More fear of Covid-19 gives them more control.

America, we are being told that we are about to face a dark, dark winter due to the Covid-19 virus.
Is what we are being told true? Is it based on science, or is it perhaps just another way to keep us in more fear?
I think it is based on the hopes of keeping us in additional fear. More fear to continue to with the attempts to control us and our lives even further.
Truthfully, I believe that the only dark winter to come will be IF we allow our election to be stolen and allow the radical agenda of the socialist side of the Democrat party to take the White House, House of Representatives, and the Congress.
These radical socialists are bent on destroying our republic. Their destruction will start quickly as they already have 100 executive orders ready to be signed on the first day they presumably take office.
What do these executive orders include? No one knows. I would think they contain orders that would fully reinstate DACA, start the teardown of our wall on our Southern border. They could include a path to abolish the filibuster, and they would pack the Supreme Court, which would load this court with radical judges who do not honor our Constitution. They would create their laws based on their radical beliefs in racism, a women’s right to choose, and so on.
I believe one of those orders may contain the start of the confiscation of certain weapons from law-abiding citizens. I think they include orders to turn Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico into states, thus adding more Democratic seats to our House of Representatives.
I believe it will allow thousands of undocumented non-citizens to enter America without the hindrance of ICE, the border patrol, or the police because those agencies will be abolished with further executive orders.
One of those executive orders will allow the free health care of every one of those undocumented non-citizens while allowing American citizens to foot the bill for this service.
On and on, it will go with no one and nothing that will have the power to stop or defeat these executive orders.
Our children will be taught that America is a racist place that should pay back reparations to anyone and everyone they see fit.
The lifeblood of our economy will be decimated as they ban the use of gasoline-based vehicles. There will be no consolation for those families or individuals who can not afford their own electric car.
Homeowners will be forced to adapt and change over to green energies to power their homes. Our taxes will go up exponentially. The middle class will bear a tax bill hike that most will not be able to afford.
Now, keep in mind that I am all for immigration, but it should be legal immigration from those willing to continue making America the great place that She is. No one who wants to break our laws should be allowed to come here. No one who has broken our rules should be given a free pass.
We must be careful, as many sick individuals with the Covid virus would come here with their no borders policy.
New undocumented non-citizens roaming free in America would expose the number of Americans to the virus and throw our recovering economy into another tailspin.
For months now, I have been writing about how America is on the brink of destruction. I said we were teetering on the edge of a dark, eerie place of no return.
This dark, eerie place of radical socialism is what I spoke of.
America, I don’t know if you believe in good and evil, but it is staring us right in the face.
These radicals do not want America to prosper, to succeed, and to regain steam. They want quite the opposite. America is a foul place that does not deserve to exist any longer in Its current form in their minds.
They are ashamed of America and Her greatness. They hate America and the American’s who love Her. They would love nothing better than to replace each one of us with a person who will do exactly what they say and is easy to control.
If they take over, America will no longer be the shining beacon of hope and prosperity. There will be only the very, very rich and privileged who rule with an iron fist and the very, very poor who will be ruled over by those in power.
The very poor will be just like those in Venezuela who barely have any food, no medical care, no money, and NO FREEDOMS!
I have been speaking about the very spiritual battle for many months now, which is almost within their grasps. Those who voted for this radicalism will be taken by surprise at what is in store for them.
They are very blinded by their hate for our current President. That is why they cannot see and hear the lies being fed to them by a radical party that is itching to turn American into a socialist country.
Most importantly, they will fully fund abortions up to the very minute that a baby is born. They will also murder those babies who survive the abortion process and manage to be born alive.
They will murder these innocent babies anyway. Think about that! They will allow doctors to murder a living, breathing, innocent baby who managed to be born alive after a failed attempted murder via abortion on their life.
Talk about a sick and twisted mindset to murder an innocent baby they hold in their arms.
GOD HELP US if this happens! God, please have mercy on us if we allow this to happen!
If that weren’t enough, they would go about dismantling the murdered baby into parts to be sold to the highest bidder.
Oh, my goodness! God, help us all!
Can you imagine what kind of demons in hell are appeased by the shedding of innocent blood?
Can you imagine what kind of demons are released into the earth from this kind of human sacrifice of innocent babies?
Can you see where we are headed?
I implore you to ask God to open your eyes to see the truth and your ears to hear the truth!
Do you think this isn’t possible? Perhaps you don’t believe in God and the devil or heaven or hell. Well, just because you believe they don’t exist does not mean that they don’t!
Seek God out for the truth. His word says to ask, and you will receive. Ask Him to show you the truth. He will!
If you are one of the people who are blinded by hate, anger, frustration, and shame of America, I implore you to seek out the truth.
Please pray with me now:
God, forgive us! I have sinned and come short of Your glory.
God, I need to see and know the truth for myself. I don’t want to believe the words of a mere person. I need to see the truth for myself.
God, forgive me for the pure hate and anger I harbor in my heart for the President, his supporters, and for America Herself.
God, take this hate from my heart. Fill it with love and respect. God, let me be able to listen to those who have different views than I do.
Father, heal my heart and my life.
God, show me the truth. God, is abortion murder? God, reveal to me how You see abortion.
God, reveal the true intentions of the Democratic party, reveal their lies, and show me their real intent. Father, show me what their plans are for America. Let all their deceptions be shown to me.
God, let me see and know the truth. God, use any means necessary to reveal the truth to me.
God, I need to know the truth. I am asking for it to be shown to me.
Father, I acknowledge that once I know the truth, I am responsible for it.
God, take the hate from my heart for my country. Remove the shame I feel of being an American. God, let me respect my fellow countrymen/women again.
God, fill me with hope and love again.
In the name of Your Son, Jesus, I ask these things. Amen.

