Samson’s Great Adventures.

Dogs and our fuzzy babies add love, laughter, and joy to our lives.

Here is Samson to show you how these fuzzy and hairy ones help bring joy to our lives.



Happy Mother’s Day.


Who are moms? Mother’s are the most loving, caring, unselfish people on this planet.
They fight relentlessly for their children to have the best of everything.
They want the children to have the best education, the best jobs, the best spouses, the best families, and the best futures.
A mother’s job is never finished.
A mother’s love is fearless. Mother’s give unselfishly. Mother’s work long hard hours to make sure their families have all their needs met.
Mother’s will go without food to ensure all their children are full and protected.
Mother’s will take on giants who oppose their children.
Mother’s are kind and gentle. They can also be tough and hard when needed. They dole out discipline in the name of love.
As God’s word tells us to love children, one must incorporate discipline (Proverbs 13:24).
Most of all, mothers love with a relentless passion.
Their love is the one that comforts us the most. It is felt in their hugs and kisses.
Their love is heard in their words as they tell us that everything will be fine.
In their loving embrace is the place we long to be during difficult and hard times.
Happy Mother’s Day. Moms, you have the toughest and sometimes the least appreciated job in the universe.
Today, we say thank you.
God, help us to love, cherish, appreciate, thank, and honor our moms every day of their lives.

Find your true love today.



Many of us seek a whole lifetime for true love.
We all yearn to be loved wholly, fully, unconditionally, but many sadly, never find this type of love.
This Valentine’s Day, we will spend a lot of money on flowers, chocolates, jewels, diamonds, fancy dinners to show our significant others how much we love them.
This Valentine’s day, find your true love. His name is God. He is your soulmate. He loves you so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus, to take your place on the cross.
God loves you with a love you can never imagine. His love for you is unstoppable, unfailing, unconditional, limitless, undeniable, and uncontainable.
And best of all, His love is free. See, His son Jesus, paid the price of loving you in full.
It is a price that can never be repaid and for a love that will never fail.

You can’t fool God!


Don’t think you can hide your true heart from God. He sees and knows all.
Some of us put up a façade to trick others into seeing what we what them to see.
We hide our addictions, our pain, our secrets, our past, our scars, our depression, our whole life behind those facades.
We pretend we are something that we are not.
We fight so hard to hide our real selves. We lie, we cheat, we deflect, we steal, and hurt others to conceal the truth of who we are from getting out.
We trick our own minds into believing the lies we tell to others. Then the ultimate betrayal to ourselves is when buying the façade we put up as the real truth. We brainwash ourselves to see our lies as the truth.
We have hidden secrets. We think that if we don’t talk about them or acknowledge them that they won’t be exposed.
We fight tooth and nail to keep our secrets hidden.
Sometimes we sweep them under the rug or don’t ever mention them. We think maybe if we never speak about those secrets that they aren’t what really happened.
If you have done this, you don’t have to be ashamed of your past. God loves you no matter what you have done and where you came from.
God knows the real you. You can’t hide the truth from God. But here is the good news for you. No matter what you have done, God loves you, anyway.
But here is the great news. God loves you, regardless of your past. He allows you to start over. God brings a reset in your life. He is the fresh start you have been looking for.
God is all-forgiving. His love is unconditional, never-failing, never-ending, all-consuming, and He will never judge or shame you. He will never stop loving you, regardless of what you have done.

Now, that is the ultimate unconditional true love!

Who are you, and who’s, are you?


Who are you, and who’s, are you?
Sometimes we are our hardest critic. Your voice tells you things that aren’t true about yourself.
Your voice tells you that nobody loves you. God’s voice says that you are loved beyond your human comprehension.
Your voice tells you that you will never escape poverty. God’s voice says that He comes to give you an abundant life.
Your voice tells you that you are not brave and outspoken. Gods’ voice says that you are bold as a lion.
Your voice says you will always fail. God’s voice says that you are already victorious.
Stop listening to your voice. Verbally utter God’s spoken about who you are, what you are, and who’s you are.
His word has final authority! So speak His final authoritative words over yourself.
Our lives HAVE to line up with God’s words. So speak His words. Never stop uttering His words over yourself and your loved ones.
His words say you are His child. As His child, He only wants the very best for you.
Know who you are! You are the apple of His eye, His favorite, and His greatest creation. You are loved with an unconditional love that you will not fully understand until you are standing in His holy presence.

Endless, limitless, unfailing, unconditional love.


No matter how far you have strayed away from Him, He will always love you.
No matter how many times you have denied who He truly is, He still loves you.
No matter how many times He has heard you say “God, won’t do that for me,” He still loves you.
No matter how many times you have walked away from Him, He will always love you.
No matter how many times you fail and come short of His glory, He will always pick you up and love you.
We all seek a true, and unconditional love. Our Father in heaven gives that love freely. Seek Him and His unfailing love.
To know the true love of a compassionate Father, will change your life forever.
Know that you are the apple of His eye.