America, this election represents the fight for the soul of our country.

America, I have said this many times, and today, I am repeating this. 

America, we are in a spiritual battle for the soul of America. This choice includes the choice of our leaders in our upcoming election. One candidate is pro-life, and one candidate is pro-choice. 

We have those fighting for life, liberty, and the American way of life.  

We also have those fighting for the freedom to choose death for an unborn innocent baby, socialism, and the radical change of America into a country that will be astounding for those in power and utterly devesting for those who are not. 

America, we have allowed the murder of innocent babies for decades now. Since 1973, approximately 61 million babies have been killed in the United States. 

Planned Parenthood performs 947 abortions every day.

There were 20 million African-American babies killed via Planned Parenthood. 79% of their facilities are located within walking distance of black and brown communities.

America, abortion is the genocide of the African American population in the U.S. Genocide is not coming from the police’s hands. That is an inaccurate statement. 

Despite what you think, abortion is the murder of an innocent baby. Many do not feel this way, but they will see that statement is very accurate. When they face God in judgment, as we all will, they will find out that God saw this as the murder of a precious baby’s life. 

God holds all life as precious and valuable. Life is a precious gift from God Himself (Psalms139:14).

God tells us thou shall not murder. It is one of His ten commandments (Exodus 20:13). Yet, we sit back and allow the murder of so many innocent babies. 

In His word, God Himself says that the innocent bloodshed of life is one of the six things that God dislikes the most (Prov 6:16-19).

God’s words tell us the wages for our sins is death. I can’t even begin to imagine what the wages are for all the innocent blood we have allowed to be shed. God, help us!

But our God is just and fair! He will hold those accountable for this vile practice! This accountability includes those of us who sat by and allowed this atrocity to continue without saying a word. 

Do not kid yourself. There is a price for us to pay for allowing these murders to continue. Every choice for allowing sin has consequences for us.  

For one, I will now be one of those who sit back and say and do nothing while this practice continues to be allowed. Also, I will not be one who sits back and says nothing while our taxpayer dollars go to fund Planned Parenthood’s murder of innocent babies. 

Thank God for His never-ending forgiveness!

You may be asking what you can do to stop this. You might even be thinking that you are just one person, and your voice doesn’t matter. It does matter! It matters to this cause, and most of all, it matters to God Himself!

What can you do about this? First and foremost, you must seek God’s forgiveness. If you are genuinely seeking forgiveness, you will be forgiven by God.

Second, you must write, call, or email your Senator, your State Representative, and the White House too. 

Please tell them to stop abortion in America. Please ask them to stop using our American taxes to fund these vile clinics and the murders of innocent lives. And most of all, you must pray for God to intervene.

You can’t stop after one letter, email, or even one call. This abortion battle is going to be an ongoing battle. 

America, we are in the spiritual battle for the soul of our country. It is time to pick aside. It is time to fight and pray like never before. When I say fight, I do not mean physical fighting or fist fighting. I mean fighting on our knees via our prayers. After all, prayers are what we use as a weapon of warfare. 

Third, we must also pray for America’s forgiveness and every person involved in these murders, whether indirectly or directly. 

Make no mistake about it, each one of us will have to answer to God for choosing leaders who allowed abortions to continue. The choice of a leader who supports abortions is the same as a choice of you saying, “yes, please continue these grisly murders.” Our vote in God’s eyes is our voice in either support or non-support of this practice. 

Also, please note that I am a messenger of God’s word. If you find offense to what is being said here then You have offense of God’s word because that is what is being discussed here. This is the word of God and not of myself.

In fact, I am not asking you to believe me. If you support pro-choice, here is a little task for you. Pray, ask God to reveal the truth to you for your own knowledge. Ask God to open your eyes and ears and let His truth be known. Ask Him if abortion is murder. If you really seek the truth, then He will reveal it to you. God’s word says “ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened (Luke11:9).

But know this, once you read this and know the truth, you are responsible to God for it.

Lets pray together: God, please forgive each of us for allowing these murders of babies in America and for allowing these clinics’ ghoulish acts to sell the baby parts for profit.

God, let us seek your face, turn from our wicked ways, pray, so You can heal our land, Father. 

God, we need you now more than ever. God, let America return to You. Father, thank You for Your eternal forgiveness. 