If you would like to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, here is your prayer:
God, I am a sinner. Forgive me. I believe that your Son, Jesus, died for my sins. I believe He is the Savior of the world. I believe Jesus was born, died, and rose from the dead and now is seated at Your right hand.
God, I receive Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior. God, use me for Your glory.
In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

If you just prayed that prayer for Jesus to become your Savior, find a bible-based church that believes that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light.
Read your bible because it is God’s word revealed to man through the Holy Spirit. Pray often to gain access to God’s presence.
And if you prayed that prayer for God to reveal the truth, please be reasonable. More than likely, you will have to pray that prayer many times before God reveals the truth to you.
Don’t just pray once and then give up. God wants and desires to be pursued for His knowledge and His truth.
Your pursuit of God will be well worth all your efforts!

Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Wake up, America. Sound the alarm, stop hitting the snooze button, turn the autopilot off now. We have very little time left.
Biden / Harris administration will turn America into the most radical socialist country you have ever seen. America will exist no more. America will be unrecognizable once their harsh laws, ideas, and wicked plans start to take effect.
Now, I might say that Biden is not a true radical, BUT he is weak, frail, and ineffective. He loses his words, his train of thought, he babbles incoherent sentences, and he forgets people’s names. The worse is when he forgets where he is and what seat he is running for.
Many of us have seen others around him help him out by giving him the answers he can’t seem to find independently.
He is too weak to resist the strong individuals who are secretly running his campaign and those individuals seeking positions in his administration.
The House’s radical left part has already drawn up a law to replace him due to his cognitive ineptitude.
He will get pushed aside and labeled as ineffective and mentally unstable soon after he takes office.
It is critical to understand that Biden is only a figurehead of the Democrat Party. What lurks behind him is pure evil.
His VP pick was labeled the most radical member in our current Congress. That is a scary thought.
Sometimes I wonder if he even remembers the deal he made with those on the radical left that are salivating at the thought of the pure power the office of the President has.
I don’t think he remembers the deals he made to gain support and the promises of waiting positions in his administration.
Their campaign was far from a traditional Presidential campaign. Biden/Harris refused to answer questions, they would not discuss their policies, and Biden would often get very angry the few times he was pressured with items by some press members that were bold enough to ask some tough questions.
America, all I know is that in a Biden/Harris administration, America will no longer be a world power. It will succumb to more aggressive countries.
Mark my words, here is what is in store for America IF there is a Biden/Harris administration.
This administration will enact mask and lockdown mandates, higher taxes, fewer jobs, and overpopulation due to rampant immigration issues. Every American town and city will be unsafe due to the defunded police, more homeless Americans, higher unemployment, more stimulus packages, higher and higher debt deficits, less home ownership, and an economic depression the likes none of us have ever experienced.
Yes, there will be lots of free stuff paid for by taxes levied onto the middle class. The high taxes will decimate the middle class, and there will only be wealthy people and impoverished people. The very rich will comprise only a small number of people, and the very poor will hold everyone else.
Our health care system will collapse as it is radically transformed into government-run health care.
There will be no more private insurance companies, no more gas vehicles, and no more American dreams.

Our free speech will disappear and legally-owed firearms, which are deemed a right to us via the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, will be confiscated.
We will be told when we can work, when we can go to school, and where we can spend it.
America will no longer be the country that blesses us with freedoms that a lot of us take for granted.
Our money will be confiscated to pay for all of the radical ideas and plans. We will be taxed on everything! Eventually, our American dollar will be deemed unsafe, and it will be confiscated too. What reason will we be told for this action to be taken? It will be due to 0ver safety concerns for the Covid-19 virus.

