Our road to recovery must start now.



Back on 3.28.20, I wrote a blog titled, “This is not the time to be defiant.” Please read it if you have time.

Here is the link to that post:  https://holygroundtoday.com/2020/03/29/this-is-not-the-time-to-be-defiant/
At that time, we were told that we had to shelter in place because the death toll from the coronavirus could be approximately 2.5 million Americans in a worst-case scenario.
With this information being told to us day in and day out, we braced for the worse. We battened down the hatches as we believed we were being told the most up-to-date information.
We knew we were in for an unprecedented scenario. We had not faced anything like this before. Each of us had seen and heard the reports from Italy and Spain. According to many in the news media, we were the next Italy.
We were going told that our hospitals were going to inundated with patients suffering from the virus. We were also told that this virus could crash our health care system.
We were told that if we loved our families, our neighbors, our communities, and our co-workers, we should stay at home unless we needed food, medicines, or to provide medical care of others.
Of course, we would go without seeing our older parents, our neighbors, our families, and our friends. We couldn’t stand the thought of knowing we could pass this horrific virus onto the ones we loved.
Of course, we would listen, as we were being pumped with fear. Of course, everyone was afraid. We were being inundated with fear and scenarios so horrific that we were all gripped with overwhelming fear.
We were told that this virus brought high fevers, severe body pains, and the inability to breathe. We were told over and over again that the people who caught this virus were dying alone. Dying all alone is one thing that most of us do not want to do. We want to be able to say goodbye and tell our loved ones how much they mean to us.
Well here were are six weeks later. Now, we find out that there are a lot of people that have already had this virus. Not only did they have this virus, but they also survived. A lot of these people had no, little, or only slight symptoms.
We listened to those medical specialists who were placed in charge of this pandemic. Now, as the dust settles, we know the truth that this virus wasn’t as deadly as once predicted. We know that approximately 90 % of people who get this virus will survive it.
Now am I saying that we should throw all caution to the wind and get back to life as it was before the virus? No, I am not saying that. That is madness. We have to be cautious. We have to reduce our crowd sizes no matter where we go. We have to use masks and gloves at lease for a while. We have to continue to sanitize things. We must demand that airlines, cruise ships, trains, taxis, uber rides, all public transportation, and restaurants keep their shared areas clean and sanitized.
I would like to know how often they cleaned and sanitized things before this pandemic happened?
We have given up a lot in the name of safety. We have given up our freedom to gather for religious services, we have given up our livelihoods, our businesses, our rights to travel freely, and our rights to protests.
Now, it is time to come out of our hiding places and get back to work. Our economy has taken a big hit. Some individuals and businesses will never recover from this pandemic. Some companies will have to close their doors forever. Some families or members will not come back from this. They might never recover financially, or be able to break an addiction that was the fruit of this virus. Once again, this will lead to further corrosion of America’s middle class.
We must remember that before this virus ravaged the world, America’s economy was the strongest and most robust in the world. If we don’t get back to work soon, our economy will never recover. If America’s economy fails, the world economy will follow suit.
I know a lot of you are still afraid, but we can no longer let fear dictate our lives and our futures. If we do not get our economy restarted, we will single-handedly destroy America. Then, the rest of the world will follow.

Do not misconstrue what I am saying here.  I am not advocating for wall street or big business.  This is about Main Street.  Our economy is made up of many small businesses.  In fact, small business owners make up the majority of all businesses in America.

This is about the every day people of America.  This is for the waiters, waitresses, the nurses, the electricians, the plumbers, the office managers, the admirative assistants, etc.  We cannot let them all down.  I am not ready to give up on America and all She holds for the future of our children and grandchildren.  They have the right to experience America like we knew it.
America, we were given incorrect information and facts, to begin with. We must find out the truth, and we must demand an investigation. America and the world must be compensated for the destruction this virus caused. It brought death, suffering, new addictions, and confusion upon us.
America knows what it is like to fight from the ground up and rebuild our nation. We have done it before, and we will do it again. One thing to know is that without God, this will be impossible.
God is our path back to a speedy recovery. He is the way to us gaining the truth. And He is the way that will restore America to Her greatness once again.


We cannot continue to allow fear to drive our response to this pandemic.



