
As a result, our children have become for the main focus of gun violence, sexual misconduct, insecurities, perversion, suicide, and mental illness.
We cannot allow our voices to be silenced. We cannot stop praying. Ever! We cannot allow their shaming to lead us to a nation that does not believe or pray.
They have even discussed removing God off our currency. If we idly stand by and allow this, then we will be very sorry.
If this is allowed, this nation will fall into deep despair.
God is the firm foundation this nation was founded on and continues to stand on.
The power of prayer is undeniable. Those that do not know God, our Savior or the Holy Spirit lead an empty life. How can they deny a God who created them solely to have a relationship with them?
Because of God, they exist. Without God, THEY would not be here!
Continue to pray despite their mocking!
One day, each one who mocked God’s existence will stand in front of Him to give an account of their words and deeds.

Gather, agree, pray, and watch God move!



God provides us many weapons for our daily spiritual battles.
Prayer is one of those weapons. It puts you in alignment with the will of God.
Your prayer puts God in charge of the situations you are facing and permits Him to move in those specific situations.
Remember, if one can put one thousand to flight, two can put 10,000 to flight.
The combined, agreed, fervent, and unceasing prayer is pure POWER.
When we join together in prayer, Jesus is always with us. His presence gives our prayer a supernatural boost.
Never doubt the power of your prayer and never give up on your prayers! Pray without ceasing.
We something think that if God doesn’t answer our prayers right away that He isn’t listening or perhaps that He forgot about us.
God always hears you! He will move on your behalf!
Remember that God moves in His own time. We cannot rush Him.

Hoax of hate.


Recently, we all had a hoax perpetrated on us. We were all made to believe that an act of ugliness and hate conducted on a well-known public figure.
With so much emphasis being placed on hate racism these days, why would someone want to bring attention so much attention to it in such a negative way?
We were made to believe that two men with so much anger and hate in their hearts beat, verbally abused, poured bleach onto, and placed a symbol of the worst despicable acts of terror and violence around this man’s neck.
Now, we have found out by so much evidence pointing to the actual truth that this whole ordeal was planned out to trick everyone.
Why would someone purposely create a story of such a viciously attack?
An act of this type of selfishness has hurt and angered so many people as it prevented those who genuinely need the help of the Chicago police dept. from attaining that much-needed help.
So many resources were soaked up for this fake crime.
Some in the media, some politicians, and some in Hollywood exacerbated this incident.
The flames of hate were fanned by their words that spat more hate, anger, and division before they even knew that whole truth.
So many have fought to eradicate hate, bigotry, and racism.
Some who fought paid the ultimate price to end racism. They gave their lives to ensure equality is accessible to each of us.
Now, here we are watching this alleged hoax play out. What a disgrace!
Maybe this act of selfishness can make us all realize that racism, bigotry, and hate need to come to an end. Perhaps now we can all see some truth to the agendas of the some in the media and some politicians.
Maybe now we can all see that grouping certain people together and calling them racist is a ridiculous thing.
No one but God knows the what is in the hearts of each of us.
To group people just because of the way they voted is nonsense.
To say every person in this group is hateful and racist is just plain silly and hurtful.
None of us know why people vote the way that they do. Again, to say you know a person’s heart without ever meeting that person is just plain silly.
Now, I hope we have all learned a valuable lesson.
We MUST wait until we have all the facts before we start speaking our opinion and we should never pass judgment on others.
We can’t heal our past if we keep dragging it behind us. We have to let it go if we are ever going to be repaired.
Drugging up the past and picking our wounds will never allow healing.
Even though we are hurt and frustrated, we will eventually have to forgive and move past this act of selfishness.
Let’s pray for God to heal the heart of this person that caused this whole alleged hoax. We pray that he will finally admit to the truth.
We need to continue to pray for America. She needs Gods forgiveness!
We need to pray that God will open the eyes of this young man and use this mess he purposely created and turn into a message of healing!

Father, hear our prayers for our families.


Our families are under spiritual attack. God is a God of order, and He honors the hierarchy of the family.
Husbands hold the lead position and guide the family to and through the will of God. The wife is the partner of the husband. She holds a unique key to cry out to God in prayer for all the members of her family. I believe that many women are prayer warriors. It is something about the sheer compassion that women hold in their hearts. Not wanting their family to suffer, women cry out to God with fierce compassion. Women want only the very best for their family.
The children too are helpers in prayer etc. to bring the things of God to pass in all their lives.
The family unit in prayer has power! God’s word tells us this. “When two or three come together in agreement in My name, I am with them”(Matt18:20). There is POWER in the unified prayer of a family.