Don’t think what I am saying is true? I am sure you have seen the signs popping up every where that say “debit or credit card payments only”. Also, there is now a shortage of metal coins. Many places have signs posted that they cannot make change with metal coins.
We will be forced to go a digital currency so that every purchase and donation can be tracked.
I am not sure if you are getting the theme here, but this is all described in the bible as the “last days.”
Most of all, those that love God, who go to church, donate to ministries, and support all those things of God, will be forced to stop attending services. We will be forced to stop giving to the church of God. Christians that do not comply may be jailed or even tortured. We will be unable to buy food and necessities, etc.
We have to stand up and fight for our freedoms! We have to make sure who won our last election.
I am not sure about you, but I hear about rampant voter tally discrepancies, software tabulation glitches, mail-in ballots from Americans who have passed away, and corruption within the USPS.
I have been saying that America is on the brink of falling into a dark abyss. America is teetering on the very edge and falling into that deep dark place and never returning.
America will be unrecognizable. It will no longer be the land that offers the beacon of hope to the world. It will be filthy, dirty, with homeless people everywhere. A lot of these lost individuals will be drug and alcohol dependent.
If you think we have gone through a lot during the last seven months due to covid19, you haven’t seen anything yet.
There won’t be a possibility of going back to life as we know it. We will be so far away from ever achieving that possibility.
Say what you will of America, but I see it as a beautiful place to live. I thank God every chance I have for the blessing of being a citizen of America.
Many see it as oppressive. It was never that, but under Biden, it will be. We all will get to see and feel oppression first hand.
The radical left of the Democrat party is wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are seeking to devour us and our way of life.
If you want America to remain to some extent as it is now, you must demand a fair election. You need to contact your Senator and your local Representative and demand that all legal votes are counted, that all ballots meant for a certain candidate count for that candidate.
How can we shoot rockets into space, but we cannot figure out how to count all votes fairly and timely?
It is time to stand up and make your voice heard. It is time to see God’s will done in America. God is demanding us to do so. There is no more hiding.
This recent election either allows America to continue to flourish and remain hopeful to all other nations or become a dark and scary place where no human in their right mind would want to live.
America is not only a beacon of hope, but She is a strong pillar that is holding up the world from falling into dismay and destruction.
Once again, here is what we are facing. We are fighting for the soul of America.
We have been ramping up our prayers over the last year. Now is not the time to quit. Pray more. If you can fast, do so. If you can plant a seed for God’s revival, please do so.
Also, the American media does not determine our next President. That person is chosen by the citizens of America, Her electorate, and, if necessary, the Congress and our courts.
The fake media spoke out and misspoke about Biden being declared the winner of the election. This false announcement is part of the plan to make us all weak and to comply. This announcement was also part of their plan to prepare for radical unrest when the truth is revealed about Biden’s great defeat.
America, we have stood by to allow the murder of innocent babies to go on too long. Abortion has transformed from the murder of innocent babies to the offering up of children as human sacrifices.
I have spoken many times of the final revival that will sweep the world where we will see God’s real power with our own eyes. With our very eyes, we will see as limbs regrow, blind eyes will see, disabled individuals in wheelchairs will stand up and walk, and the deaf will hear again – miracle, signs, and wonders.
America, I believe that when this “fake” announcement of Biden winning our election is debunked, and the truth is announced, there will be an outpouring of worship for God, for He is the only one who made this happen.
Get ready America. God is moving, and He has not forgotten us. If your heart is heavy about all the fraud, corruption, and cheating in our recent election, do not fret anymore. We are about to see all the rampant voter fraud revealed. We may even find out that our elections have been tampered with as far back as far as 2008.
All of our non-stop fervent prayer that has been going on for months has not gone unnoticed by God. He has heard us, and He will intervene.
Get ready, America, to rejoice in God’s victory!

God is faithful verses to pray through this deadly virus.


There seem to be more and more things to be afraid of nowadays. There is global warming, overpopulation, food shortages, viruses, crops infected with deadly diseases, etc. Now we have added Coronavirus to the mix.
Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, but we have to remember God is still in charge.
There is no need to be fearful because God is aware of what is going on. He holds tomorrow in His hands.
When we are fearful or filled with anxiety, we are telling God that we have more belief in our fear than in Him. We are saying to God that He isn’t God in our life. We are saying to God that fear and anxiety are a god in our lives.
We are letting fear and anxiety control us when we should be in control and use our worship to drive out each feeling of fear and anxiety.
We should be worshipping, giving Him thanks, and telling Him how grateful we are that we are healthy, that no virus will destroy us, no sickness will cause us death, that we will LIVE and NOT die from any disease or illness.
We should be saying to God how amazing He is because He protects the righteous.
Now right about here, you might be thinking about that lie you told yesterday, or about the money, you stole last week, or about the drugs you consumed the previous month. Perhaps about the incident of the liquor, you drank last night, or even about that sexual liaison you had last night with someone you are not married to.
Right about now, you might be thinking, “how can God protect me? I am not the righteousness of God”. Well, I have great news for you. We are all sinners! We have all sinned and continue to sin every day. None of us are nor will ever be perfect.
But, there is one who is perfect, and His name is Jesus. He died on the cross for each of us.
Yes, none of us are indeed righteous, BUT the blood of Jesus makes us the righteousness of God!!!!
How is that for great news???
To lay claim to the incredible benefit, you must seek out God and ask Jesus to become your personal Savior.
You might say that this is unfair. That God is forcing you to accept Christ to receive His protection, but the truth is that He isn’t forcing you.
You don’t have to seek God out, seek Jesus, and then ask Jesus to become your personal Savior.
You don’t have to choose to do this. God blessed each of us with free will. We have the intention to say, “no, thank you” when it comes to accepting Christ as your personal Savior.
But if there were a day or time to accept Jesus as your Savior, wouldn’t today be that day? The days we are living in are full of uncertainty. If there were ever a time to seek God out, this would be it.
If you think that things will get better and turn around, they probably will, but what happens when the next virus shows up? There will be more deadly viruses with more deadly outcomes.
Now you might even think that God won’t protect you. Again, totally your choice to believe that. God will not force Himself on you. We always have free will to say ‘No” to Him.
Some of you might even think that God does not exist. You may say that if God existed, why would He allow this virus to become so deadly and kill so many people? Here is the truth. God is not punishing us! God does not like to see us suffer! God loves us with a love that we cannot even begin to fathom.
We, as humans, have disobeyed God’s word and His commandments. All of us living and not disobeyed God at some point. When we disobey God, we open the door for the devil to wreck havoc in all our lives. We have allowed through our disobedience, open doors for the devil to enter, bring all his lies, his death, and his destruction.
What is our recourse? It is forgiveness, of course. Each of us must seek forgiveness from God daily, seek out our Savior Jesus, pray for divine protection, worship, and seek God’s face daily.
Now for those who want to seek God and Jesus as your Savior, please pray this prayer with me:

Heavenly Father I believe that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God came to earth to be the Savior of the world, and that by His death on the cross, He paid the price for the sin of the world, so that whosoever believes on Him, would not perish, but have everlasting life.

Thank You for Jesus and thank You for my free gift of Salvation. Thank You that Jesus took my place on the cross.  Thank You that by believing in His name, I am forgiven of my sins and brought into fellowship with my heavenly Father.

Lord, I turn from all my prideful sins and from everything that is dishonoring to Your name.  I pray that I would grow in grace, in a knowledge of Jesus, until I come to a spiritual maturity.