God forgive America for the choices we have made in the past. God, our intentions to continue to sin against You have allowed doors to open that we are not equipped to handle. 

Father, our choices to allow sin has brought hate, division, bitterness, resentment, murders of innocent Americans in our streets, destruction, and the ruin of many American families, business owners, and our economy. 

God, our own economy is weak and teetering on the destruction. God, help us! 

God, our sins have allowed the release of a vile virus. This virus has taken the lives of many people around the world. God, forgive us!  

God, we look to You to end this virus once and for all. We know You are the only one with the answer to this virus. God, give man the solution to end this virus today, whether in a therapeutic, a vaccine, or a medication. God, we know that You provide all knowledge. We receive by faith the answer to end this virus today. 

God, restore our world’s economies. God, we give you all the praise! 

God, end this hate and division in America. God, we know Your word says that a house divided cannot stand(Mark 3:25).

God, heal our nation of this division, hate, discrimination, and racism. 

Father, we ask the candidates that You want to fill the positions of leadership take office. Father, let Your will be done.

God, we love You, and we seek Your wisdom now with the issue of abortion. God, give us Your boldness and diligence to continue to fight this vile issue. 

God, only You can change the hearts and minds of man. God, open the eyes and let Your truth be revealed to those who support pro-life.

God, let us not go weary in doing good. 

We ask all these things in the precious name of our Savior, Jesus. Amen.

Do NOT panic!


The instructions from the world today is panic. A lot of people are in panic mode. With the constant bad news on the news and radio, a lot of people have slipped into panic mode.
Here is some good news for today. Do not panic! Do not be fearful! Do not listen to those berating you with negative news.
Here is the absolute truth. God is in control! The God who created all the universe holds today AND tomorrow in His hands.
The world will tell you to panic! God says, be still and know that I am God(Psa46:10).
The world will say don’t spend that money investing in a house right now.
God says I came to give you a more abundant life(John10:10). 

The world will tell you to sell everything and hoard all your money.
God says that He shall provide all our needs (Phil4:19).
If you listen to the news, you will be bound by fear and held up like a hostage in your home, terrified to come out.
The world pushes panic and fear on us.
God will always bring calm, clarity, and peace to every situation.
If you need to make a big decision involving finances, look to God for His wisdom. Do not consult the world.
God has an abundance of wisdom and is willing to share it with you. All you have to do is ask.

Do you know Him?


Do you know God? Do you have a personal relationship with Him?
It’s easy to get to know Him. All you have to do is ask. It is not complicated. We, as humans, complicate straightforward things.
God desires for each one of us to know Him
Some might think that it is impossible to get to know God, but it is not an impossibility to have a personal and close relationship with God.
Pursuing God so you can get to know Him on a personal level will not disappoint.
As you pursue Him, know that no human will ever fully know everything about God. He is too complex.
See our God is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-encompassing, all love, all kindness, and all-forgiving.
He has wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge that is beyond any one person’s full comprehension?
Although you won’t know Him fully, as you pursue Him, be ready for incredible, life-altering, life-changing, ground shaking glimpses into an all-powerful God.
I am not sure about you, but I want to be one of those people who see exclusive glimpses of Him.
I want to see and know as much as humanly possible. I know what God has to reveal to me will change me forever, and I am ready.

God, we need You more than ever!


God, today more than ever, we need to seek Your face.
God, today, there is so much uncertainty surrounding us. Loud voices are calling for the impeachment of our President. Those loud voices are telling us that he committed crimes against our nation.
Those load voices seek the President’s destruction above everything else.
Our nation is overwrought with issues that are being ignored by those in our government who were voted into positions to create laws to improve the lives of American citizens. Yet, they continue to fight, call each other names and hold endless, repetitive, and costly investigations.
American jobs are at risk, the middle class is disappearing little by little every day, our streets and bridges are in decay, illegal lethal drugs are pouring into our nation, our laws and constitution are being trampled upon, and our roads are overrun by those who are homeless and drug addicted.
Loud voices keep trying to convince us that abortion is not murder and that it is good for us.
These same voices tell us that an uncheck, unprotected, and an open border is good for us. They tell us that millions of undocumented workers won’t harm our economy, drive down wages, or take much-needed jobs from Americans.
These loud voices keep interjecting confusion, hatred, and turmoil into our lives.
We are told what is best for us and to be silent and obey these loud voices.
If we aren’t silent and we speak up to defend ourselves and our beliefs, we are called despicable names like racists and bigots.
God, today more than ever, we need to drown out those load voices with worship.
We need to silence all the hate, bigotry, anger, and lies with our voice lifted in worship.
Worship brings us into Your perfect peace. Our worship clarifies our thoughts, makes our path clearer, provides divine direction and answers, and brings silence to all confusion and lies.
God, instead of listening to all the lies, let us seek the God of truth.
Let us seek Your face. God, give us all clarity. Holy Spirit, remind us to pray often for God’s will to be fulfilled.

