God, it is time for You to impeachment those who sought to destroy America.

Do you remember placing your hand on God’s word (the bible in case you are not familiar with His written word), and you swore/affirmed to uphold our Constitution? You promised/affirmed to protect America and all Her CITIZENS from all enemies, foreign and domestic?
Those words were powerful, and they meant something.
You stood for all to see and told God that you would do all the duties entrusted to you by the American people to serve them.
You swore/affirmed to God that you would uphold His Constitution.
Now, those words are an oath you took and a promise you made.
You promised God that you would uphold His Constitution and protect His people in America.
Now, you have broken those promises.
You stand in defiance of the oath you took, and you have broken every promise to us and, more importantly, to God Himself.
America has laws that must be honored, upheld, and respected.
You have broken those laws.
You made your own laws, you illegally changed laws, and you totally disregarded some laws, all in the name of power.
Power and money are your gods. Your lust and hunger for power and riches is sickening!
You fully intended to destroy America’s economy with all the fake and phony Covid lies you told.
You made American’s close their businesses. You have destroyed the dreams and the hard work of so many American citizens.
You did this all for more power and money.
You have allowed illicit drugs to flow into America so that Her citizens will get hooked due to their depressions and anxieties.
You allow gateway drugs like marijuana to be legalized so that this will keep our citizens unfocused, unaware, and uncaring about the atrocities you keep perpetrating on us, all for more power.
You stopped Americans’ dreams by shutting down pipelines that keep America free of foreign countries who seek to maintain their power over us with oil our dependencies.

You allow American citizens to remain homeless, hooked on drugs, and some mentally unstable while you assist thousands to break our laws to gain entry into America for free housing, healthcare, and education.
You do all of this for more power!
You stole the voice of citizens in our last presidential election. You cheated and lied all to gain the power of Congress and the White House.
You did this so you could turn America into a socialist nation.
You sit back and allow big tech to silence us. You do this all for more power and more money.
You keep chipping away at our rights. American’s have been endowed with the precious right to vote. We do this with the understanding that our elections are fair and unbiased.
Now we are left to wonder how many elections have been stolen from us. You did this all in the name of greed and power.
You stand on your podiums and mislead, misdirect, and dishonestly tell us things that are not true.
You continue to tell us that America is full of racists.
You are saying that those who disagree with you are white supremacists and pose grave threats to our nation’s safety.
You say all these untrue things for more power.
At this very moment, you are allowing thousands and thousands of immigrants to pour into our country. We have no idea who these people are. America is hurting and on the verge of recovering from a virus that decimated our nation.
Millions are out of work, and now, they must compete with non-citizens for wages that will be driven down by the workforce being inundated with low-wage earners that have infiltrated our nation.
According to our laws, these individuals have no right to be here, and you award them with the precious gift of citizenship. You did all of this for more power and more money.
You have misled America for too long! You have stolen the dreams of too many hard-working American citizens, all for more power. You have lined your pockets with all the money you made by shipping our jobs overseas.
You stand behind your armed guards carrying assault rifles to protect you and your family, yet you tell law-abiding citizens that they cannot own these same rifles to defend their homes, businesses, and families.
You stand behind your wall of metal and razor wire while you lecture American citizens saying that walls don’t work. You secure yourself and those you care about while you tell America that only racists have borders.
Those in power repent now before it is too late.
Repent for all the lies, greed, and deception. Repent for mocking God and His son Jesus.
Repent for lying to God when you took that oath of office.
You made promises to God, and you have broken all of them for more power and enriched yourself in the process.
There is still time to seek God’s forgiveness. He is a merciful God. God’s hand is about to move. Once it does, He may not be so compassionate.
America, those silent voices can no longer remain unheard. Speak up now. Call, write or email your Senator, mayors, governors, school boards, house representatives, and the White House. Don’t stop inundating them with the calls and the emails. Voicing your dissatisfaction with how our nation is being mishandled is imperative.
Most of all, don’t stop praying. God hears us. God will move. America, never give up on God.
He will move to save America. America is God’s nation that was built on Him as our foundation.
Once, He moves, we must never forget how we got here. We can never return to this place again. We cannot make the same mistakes again.
Most of all, we must never stop thanking God for rescuing us from the mess we created.

We can no longer be silent as our magnificent nation is run into ruin!