Thank You Father for Your wonderful gift of salvation and thank You that by believing I am now Your child – in Jesus name I pray,

There, it is just that simple! You have now accepted Jesus as your personal Savior. Now, seek God, His word, pray, find a tremendous bible-based church that believes in the Holy Trinity, and seek out God’s protection.
Here are some prayers to pray for the protection of your family, yourself, etc.:

Also, do not forget about the armor of God. It is a powerful tool of God that we can use and apply every day to ourselves and each one of our family members.
Please find that prayer here:

Now, will you pray with me for those who have lost family members to this terrible virus?
God, we come in agreement. Help each person who is suffering from the loss of a loved one from this deadly Coronavirus. We lift them to You. We ask You to heal their hearts. We ask that their sorrows come to an end, and we ask that they seek You.
Holy Spirit, we call on you now to comfort them. We ask the Holy Spirit that you replace their garment of sorrow with the garment of joy and peace. We ask that their hearts will turn to God. We ask for their suffering to end now. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

God’s protection – surely He will protect us from this deadly pestilence!


The word on most of all the news channels is PANIC!
This world is saying panic, buy months of supplies, prepare for the worse, be afraid, be very afraid, don’t buy that car, or that house right now, hold onto all your money.
These words are fear talking! Fear blurs your vision. Fear makes you do things you would never do.
Fear opens the opportunity for those peddling the fear to control you. Fear lets them dictate your actions.
Fear takes your power and gives it to someone or something else.
Do not let fear and panic dictate your life.
There is only one person that should have control over your life and your decisions. That is God.
Never give up the right to make your own decisions up to anyone. Even when you seek God’s guidance and instructions, we still have the right to do what we want. We are not forced by God to choose His direction after we seek it.
Now, it is time to stop, pray, plan, and prepare.
There is a way to prepare. Don’t prepare in a panic!

Most of all, speak God’s word over this situation! Every situation we will ever face, we can find God’s word/instructions for it in the bible.
You need to conquer fear, speak God’s word over it (Deuteronomy 31:6)!

You need God to spare you and your family for the wrath of Coronavirus? Speak God’s word over it (Psalm 91:1-16).
You need peace, speak God’s word over it(Phil4:7).
You need wisdom, speak God’s word over it(James 1:5).
You need protection, speak God’s word over it (2Thes3:3).
You need joy, speak God’s word over it(Romans 15:13).
You need healing, speak God’s word over it (Psalm 41:3).
Use God’s word! See, God’s word stands forever! It is so powerful that even God cannot change it, alter it, and He must abide by it.
The enemy knows God’s words too! And he knows that God’s word stands above all.
If you know who you are, who’s you are, what you deserve, your rights, and God’s word, there is nothing you cannot accomplish!
We are facing a battle in unknown territory right now but speak God’s word over it.
God has great plans for your life; premature death is not in His plans for your life!
God wants you to live an abundant life. How do I know that? God’s word says so.

Speak life! Open your mouth and proclaim God’s goodness via His word!
You have to continually remind yourself of what God says about you via His word. You, the devil, and God need to hear those words spoken on a repetitive basis.
Don’t think this is a one time and done deal. You must keep uttering these words aloud until you see the manifestation of God’s promises in your life.
In our society of instant fixes, instant answers, and immediate remedies, we have to show patience.
Once you hear these words spoken over, over, over, and over again, you will start to build your faith, your appreciation of God’s word, and the knowledge of your Godly inheritance.
You were created to flourish, prosper, and fulfill your Godly purpose.
Do not let anyone or anything steal that away from you.
Remember, God’s word says that heaven and earth shall pass away, BUT God’s word will stand forever! AMEN!!!

Finding God. Seek and you will find Him.



We carefully plan out our lives. We were making sure to write out our goals.
We write down details so specific that we can see it coming to pass in our mind’s eye.
We plan to finish college by a certain age, be a partner at our job by a certain age, get married by a certain age, buy a house with a white picket fence by a certain age, and then to have 2.5 children by a certain age.
We make plans for what our spouse will look like and what qualities and characteristics they will possess.
Never in a million years did we ever plan to be blindsided by a virus.
Never did we see this coming.
We had to plans in our carefully planned life to be sidetracked by a virus. None of us ever make plans for illness or disease, but somehow, it sneaks us all by itself and blindsides us too.
We always plan for good and exciting things in our lives but never plan for when the worse can happen.
Now, how dramatically has your life changed? Did you lose your job, work at home, confined to your home, not able to spend time with family, not able to socialize in person, not able to attend church services?
To think we are in charge of our own lives is a huge joke.
We have no control. We sooner you admit this, the more freedom you will feel.
Our lives are solely in the hands of our almighty creator.
Your current situation has not taken Him by surprise. He knew every turn you would take, every step you would take, and every decision you would make before you made them.
He knew you would either accept Him or deny Him, but His heart hopes that you will love Him.
Today, amid this calamity, confusion, and fear, He is waiting for you to reach out to Him.
He will calm your fears, help you to see that He is working things out even when we don’t see Him.
He will forgive all the years you denied His existence. All you have to do is ask with a sincere heart.
It is time to give up the control you think you possess of your life over to God.
It is time for Him to be the sole source of provision, protection, promotion, etc. over to Him. It is time to stop fighting and denying Him.
Seek Him now while He is still able to be found. One day, many will call out to Him. They will seek Him, and they will search for Him, but He will not answer nor be found.
These words are not said to bring fear to your heart. It is said in truth. God’s word says in Proverbs 1:28: 28Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; they will earnestly seek me but will not find me. 29For they hated knowledge and chose not to fear the LORD.…
Before this day comes, seek God out now. Do not let this day when God will not be found, or He will not answer you sneak up on you.
Just as no human knows the day that they will draw their last breath, also no man knows the day God will decide not to found.
There is no better day than today to search for God. Do not let pride, which is one of the deadly sins, keep you from Him. If allowed, our pride can rob us of our eternal life with God.
If there were ever an excellent time to seek God out, this is it! There is no better time than today to ask Him to take full control of your life. Let Him know you give it up to Him willingly.
There are always keys decisions we make in our lives that turn things around. Choosing God is an excellent decision that will change your life forever.

