God, hear our prayers for Uvalde, TX.

Where do you turn when our world seems so out of control?
You turn to God, of course.
God is the answer we are all seeking right now.
He is the answer to all the suffering, crime, hate, bigotry, and fear we face in our everyday lives.
He is the peace we seek.
He is the joy we seek.
He is the answer to the void and emptiness you are feeling.
Don’t allow the events of the past months to deter you from God.
Now is the time to move ever closer to God, more so than ever before.
God, please blanket all those suffering in pain in anguish for the loss of their babies and loved ones.
God, You provide peace to those in utter pain and despair. You draw close the brokenhearted and the ones in grief (Psa 34:17-19)
God, please go to them. Holy Spirit blanket their despair with a peace that passes understanding.
Holy Spirit, extinguish their pain and suffering with Your love.
God, we lift them up to You.
God, heal our land. Father, let us draw ever closer to You in our confusion, frustration, and sorrow.
God, bless all those first responders who acted bravely to protect those innocent babies.
God, You never waste anything. God, use our pain and sorrow in a way You see fit.
Father, forgive America for Her sins.
God, forgive us for turning away from You.
God, move swiftly to give man the answers to remedy this issue.
Holy Spirit, convict those who use this horrific tragedy to gain more power for themselves or their political party.
Now is not the time for blame. Now is the time for healing, discussion, and solutions.
Father, we ask this in the name above all names. In the name of Jesus, we pray and agree. Amen.

God, hear our prayers for Midland and Odessa.


Father, there is another shooting in Texas. God, hear our pleas and cries for Your help and mercy.
God, we lift each family who is affected by this horrific tragedy. Holy Spirit comforts each of them. Do not their hearts fill with anger and hate to seek retaliation in any way.
God, give each of them Your peace. A calming peace that only comes from You. Ease their pain. Disperse their confusion, anger, depression, and suffering! God, shower them with Your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
God, why does this keep happening? Show us how to stop this. God, reveal to us what is driving this violence that causes death and destruction in the lives of innocent people.
Father, show us the root cause of this.
Father, make our leaders work together to agree on sensible laws that will work, etc. Stop them from blaming each other.
Stop them from hating each other and pointing the fingers of blame on each other.
God, we know that our actions produce reactions.
Father, let us seek You for the forgiveness of our sins and the sins of this nation.
God, we as a people and a nation continue to sin, and we think that sin does not have consequences, but they do.
Our sins open doors to consequences that are too much for us to pay.
People mock and laugh at us as we continue to pray for answers. They tell us our prayers are useless. They say that if prayers worked that these tragedies would not happen in the first place.
The truth is that all of our sins have a painful consequence that are too much for us to handle.
Our unforgiven sins will continue to bring suffering, despair, and destruction, but most people don’t want to hear that.
They can’t handle the truth and do not wish to know the truth. The truth is all sins, including the sins of the world, have attributed to the current state of our nation and our world.
God help us never to stop praying. You tell us to pray without ceasing. We cannot give up on or abandon our prayers! Do not let anyone silence our prayers.
Father, forgive us! Father, forgive our sins that we have committed against You. Father, forgive our nations for the sins they have committed against You. God, heal our lands. God, bring peace and love back to all of our hearts. God, send wisdom and knowledge to us. God, help us stop these acts of violence, expose the plots and plans of evil people.
Father, let us seek You and Your word diligently!
Father, do not let our hearts and souls grow cold towards You and towards each other.
Holy Spirit, convict those who mock us as we seek God relentlessly.
Father, we ask all these things in the name above all names, Jesus.

God, we lift up El Paso, TX in our prayers!


Father, we lift all the people and the city of El Paso. God, help them, provide them comfort, peace, and Your serenity. God, erase all their fears.
Father, why do these evil people continue to cause immense pain and suffering on the innocent lives of people & families?
The hearts of evil men/women have no remorse for the pain, suffering, and destruction they are bringing into the innocent lives of their victims. The innocent have to deal with the hate, frustration, and anger of their evil plans. The innocent will deal with the inflected pain for years and decades to come.
These incidents often open wounds of hate and anger in the lives of their victims and their families.
Father, we thank You for the law enforcement officers of El Paso. We thank You for their braveness and their diligence to protect the lives of innocent people of El Paso.
God, hear our pleas and cries for help.
God, expose all the plans/plots of evil people who seek to cause immense suffering.
God, America needs You and Your protection.
Father, help us stop this, give us Your directions/instructions on how to prevent/stop these acts of violence.
Father, Your word tells us that humanity’s hearts will grow cold towards others due to multiplied wickedness(Matt24:12).
We have to keep praying even when it seems as though our prayers are not making headway.
We cannot stop our prayers, and we can NEVER give up on God.
We have a responsibility to pray every day for the protection of our family and ourselves.
We must reject and turn away from wicked acts. We have to seek help for ourselves when we are filled with anger and frustrations.
We cannot let hate and anger grip our hearts and souls.
When we hear someone speak of evil plans, plans to kill innocent people, talk of plans to seek revenge for the pain inflicted on them, we have to speak up. We have to tell someone. We cannot keep this info to ourselves.
Our Father’s word tells us that if we turn away from our wicked ways, seek His face, and pray, that He will heal our land.
God, let us turn from wickedness and evil. We cannot resist wickedness without Your help.
America needs You now! Thank You that You hear our pleas for help. You will never turn away or leave us.