If your family does not take part in the unity of prayer (yet), pray with another wife/mother you know.  Two women who are also wives/mothers praying together is very powerful!
The enemy knows this too. He has been working hard to destroy the family using drugs, additions, pornography, loneliness, sadness, emptiness, and insecurities, etc.
Drugs are pouring into our nation. Now, right around the corner, the legalization of marijuana.  These drugs continue to steal the futures of family members.

Child sex traffickers are aiming to sexually abuse children who might one day become part of a loving, supportive family via adoption. Sexual abuse is a hard hurdle to overcome for any person. For this person, the thought of a loving God may be something they never accept thanks to sexual abuse.
The economy is another factor that robs the family. Women are less likely to marry a man if he has no job or makes very little money. Since marriage isn’t a choice in these instances, more women choose to give birth out of wedlock thus breaking the family unit.

Drowning in debt, young college graduates cannot afford to get married and start a family thus delaying or even totally preventing the a family from ever beginning.

Suicide is also on the rise. It is stealing the lives of teens, mothers, and fathers.
All of these issues that are tearing the family unit apart all seem so overwhelming. You may think about all this and say it is too much to handle for just one person. But our role is not to control or tackle it. Our job is to pray about it!
I have included some links for websites that help guide you in the specific prayers for your family. You can also search for sites yourself.
Don’t forget to pray for the protection of the minds and spirits of our children. Constantly bombarded with ideas, our children are under spiritual attack all day and night. They are faced with suggestions and ideas from their friends, the internet, social media, etc.
When you use these prayers, use the bible verses listed. When God hears us verbally reminding Him of His word, He has to respond! His unbreakable word will NEVER fail! His word is His promise!
Also, try making God’s word personal to your family. Replace any names listed in verses (like David, Moses, etc.) or any pronoun with the names of your family members.
Here is an example. In this example, we will say that the family member names are John, the husband, Sally, the wife, and Michelle, child.
Here is the verse I will use as my example as Sally is in prayer for her family: We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.” 2 Corinthians 4:8-9
When Sally is praying, here is what she will say to personalize this verse to her family: Father, Your word says in 2 Cor 4:8-9 that John, Michelle and I are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; John, Michelle and I are perplexed, but never in despair; persecuted, but never forsaken; struck down, but never destroyed.”
Personalizing God’s words to accommodate your family will bring even more power to these verses. I have found that it brings me faster into God’s presence. Once, there, I feel the glory of His power more intensely.
Also, let God know, via your prayers that you even come in agreement with every family that is also praying for their own families protection, restoration, unity, etc.
Speak to God via your prayer as a very close friend. Prayer does not have to fancy. In my experience, I have found myself in God’s presence quickly just by using three simple words: “God, help me!” Followed next by, “Father, I don’t know what to do next.”
Don’t be ashamed to bring up any subject matter that is concerning to you. Remember, there is no shame is God’s eyes. He is not the God of shame but the God of love.
God loves you and only wants the very best for you.
Powerful prayers for the family
Prayers for the protection of the family
Prayers for families
PS – you can also search for prayers for specific issues your own family is facing on your own. I included these links to be helpful. The first one listed is crosswalk.com. It is my favorite.

God, hear our prayers for the end of hatred!


God, today we are weeping with such heavy sorrow.
Father, today a crazed and hateful person went into a place of worship to hurt, maim, and destroy innocent lives?
God, these innocent people were there to celebrate the blessing of a new baby.
This is a horrific act of bigotry, hate, and racism.
Father, we need Your comfort today! How much more pain can this nation endure?
Father, so much hate is swirling around trying to hold each one of us in its grip.
Holy Spirit, comfort all of those in pain. Engulf them with Your abundant love and peace.
Holy Spirit, hold them up in their weariness & distress. Blanket them w/peace, and Your love that knows no end.
Father, do not let this incident deter us from praying for the unity of this mighty nation.
God, let us not grow weary in doing good. Do not let discouragement take hold of our hearts and spirits.
Father, do not allow this incident instill fear in our hearts about attending our houses of worship.
You did not give us the spirit of fear but of one of a sound mind, peace, and love.
God, we bind fear, hate, bigotry, and racism. We release love, unity, peace, and acceptance in their places. Your word tell us that what is bound on earth is bound in heaven and what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven(Matt16:19).
We pray in agreement and unity in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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