God, we will not allow this pandemic to destroy America.




What if there were a terrible pandemic in the world, and it hit America in the worst way? What if there was hope in several medicines during this pandemic, but these medications were being downplayed or even talked about as being too harmful?
What if during this pandemic, all you heard on most of the significant newscasts, newspapers, or internet news sites were negative news purposely poised to instill fear at all times?
What if you were told to stay in your home during this pandemic, not go to work, and only travel to and from specific places for food or essential goods?
What if during this pandemic, only certain people were allowed to work and make a living while others were at home drawing money from the government?
What if, during this pandemic, you were told not to celebrate our nation’s birthday? What if you were told that if you did, you are a racist?
What if you were told that if you were caucasian during this pandemic, you were guilty of something silly like “white privilege”?
What if, during this pandemic, you were told that you are a racist? Racism in your family line was predetermined because you belong to Caucasian parents, great grandparents, and great-great-grandparents. Since they were white, they were automatically racist. And because you are white and related to them, this predetermines you as a racist too.
What if, during this pandemic, you were told that only the lives of black Americans mattered?
What if during this pandemic, there were riots, looting, buildings set on fire, and mobs of people in the street beating up ordinary American citizens who were only trying to defend themselves, their homes, or their businesses?
What if, during the pandemic, some cities started to dismantle their police force due to these mobs’ demands?
What if you saw statues of our American history being torn down by these mobs of angry individuals during this pandemic?
What if thousands of Americans lost their businesses or lost their jobs because these angry mobs of individuals set fire to those places of business?
What if, during this pandemic, there was news of another looming pandemic on the horizon?
What if, during this pandemic, people would not go to church. Those who attended services were told not to sing at church because they would help spread this virus?
What if during this pandemic, individuals were losing their Constitutional rights because majors, governors, city councils, or sitting congressmen and women would not protect the rights of certain Americans?
What if during a pandemic, you were told things then later down the line, those things changed?
What if you were told not to wear a mask several months later, you were mandated to wear a mask?
What if you were told to stay at home to “flatten the curve” of this pandemic? Then, several months later, you were told to stay at home until a vaccine was found?
What if after positive news came out about a possible vaccine, you were told not to count on the vaccine because it would have no to little impact on the virus?
What if certain government officials didn’t want to get our economy on track to seek vengeance on someone they hated? That vengeance they sought was based on hate so vile that it was on the verge of a sick, deep, and disturbing sickness that affected every part of their life?
What if, during this pandemic, the Constitutional rights of Americans were starting to be depleted?
What if you watched as police officers were told not to engage looters, rioters, and angry mobs during this pandemic?
What if those individuals who were arrested by the police, were then released back onto the streets? As they were released, they were cleared to pay no bail or fines?
What if you saw crime spike and spiral out of control because law enforcement officers were told not to protect innocent Americans?
What if you saw innocent people and children being murdered in the streets of our biggest cities because there was little to no police presence?
What if certain government officials were releasing prisoners back onto the streets where there was little to no police presence during this pandemic? The reasoning given to the American people was, of course, “racism.”
What if during this pandemic, certain groups of people were allowed to cause mayhem, wreak havoc, destroy, burn down, riot, and loot. At the same time, law-abiding citizens were arrested for defending their homes, families, and themselves?
What if our police force was defunded and dismantled. While this happened, we were told something silly like “reimagine” how the police could be utilized or revamped?
What if there were food shortages during this pandemic? What if the demand for food pantries increased exponentially?
What if, during this pandemic, there rose several organizations that were dishonest. They lied about who they are and what they stand for?
What if these organizations managed to fool lots of people about who they wanted to protect, what was important to them, their history, and their intentions?
What if hundreds of Americans and companies poured funds into these organizations, then those organizations, in turn, had those funds funneled into one particular political party?
Everything listed above is not hypothetical. All these events have occurred.
During the last five months, we have endured a lot. We are exhausted, angry, tired, and frustrated.
We have been lied to and mislead. We have been manipulated and used.
We have been used as leverage. We have been used as a vice against one particular person.
These events are a lot to endure. No wonder suicides, illicit drug use, violence, depression are surging. No wonder people are losing hope.
All of this is a plan to destroy America as we know it. To kill our economy and forever silence conservative America, most of which hold a strong belief in God.
If we are exhausted, we won’t fight back. If we are scared out of our minds, we will quickly give up all our God-given Constitutional rights.
If we feel hopeless, we will not pray, not go to church and not call out to God.
If we are afraid to speak up out of fear that we will be labeled a racist, we will not say a word.
If we fear to lose our jobs in this tough economy, we won’t speak up and complain to our Senators, governors, or our President.
Here are some things to remember in these difficult times were are facing. We are more durable than we want to admit. If we give up our rights now, we will never gain them back.
Fear, coercion, lies, manipulation, dishonesty, guilt, shame, hate, racism are NOT things from God.
They are tools used by those who want to control and manipulate us.
The hate these individuals feel is sick and twisted and not from God.
Those that seek to hurt, lie, kill, maim, and destroy other human beings are dealing with some wicked demons.
Somewhere, there is a mastermind of all these wicked plans to destroy America, Its citizens, our Constitutional rights, our futures, and our booming economy.
That person or those people must be exposed.
Again, we turn to the only one who can do that. That, of course, is God.
God is the one who can change a person’s heart. He is the only one who can make someone do something way out of their character.
God knows and sees all. God knows the plots of evil which have set out upon America.
Now is not the time to give up on our prayers. Now is not the time to throw in the towel.
Now is not the time to give up. Now is not the time to stop fighting.
Now is the time to fight harder, pray harder, pray more often, to worship God, even more. Now is the time to pray, fast, and give God to move, expose, and heal our land.
I keep hearing that our hedges of protection have been let down. Now is the time for all our prayer warriors to pray and rebuild those hedges and protection walls.

