Know, use, and proclaim ALL the names of God!


Our God works in the realm of impossibilities.
He is the master of ALL missions impossible!
We serve a BIG, mighty, powerful, and living God!
He does the impossible, works in impossibilities, and makes impossible things possible.
God works things out so flawlessly that no one can doubt that it was only Him that did it.
When a doctor tells you, you have a terminal disease with only three months to live. God says that His name is Jehovah Rapha, our healer.
When the landlord tells gets ready to evict you and your family because you don’t have enough money to pay the rent, God says He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider.
When the psychiatrist tells you that you are the verge of a nervous breakdown, God says He is Jehovah Shalom, our peace.
When the doctor tells you that you are barren and will never conceive a child, God says He is ELOHIM and EL SHADDAI, the ALMIGHTY GOD and the God of all creation!
See whatever situation you are facing today, and every day, our God’s name covers that!
Do you need peace and serenity? His name has it covered.
Do you seek a family? His name has it covered.
Do you need happiness and joy? His name has it covered.
Do you seek strength? His name is that!
God SHALL PROVIDE all your needs (Phil4:19).
Remember that! Seek God today for who He is and will always be!
Seek, know, speak, and use all the names of God in your prayers, in your worship, and your praises. Names of God  10 powerful names of God and their meaning .



Choose to worship!

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When you are facing struggles, do you complain or worship?
Strength does not come from winning. Our strength is defined by our struggles.
When we struggle, God is working something out in us. He is building up our strength.
He is developing our character, He is refining us, He is filtering us, and He is purifying us.
Does it hurt to be refined, filtered, purified, and developed? Heck yes, it hurts.
Trust that God knows exactly what He is doing. He is preparing us for our divine purpose.

When you go through struggles, it can be so easy to stay focused on the struggle itself.
We tend to focus on the “what ifs.”

Keeping your focus on the ‘what ifs”, can invite fear, anxiety, worries, insomnia, stress, and unhealthiness into your life.
Worrying about the “what ifs” can also open doors to addictions as we seek comfort in other places/things besides in the presence of God.
Stop focusing on those pesky “what ifs.” Place your focus on God.
When we focus on God, all our concerns, worries, stresses, fears, etc. will fall to the wayside.
Our focus on God diminishes everything else. We begin to remember that ALL things are possible with God.
Instead of stressing out on those pesky “what ifs,” start worshiping. As you worship, God will be brought back to the forefront.

So when you are struggling, don’t complain. Worship instead! Worship God for His refinement, His knowledge, and for the strength that He is building w/in you.


God, we come in agreement.


God, we come in agreement via prayer and lift every person who is in the midst of hurricane Florence.
Father, there are those who have lost everything they own. Others have even lost precious loved ones.
They feel alone and helpless. God, engulf them with Your endless love.
Holy Spirit, comfort them and give them Your peace that passes understanding.
Let them know that everything will be fine. Fill them with confidence, strength, and boldness to speak this into existence.
God, fill every need they have. Let the fear, sorrow, and bitterness that may be trying to attach itself to them be scattered now in the name of Jesus.
Although they have endured so much, let worship and praise rise from their lips to Your ears.
Father, we give You thanks for every first responder. We thank you for their bravery & courage.
God, we are so thankful for every volunteer. We thank You for their hearts that are full of love and willingness to help those who are suffering.
Angels, in the name of Jesus, we dispatch you to help every person crying out to God for help.
Angels, help them, guide them, and protect them. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

What is in His name?


His name is alpha and omega(Rev22:13). He is the beginning and the end. All started with Him, and all will finish with Him.
His name speaks provision. God shall provide all my needs(Phil4:19).
His name speaks of unconditional love as Jesus stood in your place at the cross(Rom3:23-31).
His name speaks of healing. For our Savior is our healer(Exo23:25).
His name speaks of strength (Jer16:19). He is my strong tower and my refuge during times of distress.
Speak the name that will never lose its power. If you have no words to speak, then speak the one name that holds all power, Jesus.
Speak His name, and it changes the atmosphere. All demons must flee at the mention of His name.
No matter how much the world works to desensitize the power of His name, it will never lose one ounce of power that it contains.

Call on HIS name!


When you feel empty and alone, speak the name that always brings love.
When you feel like you can’t endure one more heartbreak, speak the sweetest name.
When you feel like no one cares, speak the only name that brings serenity.
When you feel afraid, speak the name that tells fear it HAS TO leave.
When life has beat you down, and you have no words to pray, speak the most powerful name. Speak the name of “Jesus!”
His name contains freedom, redemption, forgiveness, restoration, healing, fearlessness, peace, serenity, unity, abundance, strength, protection, foundations, courage, boldness, and love.
His name holds it ALL!
Never believe that His name holds no power. The name of Jesus is the most powerful word in EVERY language! His name IS power! Use it!

Happy Armed Forces Day!


Thank you for answering the call to serve your nation, and it’s citizens.

Because of your dedication, this nation stands as a beacon of hope to the world.

You put the needs of America before the needs of yourself. You serve with dignity, honesty, bravery, dedication, courage, strength, and honor.

We can never say “thank you” enough to repay all that you have sacrificed. Thank you for your service!

Pray without ceasing!

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Let us continue to pray together for this approaching storm, Irma, and for the storm that is churning in the Atlantic Ocean, Jose. God, please protect us! God, we are calling out to You for Your mercy. God, this country that You blessed us with is under attack by storms, floods, hurricanes, & fires. God, her are cries for help and do not turn Your face from us. God, shift these storms trajectories. God, lessen their power in the name of Jesus. Jesus, You spoke the winds and the waves the told them to be calm.  With Your mere words, You calmed the storm.  Savior, the same power that lives in You resides in us.  God, we tell Irma, in the name of Jesus, to desist. We tell her to be calm. We command her to shift paths. Jose, in the name of Jesus, we command you to turn and return to the sea.  We command you, Jose, to decrease in your intensity. Father, place a strong hedge of protection around Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and all the East coast states.  God, deflect the winds, rains, waves, & water that is approaching.  God, we lift up all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We lift up all those affected by the floods. We lift up all the islands that have been decimated by Hurricane Irma. We ask for supernatural rebuilding & restoration. God, let our leaders work together to get these individuals the funds they need so badly from our government agencies.  In Jesus' name, we pray and ask these things. Amen. #hurricaneirma #hurricanjose #hurricaneharvey #flood #floods #water #storms #path #hurricaneseason #trajectory #devastation #destructive #protection #God #prayerstillworks #Scripture #word #wordofGod #believe #prayersfortexas #prayer#prayersforlouisiana #prayersforflorida#hedge #angels #prayerworks #Jesus

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Pray for America!