Your words can build up or tear down.


Your spoken words contain the power to promote or the power to devalue.
Be very mindful about the words uttered by your tongue.
Do the words you speak cause agony, hurt, pain, and tears?
Even the words you speak to your family can raise them up OR pull them down.
God’s word warns us about tearing down others with our words.
Sometimes we speak harsh words to the ones we love that we would not utter to any other person.
Our words can build or tear down. Mere words can cause damage that lasts a lifetime.
Mere spoken words can send another person into a downward spiral that they never recover from.
Mere words can inflict pain, wounds, and suffering that lasts a lifetime.
Mere words can dramatically alter the projected achievements of another person.
Mere words can make someone feel unlovable for a lifetime causing them unrecoverable damage.
If you are speaking evil or using words to tear down others, how will you explain that to God?
There will be a day when we all will have to account for every word spoken.
No one will be exempt from this judgment(Matt12:36).
No man is promised tomorrow. Today, seek the forgiveness of a loving and almighty God.
Today, I am so thankful for His forgiveness. I am not exempt from this judgment, BUT I have sought His forgiveness and stand in His grace of being forgiven.

Make 2019 your stellar year.


If you are determined to make 2019 a stellar year for yourself, there is one change that you must implement.
So many people seek the advice of brilliant businessmen/women, life coaches, or gurus.
Some of this advice might come in a forum that will cost you a pretty penny.
Would you like to know some advice that will alter your life forever?
Getting closer to God is ALWAYS a life changer.
Determine that this will be the year you get to know God more intimately.
God longs to know each of us intimately. He wishes to reveal who He is to us in a way that will forever change our lives.
When I say knowing God more intimately, it does not reference the intimacy of humanity.
Intimacy with God is allowing Him to show us every level of who He is. I am not sure about you, but I want to know God and every level of His awesomeness!
See, I have such a burning desire to know Him more intimately every day.
King David, knew God in a very intimate manner. King David was a worshipper like no other.
Maybe the depths of his worship for God came from the intimate nature of his knowledge of God.
Worship is one other thing that God desires from us. Maybe, the intimacy and worship go hand in hand.
Now maybe you think that you know God because you are very knowable about the bible or perhaps somewhat comprehensible about the bible.
Knowing the Bible and knowing God are two completely different things.
Yes, we should know study and know His word but knowing God is a whole different manner.
Knowing God will bring you into a higher appreciation of Him.
When you know Him more intimately, He will show Himself to you in new profound ways.
Here is my daily prayer to God. I pray it becomes yours too.
My prayer every day is “God, let me know You like no other person has known You. God, reveal things to me that You never have and will never reveal to anyone else.”
Remember, God, says if you seek Him, you will find Him. Let Him know that you desire Him above anything else. Let Him know you want to be closer to Him. When you seek Him in this particular manner, He will not disappoint you.

Do you know His voice?

God’s words will always affirm you(2Cor1:21-22).
God’s voice will always speak the truth to you(Num23:19).
God’s words will always promote you. (Psa75:6-7)
God’s words will always direct you into His will for your life. (Proverbs 3:6 – In everything you do, put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success)
God’s words will always uplift you. (John16:33)
God’s words will never promote fear, doubt, and disbelief (2Tim1:7).
God’s words ALWAYS bring peace! His words are always spoken in love.(John14:27)
Know God’s voice! Seek Him perpetually until you hear & know His voice above all other voices. Amen.

Our prayers MUST produce!

Communicate with God!

Word of God!

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