God, hear our prayers for Uvalde, TX.

Where do you turn when our world seems so out of control?
You turn to God, of course.
God is the answer we are all seeking right now.
He is the answer to all the suffering, crime, hate, bigotry, and fear we face in our everyday lives.
He is the peace we seek.
He is the joy we seek.
He is the answer to the void and emptiness you are feeling.
Don’t allow the events of the past months to deter you from God.
Now is the time to move ever closer to God, more so than ever before.
God, please blanket all those suffering in pain in anguish for the loss of their babies and loved ones.
God, You provide peace to those in utter pain and despair. You draw close the brokenhearted and the ones in grief (Psa 34:17-19)
God, please go to them. Holy Spirit blanket their despair with a peace that passes understanding.
Holy Spirit, extinguish their pain and suffering with Your love.
God, we lift them up to You.
God, heal our land. Father, let us draw ever closer to You in our confusion, frustration, and sorrow.
God, bless all those first responders who acted bravely to protect those innocent babies.
God, You never waste anything. God, use our pain and sorrow in a way You see fit.
Father, forgive America for Her sins.
God, forgive us for turning away from You.
God, move swiftly to give man the answers to remedy this issue.
Holy Spirit, convict those who use this horrific tragedy to gain more power for themselves or their political party.
Now is not the time for blame. Now is the time for healing, discussion, and solutions.
Father, we ask this in the name above all names. In the name of Jesus, we pray and agree. Amen.

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