America, it is time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work.
A lot of us have been at home for weeks now.
For those of you who have worked from home to keep our economy churning, we salute you.
Those of you who worked every day through this lock down as your workplace was deemed “essential,” we say thank you.
Those of you who delivered our food, prepared our food, stocked our shelves, kept the streets safe, we say thanks, and God bless each of you.
Now, some had no means to work at home. For those of you, you are in our prayers! Daily, I am asking God to find ways to bless each of you.
Many of you are afraid to get back to work, but we cannot stay hidden away in our homes for the next several months.
Our economy will not survive that. As it is, our economy has taken an enormous hit. These days, our economy affects those of other countries. As we are not global citizens, we are a part of an economy that affects all other nations.
Though we may not affect the ability of someone halfway across the world to gain employment, we may affect their ability to gain access to food assistance and housing assistance via the donations we make.
We can make donations to charities and ministries via the money we make via our jobs etc.
And we may never know it, but perhaps our booming economy can help a person across the globe start a new business or hire more employees. We don’t fully understand the effects of our thriving economy.
One thing is for sure; our government cannot continue to keep print money to support every citizen and small business.
It is time to face our fears and step out boldly into our tomorrows.
Now some individuals desired to stay at home as full-time parents.
Now with the unemployment benefits in their pockets, they can do that.
That is fine too. Once several years ago, I was allowed to be a full-time parent.
I am so thankful to God for that! He made that happen. It was the best thing that happened for my family.
I fully understand wanting to be a full-time parent. It is a blessing that I will never forget.
Now for the rest of us, we have to get this nation back on track.
America cannot and will not fail! God will see to that, but we must do our part.
We cannot sit back and expect God to do everything! We have to step out in faith to meet God in every situation we are facing.
We cannot allow fear to dictate our future. If we do, there will be disastrous consequences.
We have to trust God and His words that speak of protection and more abundant life.
We have to keep our prayers up and put the hedge of protection back up around our nation, our families, and our world.
Now I am not saying to go out without taking any precautions. That is silly.
We have to be careful and start slowly. We cannot go out full force. If necessary, we may have to wear masks, gloves, etc. for s short while. We have to start with a small workforce and gradually work, adding more and more workers.
We will have to start with smaller amounts of people at a baseball game, smaller crowds at a store, perhaps alternating who attends church services from one week to another, etc.
It is going to be an adjustment, but we can do it.
I don’t know the specifics of the plan that America will use to get things going. I am just throwing out some suggestions.
We have to remember to keep up social distancing, washing of hands often, and all the recommendations coming from the CDC to help stop the spread.
And we must insist that the search for the vaccine continues.
Most of all, we have to keep our prayers up. We cannot allow them to falter.
Regardless of who mocks us, laughs at us, etc. we have to keep praying. God is the one who can eliminate this virus in an instant. God changed the projected course America was heading in.
For all we know, God has already intervened.
We prayed for fewer deaths from this virus, that happened. We prayed for less spreading of this virus, that happened. We also prayed for a vaccine, and there are many companies close to developing that vaccine.
I see those events as answered prayers.
We have also been praying and continue to pray for a speedy economic recovery. If we continue to pray and seek God, I believe that will happen too. Doesn’t His word tell us that if we seek Him, pray, turn from our wickedness, He will heal our land?
I see God’s hand at work here, and I give Him all the praise for it.
Whether it is done in secret or out in the open, let’s keep seeking God.
No other man has or will provide the answer on how to eradicate this deadly virus.
Only God will do that. Only God will give a human the idea of how to create a cure.
All knowledge comes from Him, so let’s pursue Him more than ever.


God, hear our prayers for all those who are suffering.

Father, hear our prayers rise to You. God, listen to our words as we cry out to help.
God, this nation is in turmoil & disarray. God, there is too much tension, disagreement, arguing, name-calling, hate & anger gripping this country.
Father, Your word tells us to pray for all with supplication & via intercession(1Tim2:1).
God, this nation has been gripped by destruction & suffering. These events are our cue to draw CLOSER to You via our prayers!
It’s time to seek You first above ALL other things. God, let us pull You closer than ever before.
We lift up all those who are suffering & in danger from the fires in California.God, protect & guide all those in danger.
God, protect the 1st responders & firefighters. Angels, in the name of Jesus, we command you to lead those in danger to safety. Protect them now.
We ask You, God, to calm the winds! Angels, in the name of Jesus, we command you to help the firefighters extinguish every flame.
We lift up all those who are suffering from recent hurricanes, storms, floods, earthquakes & fires.
We ask for the full restoration of Puerto Rico & its peoples. Father, expose all corruption in their government that is delaying this complete restoration.
Father, hear the cries of the people of Puerto Rico. We agree via our prayers for the quick restoration of their necessities of food, electricity & clean water.
God, bring back the livelihood of that island and restore it to a blessed & fully-functional island once again.
Father, Your word tells us to pray for those in authority. Your decree, Father, instructs us to do so.
We lift up our leaders. God, we ask for Your divine guidance over them.
Father, give them Your divine wisdom, knowledge, patience, love, understanding & direction.
God, guide them to make wise decisions. God, let them seek You as they make every choice for the American people.
Father, we ask for the divine protection of our leaders. Angels, in the name of Jesus, we command you to stand at the North, South, East & West of the President, Vice President, and their families.
We place a hedge of protection around them. We also set a hedge of protection around our nation. Angels, in the name of Jesus, protect our borders.
God, expose every plot & plan of evil meant to bring death & destruction of innocent people.
God, bless this nation! Father, restore her to her former glory & make her wonderfully blessed once again.
Restore our jobs & our livelihoods. Let businesses flourish to create new jobs. Father, open new companies that would allow for the creation of employment also.
God, we seek Your face for the restoration of our glorious nation.
We decree & declare all these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Let us pray for those who are suffering.