Let’s pray:
God, we worship You and thank You for Your mercy and grace that never ends. We thank you for your forgiveness that is endless.
We thank You for our home in America. We thank you for this beautiful land and all our freedoms. We thank You for all those who fought and died to defend and preserve our freedoms.
God, forgive us for our sins. Forgive America for Her sins, forgive our leaders, and forgive every citizen who has sinned against You.
God, America is in turmoil right now. God, calm all anger and frustrations in all of our hearts.
God, we call upon Your divine protection for our homes and our families.
God, we call upon Your provision to continue to sustain us during these difficult times.
God, we call on You to heal human hearts that feel then need to destroy things and hurt other people.
God, we ask for healing in our nation. Father, heal every place of racism and bigotry.
God, help us see the division we are causing with our words and actions.
God, restore our unity and faith in one another.
God, expose every ounce of hate and racism in our police forces.
God, expose every person who is purposely seeking to destroy America, Its citizens, our Constitutional rights, our futures, and our booming economy.
God, expose these organizations that have emerged for who and what they are.
God, open our eyes and ears to see and hear the truth according to Your word.
God, expose every plot and ploy to destroy our current President. God, expose all lies and wickedness.
God, what every plot, plans, ploys are in place let them ensnare those who plotted and planned.
Let every fiery dart meant to cause death and destruction return to its sender.
God, expose the pure hate and disdain these individuals have towards our current administration and towards America and Her citizens.
God, let us pray to build up our hedges of protection.
God, let us seek You never like before. Place inside of us new hope and passions to see America strong once again.
God, we thank You and pray in agreement. We pray in the name above all other names, Jesus is that name.


For those of you who want to ask Jesus to be your personal Savior, here is your prayer:

God, forgive me for my sins. God, cleanse me of all unrighteousness.
God, I believe Jesus is Your Son. I believe He took my place on the cross. I accept Him as my Lord and Savior. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

In the name of Jesus, fear, you will no longer control my life!



Where is your joy, peace, and happiness? Have they been stolen? Have they been taken away by the fears of what tomorrow holds?
Do not let your fears consume you. Right now, there is fear trying to overtake you.
It is on the news every second of the day. It is all your family and coworkers are talking about.
Now, there are a lot of people filled with fear. So much fear that they are afraid to leave their houses.
They refuse to go to buy groceries, go to the gas station, go to a restaurant, go on vacation, and go to work.
They might even refuse even to go outside.
We must not allow fear to consume us.
When we live in fear, we are easier to control. When we live in fear, we do irrational things, make irrational decisions, and let our rights get taken away.
I am not sure when exactly fear overtook your mind and spirit, but it did.
You have to resist that fear. You have to make fear flee. If you don’t, you won’t be fully living. Any person who lives in fear is not living their full potential in life.
Please remember that we take risks all day long. We take risks when we operate a vehicle. We take risks when we are at work. We take risks when we attend a movie, go to our child’s sporting event, when we go out for a meal, even when we sleep.
No person is promised that they will wake up for their nighttime sleep.
We are at risk of catching a life-threatening illness. We are at risk when we eat food. Every aspect of our daily lives encompasses risks.
Yet, we don’t’ think about them as we drive, sleep, etc. and don’t let these fears overtake our lives.
Somehow we have come to a rational decision in our minds that those risks are minuscule or that these risks don’t muster up fear in our lives or consume our thoughts anymore.
Somehow, we have put those risks aside and continue to drive, eat, sleep, and enjoy our lives.
What is so different about this virus? Why has it consumed your mind to the point where you won’t leave the house anymore?
Yes, this is a dangerous virus. Yes, this is a highly contagious virus. Yes, this virus can be deadly if we don’t take the right precautions.
Yes, it very accurate that some individuals indeed get very sick once they catch this virus, but I believe it only a small percentage of people who catch this virus that ends up in the hospital.
Our fears must be driven away. Fears won’t leave on their own. Once fear takes you over, it won’t let up and will not just disappear on its’s own.
We have to command fear to leave us, and we have drive it out with God’s words.
One thing that makes fears leave immediately is worship. When you worship God, you pull the presence of God into your life. When God’s presence is there, fear, worry, anxieties must flee.
Fear, worries, anxieties are not of God. So, when God is present, those spirits cannot stay there in the presence of God.
And make no mistake, fear, anxiety, and worry are not just emotions. Yes, when they show up quickly in response to a situation that comes up unexpectedly, yes, those are emotions that show up in response to that situation you are in, but then those emotions dissipate right away.
When you live in constant fear, worry, or constant anxiety, there is a spirit of fear, anxiety, or worry involved.
Such much in fear that you won’t leave the house or go to work or do the things we all enjoy doing.
If you are bombarded by fear at all times, it is time to seek help from your Pastor, Bishop, Preacher, Priest, etc. Ask for prayer. Do not suffer in silence. Do not be ashamed to admit that you are being held captive by fear.
Seek God’s word too. It is filled with promises, provisions, protection, etc. of God.
God’s word will never fail! Did you hear that? God’s word is pure power! It cannot return to Him unfulfilled, and it can never fail. It will never change.
Here is an example. God’s word tells us to fear no evil (Psa23:1-6).
Here is another one. Isaiah 41:10 tells us not to fear for God is with us.
You must make fear flee!
Take God’s word and use it.
It is your weapon against the evil of this world. It is your sword (weapon), which is mentioned in the prayer for the Armor of God (Eph6:10-18).
All day drive out fear with God’s word. Pray prayers of protection over your family members and yourself.
Do not think God’s word and prayer do not work. Do not let anyone talk you out of using His word and stop your prayer.
We are not just pawns to the evil of this world. We have the right to live in happiness and peace, but we have to remember that these rights have to be fought for.
I am not talking about fighting as in violence. I am talking about fighting with prayer, God’s word, our worship, and our spoken words of blessings and life.
Today, make the decision that you will live in peace and happiness.
We all have one life. Chose to live in joy, peace, happiness, and not in fear.