God, we shall NOT grow weary!

God, help us! This evil these men/women perpetrate on the innocent is unimaginable!
God, hear our cries for help. When will these atrocities stop?
God, how much more pain can our hearts endure?
Holy Spirit, we ask for Your mercy now. Holy Spirit, comfort those crying, suffering & in pain. Surround, blanket & cover them w/ Your serenity & peace. Take their pain away for it is too much for them to bear.
God, Your word says that evil (Matt24:12)will multiply & the love of most will grow cold.
Father, give us peace to know that You never give us more than we can bear.
Your word also says we are not to grow weary in doing good.
And Your word tells us that You give strength to the weary!
Father, we receive Your strength now in Jesus’ name.
We proclaim by the superior blood of Jesus that GOD shall renew our strength!
We will not faint or grow weary!
God, even though our hearts are full of pain & despair, we shall SOAR on the wings of eagles!
In Jesus’ we pray, in agreement. Amen.

God, why do men seek evil & destruction?

God, why do men/women plan/plot evil & destruction against the innocent?

God, why do they find delight in the pain, suffering & anguish that they cause?

Father, our hearts are heavy w/sorrow, anguish & pain from what has taken place in Las Vegas. Lord, please help us!

God, this pain is too much for us to bear. Take it from us Father.

God, our hearts are still reeling from the recent catastrophic weather events of late.

Jesus, this pain is too much to endure! Father, You never intended for us to carry the burden of so much pain & suffering.

Our hearts have been berated over & over again with recent human-made turmoil, horrific weather events, earthquakes & fires.

We ask ourselves how this type of evil is allowed to happen.

Father, we know that some men reject the light which is our Savior & seek darkness. When this happens, sin is allowed to fester & grow.

God, create in each of us a clean heart. Father, remove everything in our hearts/lives that is displeasing to You.

God, forgive each of us for our sins. God, cleanse us w/the precious blood of our Savior, Jesus.
God, we receive Jesus as our Savior.

God, let us seek Your protection every day. God, remind us that You have given us Your armor( Eph. 6:13-16 ) to apply daily to our loved ones & to ourselves.

Father, let us use prayer of protection via Your hedge of protection, our angels that encamp around us & by applying the blood of Jesus.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Let us pray for those who are suffering.


Holy Spirit, convict all those who put lies, deception, dishonesty & political agendas above the truth.
God, let the truth be known of the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.
God, hear us as we call out for mercy for all the suffering people affected by storms, floods, hurricanes, fires & earthquakes.
God, quickly restore their broken lives. God, when we go through the deepest waters, we are not alone. Thank You, God, that You are always with us!
Your word says that You will never leave us or forsake us.
In Jesus’ name, we pray & agree.  Amen.

God, thank You for hearing & answering our prayers.

Thank You, God, for answering our prayers for Hurricane Jose. God, we thank You, for changing the direction of this storm. God, we call out to You for help with Hurricane Maria.
God, we praise You for answering our prayers for Hurricane Jose. God, we prayed & asked You to turn this storm’s direction & decrease it in strength.
God, we seek Your protection from Hurricane Maria. God, turn this storm and let it return to the sea.
Father, we continue to lift up those affected by hurricane’s Irma & Harvey. God, fill them w/Your abundant peace & love.
God, let them know that You are close to them. God, let them call out to You. God, let them know You collect their tears.
God, bless & strengthen each one of them, every volunteer, every good samaritan that is working towards rebuilding/recovery.
God, their tears are silent prayers envading all of heaven. God, answer their silent prayers swiftly/quickly. God, heal their sorrows.
God, we call upon Your divine & miraculous restoration and recovery of homes, businesses, & livihoods in these affected areas.
In the name of Jesus, we come in agreement. Amen.

God is close to the brokenhearted.

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God, we come in agreement via our prayers. We lift up every individual and family that is suffering from the effects of Hurricane Irma and Harvey.  God, there are many who have lost every possession they owned. God, some even lost members of their family.  Father, we intercede for them via our prayers. Father, their hearts are full of pain, sadness, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Their hopes and spirits are heavy with burdens. God, we ask that every spirit of negitivity, discouragement , disappointment , anger, hate, and frustration that may be trying to attack them will be destroyed. God, meet every need they have. Father, open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing too large for them to contain. Angels, in the name of Jesus, we command you to be dispatched to enact these prayers. God, we decree and declare a supernatural recovery and restoration process. God, let our leaders and state officials continue to work together to make things move quickly. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen. #usa #hurricaneirma2017🌀#angels #godblessamerica #families #prayersfortexas #1stresponders #volunteers #CoastGuard #goodsamaritan #recover #rebuild #focus #waterrescue #tropicalstormharvey #florida #floods #hurricaneharvey #God #prayerstillworks #prayer #prayerworks #TrustHim #Trustgod #Scripture #Love #abundance #mercy #Grace #HolySpirit

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