If you care about our nation, it is time to get involved in how this nation is being run.
If you are an American citizen, you are blessed! This nation is the best in the world. I am not bragging or being overly cocky as I am only stating the truth.
If you are blessed enough to travel around the world, you know this to be true. So many nations live in poverty with corrupt governments or leaders that do not care about its citizens.
America is a great nation! I am thankful that God bestowed me the gift of being an American citizen. I thank Him often for this gift.
This land was founded on God, blessed by God, and continues to be a beacon of God’s love and hope to all other nations.
We are blessed to live in a nation where we can elect the officials who run it.
Lately, we all have done a poor job of keeping tabs on these individuals.
I get it. I know you are super busy. You have a job or jobs, a family, and a ton of other responsibilities to tend to.
I am not criticizing any of you. I know how overwhelming life can become at times with all of our responsibilities.
I work two jobs, have a family, etc., but I made a decision that I had to get more involved in the way this nation was headed.
It appears that elected officials who have been in office for long periods have placed their pocketbooks, families, hunger for power, and their agenda in front of the good of America and Her citizens.
For many years now, they have gone unchecked and allegedly managed to become corrupt.
It seems that their main concern is not for the citizens for this mighty nation but for allowing, promoting, and protecting people who gain access to this nation through illegal methods.
Now, the people running to replace our current President have also shown loyalty to those who come here illegally. They have stated that they will take the hard-earned money of American taxpayers to foot the bill for social services to assist those who gained access to our country by breaking our laws.
They have also stated that they will raise the taxes of American citizens to take care of all these illegals immigrants.
One of these individuals stated that he would raise the taxes of people who make a mere $29,000 a year to help pay for all the social services that these illegal individuals will need.
What about our citizens? Who is taking care and looking out for our American citizens who are elderly, sick, have mental issues, disabled, a veteran, or those who are living in extreme poverty?
There is no option but to get involved. We can’t sit around anymore and complain and yet do nothing to help.
You may not have the time to take on every issue, but there are a few that are too important to be ignored anymore.
Pick 2 or 3 issues that are important to you, your family, and your community.
If I had to pick only 3, I would say that my top 3 are abortion, the budget deficit, and the revitalization of America, which includes, American jobs, American wages, etc.)
Apologies, but I would have to add one more to my plate. That being the reinstating of God back into our nation, our schools, our lives, and our families.
I truly believe God will ask each one of us on the day of judgment what we did to change things for the better.
We have a responsibility to each other to hold our leaders accountable for any corruption and lies that they have committed. If they have broken the law, they too must be held accountable.
If they refuse to do what is best for America, then it is time to vote them out of office.
We can no longer allow them to stay in office with the agenda of themselves first and foremost, illegals immigrants second, and American citizens in last place.
When they entered their position in government, they took an oath to uphold our Constitution and to protect the citizens of this nation above everything else.
They placed their hand on the bible and swore to uphold the Constitution and to protect us. I guess they think that this small action of their hand on the bible isn’t very significant.
Well, I hate to be the one to burst their bubble, but when they placed their hand on God’s word and swore with their very own words, they swore and promised to complete the responsibilities placed on them. They openly and willingly made a promise to us, but most of all, to God Himself.
Now, God honors His word and His promises, and He expects the same from us. If we placed our hand on His word and swore or affirmed that our actions and our words will conform to what is expected of us, we are entering into a covenant/contract/promise with God.
Affirming that we will speak the truth or that we promise to uphold certain things or people above all other things is a serious business.
Those who placed their hand on the bible and swore, to tell the truth, or to uphold certain things will have to answer to God Himself when they fall off that path.
Next time you have to place your hand on the bible and swore or affirmed, to tell the truth, please pick your words very carefully. Lying or purposely misleading people after you place your hand on the bible and affirm to be truthful is something not be messed with.
I, for one, do not want to know what the consequences are for misleading or lying after affirming I would be truthful and not misleading.
Each one of us will answer to God for every word we spoke, for actions that we purposely used or sought to bring hurt, despair, or agony to others.
Again, this also reflects how powerful our words are.
Again, this nation was a gift to us from God. We are responsible for how it is run. We must speak up when we see abuse. It is time to get America back on the right track.
Regardless of how much we have to go on in our lives, we have to get involved. When you are asked by God why you did nothing to change how specific individuals where corrupting His gift, what will you tell Him?
What excuse will you give God? There is no excuse good enough. And to stand in front of God and give excuses, which are mere lies we tell ourselves to ease our guilt, shame, or to make us feel better, will in no way suffice for our inaction.