God, in the face of this virus, let us use Your word as our weapon.



God’s word is not some letters, paragraphs, and punctuation printed on paper. 

God’s word is our weapon!

Just as our heavenly Father speaks and creates, we can speak things into existence (that are according to God’s will) using God’s word.

The bible is the spoken word of God given to man to write down. 

The bible is not an ordinary book. No other book can be used as a weapon that can defeat poverty, sickness, depression, addictions, etc. 

God’s word, used regularly, can defeat the enemy every single time.  

There are no if, and, or butts on whether God’s work will work. It is a sure thing!  

God’s word is never faltering, never failing, and will never return void to God. 

God’s word must be fulfilled on this earth! 

It will never lose its power! It is unchangeable! His word is so powerful that even God cannot change or alter it. Even God must abide by His word.

The bible says that heaven and earth will pass away, but the word of God will endure forever(Matt24:34).

Wow, that is incredible. Even when the heavens and the earth are gone, God’s word will still hold its’s power to transform.

We can use God’s word and faith to move our mountains. 

What are our mountains? Well, they can be anything standing in our way of reaching a new level in God. It can be a deadly virus, debt, sickness, addictions, a broken family, finances, lack of faith, hate, bitterness, revenge, bigotry, etc.

Anything we face in life that is not of God, we can apply His word to transform that situation. 

Now please understand, this does not mean that we can use the word one time and expect miraculous things to happen. 

Yes, God is the God of miracles, but we have to do our part too. We have to start seeing things as God sees them, praying without giving up, declaring God’s word over our situations, and constant worship!

We have to keep speaking God’s word over our situations until we see God’s promises come to fruition.

We cannot pray once, then be done. We must pray, worship, and speak God’s word constantly. 

We must pray without ceasing! God’s word says that  The prayer of a righteous man has great power to prevail (James5:16).

Pursuing God this way means we have to break out of our results-in-an-instant mentality! 

Don’t worry. It may start as something that seems like a lot of work, but when you see how God moves, you will happily adopt this as your new way to solve the problems in your life.

As things progress and you see significant changes in your life, your faith will move to higher levels. 

As you move to higher levels, you will notice an increase in your knowledge of God. He will start to reveal Himself, and you will get glimpses of how astonishing our God truly is. 

Once that happens, you will never want to be out of His presence. There is no other place like it! 

Our road to recovery must start now.



Back on 3.28.20, I wrote a blog titled, “This is not the time to be defiant.” Please read it if you have time.

Here is the link to that post:
At that time, we were told that we had to shelter in place because the death toll from the coronavirus could be approximately 2.5 million Americans in a worst-case scenario.
With this information being told to us day in and day out, we braced for the worse. We battened down the hatches as we believed we were being told the most up-to-date information.
We knew we were in for an unprecedented scenario. We had not faced anything like this before. Each of us had seen and heard the reports from Italy and Spain. According to many in the news media, we were the next Italy.
We were going told that our hospitals were going to inundated with patients suffering from the virus. We were also told that this virus could crash our health care system.
We were told that if we loved our families, our neighbors, our communities, and our co-workers, we should stay at home unless we needed food, medicines, or to provide medical care of others.
Of course, we would go without seeing our older parents, our neighbors, our families, and our friends. We couldn’t stand the thought of knowing we could pass this horrific virus onto the ones we loved.
Of course, we would listen, as we were being pumped with fear. Of course, everyone was afraid. We were being inundated with fear and scenarios so horrific that we were all gripped with overwhelming fear.
We were told that this virus brought high fevers, severe body pains, and the inability to breathe. We were told over and over again that the people who caught this virus were dying alone. Dying all alone is one thing that most of us do not want to do. We want to be able to say goodbye and tell our loved ones how much they mean to us.
Well here were are six weeks later. Now, we find out that there are a lot of people that have already had this virus. Not only did they have this virus, but they also survived. A lot of these people had no, little, or only slight symptoms.
We listened to those medical specialists who were placed in charge of this pandemic. Now, as the dust settles, we know the truth that this virus wasn’t as deadly as once predicted. We know that approximately 90 % of people who get this virus will survive it.
Now am I saying that we should throw all caution to the wind and get back to life as it was before the virus? No, I am not saying that. That is madness. We have to be cautious. We have to reduce our crowd sizes no matter where we go. We have to use masks and gloves at lease for a while. We have to continue to sanitize things. We must demand that airlines, cruise ships, trains, taxis, uber rides, all public transportation, and restaurants keep their shared areas clean and sanitized.
I would like to know how often they cleaned and sanitized things before this pandemic happened?
We have given up a lot in the name of safety. We have given up our freedom to gather for religious services, we have given up our livelihoods, our businesses, our rights to travel freely, and our rights to protests.
Now, it is time to come out of our hiding places and get back to work. Our economy has taken a big hit. Some individuals and businesses will never recover from this pandemic. Some companies will have to close their doors forever. Some families or members will not come back from this. They might never recover financially, or be able to break an addiction that was the fruit of this virus. Once again, this will lead to further corrosion of America’s middle class.
We must remember that before this virus ravaged the world, America’s economy was the strongest and most robust in the world. If we don’t get back to work soon, our economy will never recover. If America’s economy fails, the world economy will follow suit.
I know a lot of you are still afraid, but we can no longer let fear dictate our lives and our futures. If we do not get our economy restarted, we will single-handedly destroy America. Then, the rest of the world will follow.

