Easter – will God pour out His spirit on all flesh?

America, do you hear Him calling you? Do you hear His voice calling out to you? Listen to Him whispering your name?
God is calling America back to Him. He desires our hearts to seek Him again. He wants our voices to call out to Him also.
He wants us to hunger and thirst for Him again.
He desires us to know who He is again.
He wants us to adore Him again.
He wants to refresh our love for Him.
He wants to take away all your pain and suffering.
He is calling us. Can you hear Him?
You are His child. He created you and loved you before the beginning of time.
He wants revival, and God’s will can and will be fulfilled on this earth. No one and nothing can stop Him.
Those that have come against Him shall pay a very deep price.
Those that have deceived His people in efforts to gain power will pay a steep price.
Those that have oppressed His people will pay dearly.
Those with plans to destroy America and His people shall see the hand of God move swiftly and with great power against them.
Those who have planned and plotted evil laughed at Him as they believe they have pulled the wool over God’s eyes.
They believe in their mind that they have gotten away with the evil plans, but God is allowing them to get comfortable in their evil.
When God moves, they won’t even see it coming.
Yet with all His power, our God is merciful. He has given them time to repent of these sins.
He gives them time to seek His true forgiveness and turn from their wickedness before His judgment comes for them.
Will they repent? I pray that they do. I pray that they turn from their wickedness and seek the merciful face of God.
America, it is time to pick a side. You are either for God or against Him.
Time is running out to be on the fence.
We are about to see God’s power move across America and then around the world.
God, thank you for who You are. I thank You that You have heard our cries and will come to save us.
God, for too long, many have mocked You. They laugh as at You and at Your children for believing in You.
God, You will be the one with the last laugh. Amen.

I believe this Passover season will be one of the most powerful spiritual seasons every experienced by humanity. What we witness with our own eyes will be historic. I believe in my heart that God is getting ready to pour out His spirit on all flesh (Acts 2:17).

This does not only pertain to America. The rest of the world will see and experience God like never before too. There will be miracle events that take place. Things and people that have plagued nations and oppressed people for years and years will finally be dealt with by God.

I believe we will witness God almighty eradicate Covid-19 from the face of the earth. We will stand back in awe and there will only be one explanation. Only God could have done this!

If you are a believer in God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, get ready. Pray, fast if you can, and seek God’s face. Get alone with God. Get right with Him and repent. Now is the time!

God defiantly will have the last laugh! Amen. Luke 12:2

PS – God has perfect timing. He knows what we are facing. He knows the hour. He will move on His perfect timing.

God, thank You for our right to pray!



Recently, many American news anchors, actors, and many in our government stood up and brazenly mocked the prayers that went out for the safety and protection of the people that laid in the path of hurricane Dorian.
They continued to mock as those prayers also included the changing of hurricane Dorian’s path.
While some mocked, others in the media, our government, and our news agencies called for our continued prayers for these same issues.
The individuals who called for prayer were mocked, ridiculed, by those that believe that God does not exist!
I am one who will stand and boldly say that I believe God did answer our prayers and turned the direction of Dorian. I truly believe He protected America from the sheer destruction of this powerful storm.
Because I genuinely believe that He did that, I have also worshiped him for causing this storm to turn.
By saying all this, I am saying that there are people in America who want our fundamental faith in God to disappear.
They mock, make fun of, and call names all in the efforts to shame each of us that believe.
They do not believe in God or the Holy Trinity. They see prayer, worship, and seeking God for all things as a massive waste of time.
Their goal is to remove God from each of our lives. We have already allowed them to remove God from our government and our schools.
As a result, our children have become for the main focus of gun violence, sexual misconduct, insecurities, perversion, suicide, and mental illness.
We cannot allow our voices to be silenced. We cannot stop praying. Ever! We cannot allow their shaming to lead us to a nation that does not believe or pray.
They have even discussed removing God off our currency. If we idly stand by and allow this, then we will be very sorry.
If this is allowed, this nation will fall into deep despair.
God is the firm foundation this nation was founded on and continues to stand on.
The power of prayer is undeniable. Those that do not know God, our Savior or the Holy Spirit lead an empty life. How can they deny a God who created them solely to have a relationship with them?
Because of God, they exist. Without God, THEY would not be here!
Continue to pray despite their mocking!
One day, each one who mocked God’s existence will stand in front of Him to give an account of their words and deeds.