God’s word stands forever. Amen!


God hasn’t forgotten what He promised you! God cannot lie, and He is always faithful!
He will bring it to pass. Somehow, someway, God will do it! He always keeps his promises.
Though it seems impossible, it seems so far away, and it appears as though it will never happen, God will do it!
So what every confirmed promise you have, hold onto it. Never give up on it. Never let it go. Never let anyone talk you out of what God promised.
God will bring to pass what He promised. He has to! If He doesn’t, that means that God is breaking His word.
God’s word CANNOT be changed or altered in any way. His word cannot be broken or unfulfilled. His word is His word period. It is never changing, never-ending, and all abiding, in the name of Jesus!
God himself cannot change His word. Heaven and earth shall pass, BUT HIS WORD will stand forever. Amen!
Speak with bold authority that God must bring that promise to pass. Utter it aloud with confidence. Let God, yourself, and the enemy hear it often. But be prepared because when you speak with boldness and authority of God’s promises and words, all hell will break loose.
The enemy will fight to stop you. Our enemy will do everything to stop you from stepping into your divine destiny.
As much as God wants you to achieve your destiny, our enemy wants, even more, to stop you from fulfilling that destiny.
The enemy wants to make God be a liar. He wants to keep you poisoned with fear and doubt, and He wants to make you double think who you are and whose you are.
He wants you not to believe who God says you are and what God told you could have.
Do not believe his lies for he is the father of all lies.
Combat his lies with the TRUTH of God! That is why uttering God’s promises aloud and often, are imperative! Without theses, utterance’s of God’s promises, you are susceptible to the lies, doubts, and fears of the enemy!

Did you let your dreams die?


You know what God showed you about your destiny. It was so long ago, but you are holding onto that vision, or did you give up on it?
Do not let go of it! Hold onto that promise with every ounce of strength you have.
Do not let go of that promise for any hater, naysayer, or doubter.
Yes, they may laugh and make fun of you, but let them! Don’t let their doubts and disbelief affect your praise, worship, faith, or your spoken utterances of God’s promises.
Let them laugh, point their fingers, and shake their heads in disbelief
God will have the last laugh. When they see what God brings to pass, they will be calling you, searching for you, looking for you, and asking everyone where you are and how to get ahold of you.
Never think that your dreams are dead!
If you have let go of those dreams because so much time has passed and you though God had forgotten about you and His promises, then here is the plan.
First, seek God’s forgiveness for giving up on Him, and His promises then revive those dreams with your words! YOUR WORDS HAVE POWER! You are a child of the most high God. His words have power, and so do yours! God speaks life into everything, and so can you!
SO, speak life into those dreams to reignite them!
Do not let your dreams wither and die. Speak life into them!

God, use me!


Have bold confidence to face any fear, giant, naysayer, friend, or family member that is telling you that God won’t gigantically use you.
If you have a confirmed promise from God, do let anyone or anything steal it from you.
Don’t make excuses why God can’t use you. Stand boldly in who you are and in whose you are.
God used Moses who had a speech impediment. Moses argued with God about His plans to use Moses to accomplish this goal.
Moses had very little faith in God at the very beginning of their relationship. BUT God transformed Moses into a BOLD warrior that freed God’s people from the bondage of slavery.
David had an illicit affair with Bathsheba, BUT GOD used him to become a King. David became a man after God’s own heart with his worship and praise of God. I long to be a worshipper the likes of King David!
See God uses imperfect people to accomplish His goals on the earth.
We only have to say “Yes, Lord. Use me!” God will do the rest!

Be the happiest NOW!



We all seek a happier life now. We all look for things/people that can bring us the most happiness.
We search for gurus, for self-help books, for life coaches, for advice, for new significant others, for new tech toys, for money, for success, for college degrees, and notoriety thinking these things will bring us MORE happiness.
No man is promised a tomorrow. So seek your happiest life now.
How can you gain the happiest life now? With God of course.
Life goes by so fast. Don’t waste another moment not pursuing your Godly divine destiny.
Seek to fulfill God’s divine destiny for your life. God only wants the very best for you. After all, you are his child.
Before the beginning of time, God prepared for you. He planned and set aside everything you would need to fulfill your destiny.
Seek Him to live your best life now! The life He created for you from the beginning of time.

Word of God!

Valentine’s Day.

God, I want to be happy!