Do not misconstrue what I am saying here.  I am not advocating for wall street or big business.  This is about Main Street.  Our economy is made up of many small businesses.  In fact, small business owners make up the majority of all businesses in America.

This is about the every day people of America.  This is for the waiters, waitresses, the nurses, the electricians, the plumbers, the office managers, the admirative assistants, etc.  We cannot let them all down.  I am not ready to give up on America and all She holds for the future of our children and grandchildren.  They have the right to experience America like we knew it.
America, we were given incorrect information and facts, to begin with. We must find out the truth, and we must demand an investigation. America and the world must be compensated for the destruction this virus caused. It brought death, suffering, new addictions, and confusion upon us.
America knows what it is like to fight from the ground up and rebuild our nation. We have done it before, and we will do it again. One thing to know is that without God, this will be impossible.
God is our path back to a speedy recovery. He is the way to us gaining the truth. And He is the way that will restore America to Her greatness once again.


We cannot continue to allow fear to drive our response to this pandemic.



America, it is time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work.
A lot of us have been at home for weeks now.
For those of you who have worked from home to keep our economy churning, we salute you.
Those of you who worked every day through this lock down as your workplace was deemed “essential,” we say thank you.
Those of you who delivered our food, prepared our food, stocked our shelves, kept the streets safe, we say thanks, and God bless each of you.
Now, some had no means to work at home. For those of you, you are in our prayers! Daily, I am asking God to find ways to bless each of you.
Many of you are afraid to get back to work, but we cannot stay hidden away in our homes for the next several months.
Our economy will not survive that. As it is, our economy has taken an enormous hit. These days, our economy affects those of other countries. As we are not global citizens, we are a part of an economy that affects all other nations.
Though we may not affect the ability of someone halfway across the world to gain employment, we may affect their ability to gain access to food assistance and housing assistance via the donations we make.
We can make donations to charities and ministries via the money we make via our jobs etc.
And we may never know it, but perhaps our booming economy can help a person across the globe start a new business or hire more employees. We don’t fully understand the effects of our thriving economy.
One thing is for sure; our government cannot continue to keep print money to support every citizen and small business.
It is time to face our fears and step out boldly into our tomorrows.
Now some individuals desired to stay at home as full-time parents.
Now with the unemployment benefits in their pockets, they can do that.
That is fine too. Once several years ago, I was allowed to be a full-time parent.
I am so thankful to God for that! He made that happen. It was the best thing that happened for my family.
I fully understand wanting to be a full-time parent. It is a blessing that I will never forget.
Now for the rest of us, we have to get this nation back on track.
America cannot and will not fail! God will see to that, but we must do our part.
We cannot sit back and expect God to do everything! We have to step out in faith to meet God in every situation we are facing.
We cannot allow fear to dictate our future. If we do, there will be disastrous consequences.
We have to trust God and His words that speak of protection and more abundant life.
We have to keep our prayers up and put the hedge of protection back up around our nation, our families, and our world.
Now I am not saying to go out without taking any precautions. That is silly.
We have to be careful and start slowly. We cannot go out full force. If necessary, we may have to wear masks, gloves, etc. for s short while. We have to start with a small workforce and gradually work, adding more and more workers.
We will have to start with smaller amounts of people at a baseball game, smaller crowds at a store, perhaps alternating who attends church services from one week to another, etc.
It is going to be an adjustment, but we can do it.
I don’t know the specifics of the plan that America will use to get things going. I am just throwing out some suggestions.
We have to remember to keep up social distancing, washing of hands often, and all the recommendations coming from the CDC to help stop the spread.
And we must insist that the search for the vaccine continues.
Most of all, we have to keep our prayers up. We cannot allow them to falter.
Regardless of who mocks us, laughs at us, etc. we have to keep praying. God is the one who can eliminate this virus in an instant. God changed the projected course America was heading in.
For all we know, God has already intervened.
We prayed for fewer deaths from this virus, that happened. We prayed for less spreading of this virus, that happened. We also prayed for a vaccine, and there are many companies close to developing that vaccine.
I see those events as answered prayers.
We have also been praying and continue to pray for a speedy economic recovery. If we continue to pray and seek God, I believe that will happen too. Doesn’t His word tell us that if we seek Him, pray, turn from our wickedness, He will heal our land?
I see God’s hand at work here, and I give Him all the praise for it.
Whether it is done in secret or out in the open, let’s keep seeking God.
No other man has or will provide the answer on how to eradicate this deadly virus.
Only God will do that. Only God will give a human the idea of how to create a cure.
All knowledge comes from Him, so let’s pursue Him more than ever.