Holy Spirit, convict all those who put lies, deception, dishonesty & political agendas above the truth.
God, let the truth be known of the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.
God, hear us as we call out for mercy for all the suffering people affected by storms, floods, hurricanes, fires & earthquakes.
God, quickly restore their broken lives. God, when we go through the deepest waters, we are not alone. Thank You, God, that You are always with us!
Your word says that You will never leave us or forsake us.
In Jesus’ name, we pray & agree.  Amen.

God is close to the brokenhearted.

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God, we come in agreement via our prayers. We lift up every individual and family that is suffering from the effects of Hurricane Irma and Harvey.  God, there are many who have lost every possession they owned. God, some even lost members of their family.  Father, we intercede for them via our prayers. Father, their hearts are full of pain, sadness, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Their hopes and spirits are heavy with burdens. God, we ask that every spirit of negitivity, discouragement , disappointment , anger, hate, and frustration that may be trying to attack them will be destroyed. God, meet every need they have. Father, open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing too large for them to contain. Angels, in the name of Jesus, we command you to be dispatched to enact these prayers. God, we decree and declare a supernatural recovery and restoration process. God, let our leaders and state officials continue to work together to make things move quickly. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen. #usa #hurricaneirma2017🌀#angels #godblessamerica #families #prayersfortexas #1stresponders #volunteers #CoastGuard #goodsamaritan #recover #rebuild #focus #waterrescue #tropicalstormharvey #florida #floods #hurricaneharvey #God #prayerstillworks #prayer #prayerworks #TrustHim #Trustgod #Scripture #Love #abundance #mercy #Grace #HolySpirit

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Pray without ceasing!

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Let us continue to pray together for this approaching storm, Irma, and for the storm that is churning in the Atlantic Ocean, Jose. God, please protect us! God, we are calling out to You for Your mercy. God, this country that You blessed us with is under attack by storms, floods, hurricanes, & fires. God, her are cries for help and do not turn Your face from us. God, shift these storms trajectories. God, lessen their power in the name of Jesus. Jesus, You spoke the winds and the waves the told them to be calm.  With Your mere words, You calmed the storm.  Savior, the same power that lives in You resides in us.  God, we tell Irma, in the name of Jesus, to desist. We tell her to be calm. We command her to shift paths. Jose, in the name of Jesus, we command you to turn and return to the sea.  We command you, Jose, to decrease in your intensity. Father, place a strong hedge of protection around Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and all the East coast states.  God, deflect the winds, rains, waves, & water that is approaching.  God, we lift up all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We lift up all those affected by the floods. We lift up all the islands that have been decimated by Hurricane Irma. We ask for supernatural rebuilding & restoration. God, let our leaders work together to get these individuals the funds they need so badly from our government agencies.  In Jesus' name, we pray and ask these things. Amen. #hurricaneirma #hurricanjose #hurricaneharvey #flood #floods #water #storms #path #hurricaneseason #trajectory #devastation #destructive #protection #God #prayerstillworks #Scripture #word #wordofGod #believe #prayersfortexas #prayer#prayersforlouisiana #prayersforflorida#hedge #angels #prayerworks #Jesus

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Happy Labor Day!

God, we give You praise for this holiday. God, on this day we celebrate the labor of the relentless American workforce!
As we come together w/friends & family, let us not forget about those who have lost everything in recent floods.
God, let our prayers continue every day for each of them.
Let us continue to pray for this nation, for our leaders, for our nation’s recovery, restoration, unity & healing.
God, let us pray w/out ceasing! This is Your command to us via Your word (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)!
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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